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DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

DIY bookcase DIY garden bench DIY raised Garden Bed DIY crate side tables


It’s a new year and that means it’s time to make some lists of projects and DIY’s to accomplish in the year ahead. This year one of my goals is to learn some basic woodworking skills. If you’re like me, you might have tons of ideas for DIY’s but you aren’t really sure where to start, especially if you have limited skills with power tools or physical limitations. The good news is that there are plenty of projects that are super easy and some don’t even require the use of tools at all! Today I am sharing a round-up of easy home DIY projects for beginners.


Repurposed Crate Side Tables

Building a side table with character sounds a bit time-consuming, doesn’t it? Well, good news! All you’ll need are some wooden crates!


Dinner is in the crock pot, little man is napping, and I'm debating between…via IG 

Crate side tables are super cute and add tons of character and charm to a room. If you decide to simply use the crates as they are, this is one easiest DIY projects to throw together! You can stack several crates in different ways or simply use one single crate. In addition to adding visual interest and style, crate side tables provide extra storage as well.


crate nightstand

via Learning Creative Living


via via Little Glass Jar


Take an old crate and bring it inside for an end table in your living room. I'd re-paint it to go with the theme of the living room. Every time you redecorate, a quick and simple paint job brings the crate up to date with your living room! I know it is not a pallet ....I just put it here so I will know where to find it!!! ; )



For more interest you can add a piece of marble, varnished wood or glass to the top, or legs or casters to the bottom.

DIY side table from crates

via Jennifer Rizzo

There’s no need to spend a ton of money on a table when you can simply make one yourself in a matter of minutes!


Build a Bookcase

Why not try building a bookcase for your next project? Building a bookcase seems to be a very a simple and fun project to try. There are plenty of online tutorials which outline the process step-by-step.


This easy DIY bookcase can be built in an afternoon AND can be changed to suit whatever dimensions you want. #DIYbookcase #diyprojects #diyideas #diyinspiration #diycrafts #diytutorial

via I am a Homemaker


Getting organized and staying organized can be a constant battle for many of us! Here are 18 clever organizing hacks to help us cut down on clutter and keep our everyday lives running smoothly.

via Home Stories A to Z



Rustic Farmhouse Book Shelf / bookcase , with step by step directions. - Sawdust 2 Stitches

via Sawdust 2 Stitches



Reclaimed Wood Bookcase from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

via Confessions of a Serial Diyer

If you don’t have many tools or if you aren’t comfortable building a bookcase from scratch, you can always upcycle an old thrifted bookcase with just little TLC.


Build an Outdoor Bench

If you’re a lover of patio parties or if you just want to add a place to relax to your garden or patio, then an outdoor bench is a must have! The best part about building a simple DIY outdoor bench is that it’s very inexpensive and relatively fast to make.


Easy DIY $15 Bench at // Perfect for indoor or outdoor! LOVE it!

via Shanty-2-Chic

For most basic designs, here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need:

A few slabs of wood of different dimensions
Screws and nails
A drill
A weatherproof stain or paint


How to Build an Outdoor Benchvia Her Tool Belt

Often times major hardware stores like Home Depot or Ace Hardware, will even measure and cut the wood for you for a small fee, saving you time and energy!


Get ready to spend time outside with these Slatted Outdoor Sofa Build Plans. This outdoor seating is beautifully built with mostly 2x4s, but looks much more expensive. It features slatted seat that can be used with or without sofa cushions. The beautiful lines of the legs are inspired by classic Adirondack chairs. | Free woodworking plans | Kreg Pocket Holes | Outdoor Bench | DIY Patio Furniture | Rustic Outdoor Sofa | DIY Outdoor Sofa

via House of Handmade


Vegetable Garden or Flower Boxes

Recently, a lot of people have begun to grow vegetables in their garden and for good reason too. Everyone wants to eat healthy without having to worry about the dangers of pesticide (for more info check out my post, Clean Eating: Just Say No To GMOs).


Vegetable gardening can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Eating your own fresh veggies picked straight off the plant or fresh from the ground with the real taste still undamaged beats keep brought produce every time. #backyardgardeningdiy

via Frugal Family Times


Building a raised garden box is a great way to get started. A raised bed can yield quite a big harvest, even when space is limited.

How to build simple raised garden beds. A cheap and easy DIY. Ideas, tutorial and plans in this post. Ours is on top of a brick driveway, where we grown vegetables in an otherwise wasted space, but this would work on any surface.

via Frugal Family Times


DIY Network has step-by-step instructions on how to build a raised garden bed using landscape timbers.

via DIY Network



Backyard DIY Furniture Projects | Easy DIY Crafts, Fun Projects, & DIY Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults

via Frugal Family Times




DIY bookcase DIY garden bench DIY raised Garden Bed DIY crate side tables

I hope you have enjoyed this round up of easy Home DIY projects. My personal woodworking skills are limited, but I am hoping to improve them in the year ahead. At least I know I can successfully manage the crate end table project! If you’re looking to tackle some DIY home improvements or furniture projects in 2019, just search Pinterest for an almost endless amount of ideas (just don’t go too overboard or you will have to hire Suddath to move you to a new house just to make room for all of your new furniture!)


Do you have a list of DIY’s to try in 2019? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!



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