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Interior Decor and Styling

    Interior Decor and Styling

    How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Walls


     Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Interior Decor and Styling Series. Today I am discussing how to choose the righ paint color for your walls. I think this is something all homeowners struggle with, (even the most seasoned interior decorators!)When it comes to choosing wall colors, many people are afraid to choose bright or strong colors because they’re worried that they’ll end up with paint they can’t live with for long. Others are willing to take a chance on a bold or distinctive color because they understand that the right color, incorporated carefully into the right decorating scheme, can complete transform the atmosphere of a room. Read more

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    Eight Great Mudrooms


    Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Interior Decor and Style series! Today’s post is also a part of the cleaning, organizing and great ideas category. As I have been giving our home a deep clean  as I have been on a major decluttering and organizing binge, and it feels so good to get things in order. I am looking for mudroom ideas and storage solutions for our front hall closet and landing area just off from the kitchen. *This post contains affiliate links.

    Cute mudroom decorating ideas for spring hunterboots with forsythia umbrella state chalk board antiques sign

    Even though it isn’t a “mudroom” I can still maximize the space using creative storage options. In the future I hope to have a separate mudroom on the back of the house. Today I am sharing eight great mudrooms that I love.


    Via Liz Marie

    This beautiful mudroom area is full of farmhouse charm! I love the creative use of corbels for shelf brackets and the big metal tray as a shoe tray.  Make use of the vertical space in a mudroom with a few shelves for organization and decor. Faux flowers and plants like the little olive tree  or a few real houseplants make great accents in an entry way or mudroom just off from the garden.



    Suzanne Kasler Interiors | wonderful mudroom - love the antique lockers and elegant rusticity


    Using free standing lockers, cabinets and armoires in mudrooms is a great way to organize personal belongings. If you are building a new mudroom,  fitted, bespoke furniture and cabinetry is an investment, but can be perfectly designed to fit your custom space, design style and storage needs.Finishing off a hallway with a coat rack, artwork, and trinkets on a shelf can be a simple way to create the “feeling” of a mudroom or entryway.


    Mudroom ideas for different spaces! Get ideas for how to design a mudroom for small spaces, laundry rooms, hallways, and more.

     House Beautiful


    As I have been fall cleaning, boy am I ready to approach more of the Minimalists’ philosophy to design and lifestyle in general, which is to live meaningful with less. I love the simplicity of this mudroom which keeps everything neatly hidden behind closed closet doors and drawers. Walking into a cluttered mudroom can be overwhelming, but coming home to a clean welcome can be so inviting! We do have a small mud entry off our side door, and I seriously need to declutter it.




    Petite Haus

    We are planning to redo our patio this summer and updating it with new patio furniture. I am hoping to cover a small part of the porch to serve as a mudroom entry. I dream of having a brick floor in our mudroom! 



    Cubbies and tile (although they need to all go the same direction) for the mudroom

    Brooks and Falotico


    Of course there are many storage tips and tricks like using baskets, crates, containers, and buckets to keep things organized and clean in a mudroom or entry way, all they while keeping the space stylish and welcoming. You can also look for multi-purpose furniture from such as an entry bench that doubles at storage.  Freshhome even has tables and chairs that double as storage.



    Make your laundry or mudroom feel organized and put-together with a fresh coat of Polar Bear and some fun baskets. Blogger Monika, of Monika Hibbs, shares her favorite tips for maximizing storage space while still keeping your home feeling fresh and stylish.

    Monika Hibbs

    Right now we have faux shiplap in our side “mud entry” but I am wanting to install real tongue and groove or beadboard soon. When I installed the shiplap I used liquid nails and a hammer and nails, but I am thinking about searching for the best cordless drill and a nail gain to help make the job go much faster this time around.



    When an item works in any room of your home, that's when you know it's good. This @serenaandlily stool is one of our favorite examples. (Pst, it's on sale via the link in our bio!) Photo by @hawkes_landing #SOdomino



     A mudroom is especially good if you live in a place out in the country, where people are more likely to track mud into the house. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of space for a mudroom, either. I absolutely love the addition of a “mini” shower to spray off muddy boots and dirty pet paws. After all, it isn’t called a mudroom for nothing! 


    Expandable Over-The-Door Multi-Hook | Urban Outfitters


    There are so many cute storage and organization items on the market these days. If you don’t have a designated space for a mudroom, remember that a simple can keep your entry a bit tidier. A small night stand or something like  bed side draws at Luxo Living can also keep things tidy and stylish in a small space.



    Laundry room entryway with gingham accent pillows, shiplap walls and a jute runner.


    I love the idea of adding a laundry/mudroom combo onto our house, just off from a guest room. We are looking at design options for the future. There are some tricky aspects to remodeling a nearly 100 year old home, which means taking special care and safety precautions when tearing down walls to open up space. Teams like Integrity Restoration show plenty of examples on their website of how to maximize space by opening up walls and creating new spaces altogether.


    The Lilypad Cottage

    If you are thinking of creating a mudroom or a more organized entry, one don’t forget to declutter and clear out your wardrobe before getting started. You will want to think about how you really plan to use it to get the most out of your design. If it will be for just for coats and shoes, then you might be able to just hang a few hooks on the wall and use baskets or bins for shoes. If it will be a catch all place for sporting equipment, gym bags, muddy boots, pet supplies etc. you might need lockers or armoires to keep unsightly items organized. 




    I hope you have enjoyed these eight great mudroom ideas today! Do you have a mudroom or a space that you use specifically  for organizing backpacks, shoes, coats and purses? Let’s talk more about mudrooms. I love hearing from you!

    Have a great week!


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    July Pinterest Challenge: Summer Decorating with Lemons


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    Today I am excited to be joining my friend Cindy of County Road 407 and several blogging friends for our monthly Pinterest Challenge! As you have probably guessed, the theme is lemons. More specifially, we have been challenged to create our own lemons and flowers arrangement using the beautiful Pinterest inspiration photo below by Mary of Home is Where the Boat Is. We all just loved her “All Abuzz: Lemons and Bees Vase Arrangement and Tablescape.”


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