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Interior Decor and Styling

    Interior Decor and Styling

    Pin Away Wednesdays: Decorative Accessories and Interior Styling Ideas

    How to decorate any space with stylish decorative accessories


    Welcome back friend for a nother post in my Pin Away Wednesdays series! Today I am sharing highlights from my “Decorative Accessories and Interior Styling” Pinterest board. On this board I pin ideas for styling vignettes, mantels, tabletops, etc. using candlesticks, baskets, books, trinkets and treasures.  The board features a mix of non-seasonal, vintage and modern accessories that can be used together to create stylish, up-to-date looks.  I first shared this post around this same time last year, but I have just updated it with some new images of fresh decorative accents for 2020. Here are some of my favorite images from the board. Feel free to pin away! *This post contains affiliate links. Read more

    Interior Decor and Styling, Vintage Style

    Let’s Talk Decor: Traditional and Cottage Style

    Traditional cottage style decor cottage decorating ideas southern style decor

    Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Interior Decor and Design series. Today I am in the mood to talk decor and to share some thoughts on my decorating style and how it has changed (often back and forth) over the years. It has always been hard for me to define my style because I love so many different design elements. We have some home updates coming this summer including a kitchen makeover, family room refresh and entry way refresh and I am still undecided as to what overlook I want to achieve. *This post contains affiliate links. Read more

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    Five Inspiring Valentine’s Day Tablescapes

    Valentine's Day Tablescape Ideas


    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are looking for Valentine’s Day tablescape inspiration or ideas for a Valentine’s Day party or entertainment, then you’re in the right place! I am happy to be joining the talented Chloe Crabtree of Celebrate and Decorate and several blogging friends this week for an amazing Valentine’s Day Tablescape Blog Hop! You can find links to each participant’s beautiful Valentine’s tablescape posts at the end of this post.


    Read more

    Cleaning, Organizing, and Life Hacks, Interior Decor and Styling

    Eight Great Mudrooms


    Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Interior Decor and Style series! Today’s post is also a part of the cleaning, organizing and great ideas category. As I have been giving our home a deep clean  as I have been on a major decluttering and organizing binge, and it feels so good to get things in order. I am looking for mudroom ideas and storage solutions for our front hall closet and landing area just off from the kitchen. *This post contains affiliate links.

    Cute mudroom decorating ideas for spring hunterboots with forsythia umbrella state chalk board antiques sign

    Even though it isn’t a “mudroom” I can still maximize the space using creative storage options. In the future I hope to have a separate mudroom on the back of the house. Today I am sharing eight great mudrooms that I love.


    Via Liz Marie

    This beautiful mudroom area is full of farmhouse charm! I love the creative use of corbels for shelf brackets and the big metal tray as a shoe tray. Faux flowers and plants like the little olive tree  or a few real houseplants make great accents in an entry way or mudroom just off from the garden.



    Suzanne Kasler Interiors | wonderful mudroom - love the antique lockers and elegant rusticity


    Using free standing lockers, cabinets and armoires in mudrooms is a great way to organize personal belongings. If you are building a new mudroom,  fitted, bespoke furniture and cabinetry is an investment, but can be perfectly designed to fit your custom space, design style and storage needs.Finishing off a hallway with a coat rack, artwork, and trinkets on a shelf can be a simple way to create the “feeling” of a mudroom or entryway.


    Mudroom ideas for different spaces! Get ideas for how to design a mudroom for small spaces, laundry rooms, hallways, and more.

     House Beautiful


    As I have been spring cleaning, boy am I ready to approach more of the Minimalists’ philosophy to design and lifestyle in general, which is to live meaningful with less. I love the simplicity of this mudroom which keeps everything neatly hidden behind closed closet doors and drawers. Walking into a cluttered mudroom can be overwhelming, but coming home to a clean welcome can be so inviting!




    Petite Haus



    Cubbies and tile (although they need to all go the same direction) for the mudroom

    Brooks and Falotico


    Of course there are many storage tips and tricks like using baskets, crates, containers, and buckets to keep things organized and clean in a mudroom or entry way, all they while keeping the space stylish and welcoming. You can also look for multi-purpose furniture from such as an entry bench that doubles at storage.  Freshhome even has tables and chairs that double as storage.

    Make your laundry or mudroom feel organized and put-together with a fresh coat of Polar Bear and some fun baskets. Blogger Monika, of Monika Hibbs, shares her favorite tips for maximizing storage space while still keeping your home feeling fresh and stylish.

    Monika Hibbs

    Right now we have faux shiplap in our side “mud entry” but I am wanting to install real tongue and groove or beadboard when it gets a makeover this spring. Usingthe best cordless drill and a nail gain will help make the job go much faster.



    When an item works in any room of your home, that's when you know it's good. This @serenaandlily stool is one of our favorite examples. (Pst, it's on sale via the link in our bio!) Photo by @hawkes_landing #SOdomino


    I absolutely love the addition of a “mini” shower to spray off muddy boots and dirty pet paws. After all, it isn’t called a mudroom for nothing!


    Laundry room entryway with gingham accent pillows, shiplap walls and a jute runner.


    I love the idea of adding a laundry/mudroom combo onto our house. We are looking at design options for the future. There are some tricky aspects to remodeling a nearly 100 year old home, which means taking special care and safety precautions when tearing down walls to open up space. Teams like Integrity Restoration show plenty of examples on their website of how to maximize space by opening up walls and creating new spaces altogether.


    I hope you have enjoyed these eight great mudroom ideas today! Do you have a mudroom or a space that you use specifically  for organizing backpacks, shoes, coats and purses? Let’s talk more about mudrooms. I love hearing from you!

    Have a great week!


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    Interior Decor and Styling, Vintage Style

    Vintage Style: The Boho Chic Decor Trend

    Boho Chic mix of vintage and modern design elements boho decor

    Hello everyone, back again with a little post exploring vintage decorating style and current home decor trends. A very popular look right now is “Boho-Chic” which can be sometimes referred to as minimalist farmhouse, or Fixer Upper style, although these are broad terms open to interpretation by the designer. This trend might not appeal to all vintage decor and collecting enthusiasts, but for those of us who like to change things up from time to time to keep our vintage style homes looking fresh and interesting, it can be fun to explore  these popular style trends. Let’s take a look at the Boho Chic style that is all the rage.  *This post contains affiliate links. Read more

    Interior Decor and Styling

    How To Add Personal Style to Your Bathroom

    Bathroom decor add personality to your bathroom beautiful bathrooms

    How to Choose the Perfect Style for Your Bathroom that Speaks Your Personality

    Home bathrooms are often built to be functional and most include standard elements. Many are also designed using forgettable white fixtures and are painted in basic, easy-to-maintain colors. But there is no rule that says they have to stay that way. In fact, a bathroom can become a charming, interesting space that matches your personality. The key is to incorporate personal tastes into every detail. Express yourself through color, unique vanities, elegant fixtures, and accessories.


    Use Brass and Color to Create a Bright Space

    High energy, cheerful homeowners are unlikely to be happy with typical neutral bathrooms designed for the average person. Fortunately, the smart use of color and metal elements can add sparkle to even the blandest spaces.

    Welcoming, luxurious powder room is fitted with a pedestal sink fixed to a rustic wood floor and matched with an antique brass hook and spout faucet.

    Decor Pad

    For example, during a remodel, you might want to choose a vanity with antique brass faucets. It is easy to comparison shop for fixtures at sites like Consider brass handles and accents as well. Think about a bright color for the walls or add patterned wallpaper in hues that complement fixtures. Opt for metal or painted vessel sink that reflects your style.

    1. Choose Simple Elements for a Minimalist Look

    Well-organized homeowners who like uncluttered, the sleek decor would do well combining a Boho look with industrial-modern elements. HGTV experts suggest using clean, white tiles and walls but adding interest with statement flooring and simple vanity.

    Daily DIY Home

    Vanities with open spaces below them, minimalist hardware, and deep sinks help create an open, uncluttered look. Add personal touches like a plant, baskets, and a brass-framed mirror for interest.

    Bathroom Inspiration // Home Sweet Spaces

    My Living Interior Design


    3. Create Character Using Pre-Loved Pieces

    Those who love old-world charm and warmth can often replicate it in bathrooms by re-purposing vintage furniture. Many decades-old cabinets and tables were so well constructed they are still in great shape.

    large old dresser turned into a vanity with a white vintage and shabby chic vanities for your bathroom how to make a dresser into a bathroom vanity


    A professional plumber generally needs to convert pieces so they can be fitted for plumbing. You may want to create a lovely time-worn appearance by lightly sanding surfaces but not adding paint. Original wood can also be refinished and painted or stained. Experts at Houzz suggest stripping off old paint to reveal original wood grain and then adding a pedestal sink.

    4. Add Unique Items to Big Bathrooms

    It is especially easy to add personality to large bathrooms because they have space for useful, fun elements.


    Une suite parentale dans le grenier - PLANETE DECO a homes world


    For example, there is often room for a spacious retro freestanding tub with eye-catching hardware. You can add a colorful lounge or brightly patterned chair. Convert open shelving units into storage and add stools made of interesting materials such as weathered wood.


    green and white spa bathroom with tub and white towels rug and chair



    5. Include Accessories to Make a Style Statement

    One of the quickest ways to stamp your style on a space is to include well-chosen accessories. Think about using new or vintage door knockers as towel holders or even door hangers. Include unique cabinet knobs made of glass, painted porcelain, or bright metals. Use a large wicker basket as clothes hamper. Many older utility cabinets can be repainted in a favorite color and serve as storage. Tall, narrow cabinets also help conserve space in small bathrooms.

    Add a touch of Mediterranean-chic to your bathroom with the range of Marcel Bathroom Accessories. These elegant terrazzo style accessories are timeless as they are classic. #PillowTalkAustralia #ForTheLoveOfComfort #BathroomStyle #Organisation #BathroomAccessories #homedecor


    It takes surprisingly few alterations to change a bland bathroom into a delightful space that reflects your personality. For example, it is possible to create a trendy bathroom by including re-purposed cabinetry and household items like baskets. You also use favorite colors, statement floors, sinks, and hardware to add personality.



    Bathroom decor add personality to your bathroom beautiful bathrooms

    I hope you have found these ideas for adding personality to your bathroom to be interesting and helpful. Is your bathroom due to a renovation or refresh or have you added personality to your bathroom lately? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


    Interior Decor and Styling, Vintage Style

    Beautiful Vintage Bathroom Ideas


    Welcome back dear readers for another post in my Vintage Style Series!  I am getting ready to make some vintage “updates” to our 1921 bathroom and I have been gathering some photos for ideas. It is easy to create a vintage bathroom with all the modern amenities  simply by incorporating vintage furniture pieces and accessories. Today I am sharing some beautiful vintage bathroom inspiration that will make you want to go junkin’ for vintage items to use in your own bathroom.


    Read more