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Blogging Basics

    Blogging Basics

    Blogging Basics: How to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

    Whether your blog is used to promote your business, or you simply want to carve out your own little corner of the internet to share your thoughts and feelings – with the appropriate care and effort, you could turn your blog into an additional stream of income. In fact, over time, running your blog could become a full-time job, meaning you could quickly turn your passions into an exciting and profitable new career.



    However, for this to happen, you need to build up a steady stream of viewers and readers – i.e., the kind of people who will return to your blog each time you post, ready and waiting to see what content you have curated for them. Without steady traffic, your blog will simply not reach the level of success required to become profitable. More specifically, you will need to make sure you covert those readers to email subscribers!


    Victoria Hockaday

    Having a large number of subscribers via an email list will ensure you still have traffic when those crazy algorithm changes affect traffic coming in from Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


    Here are a few other ways you can increase your blog’s traffic:

    • While consistent posting is key, you need to ensure that you are producing quality content for your blog. Your posts should be a blend of informative and entertaining – and each post should be unique. For example, if you run a lifestyle blog – you shouldn’t recycle content every few months. 


    • Increase your blog’s traffic by connecting with your audience. This goal can be achieved by communicating clearly with them, be that over social media or through email. You can also form a relationship with your audience by making your content as accessible as possible. For example, you should keep your posts short and easy to read instead of using complicated language for no reason.



    • Stay up to date with top marketing strategies so that you know exactly how to market your brand and can quickly increase your traffic. One way in which you can achieve this goal is by emulating the work of others. For example, you can read about how marketing experts such as Vince Offer used unique and innovative strategies to market their brands successfully.  You will also want spend some specific time learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  SEO is extremely important to when it comes to blog ranking in search engines (I will be sharing more info about SEO in a future post).


    Beginning Blogger Tips How To Connect With Your Audience


    • Improve the amount of traffic your receive to your blog on a daily basis by improving your social media. One way you can achieve this goal is by ensuring that you have set up a professional social media account instead of a personal one. While this may not seem like a big difference, a professional account will allow you to study your analytics and figure out which of your social media posts are working and which aren’t.

    • Another way in which you can increase the traffic of your blog is by simply becoming a better blogger. This means that the content you produce will be of a higher quality and thus more deserving of increased traffic. You can improve your blogging skills by reading and writing more, alongside participating in online training courses. Remember, the courses don’t need to need to relate to writing necessarily – you could try to learn more about photography or marketing too.  Learning more about the world of blogging will also allow you to take your blog to the next level.  



    Best of luck as you work on increasing your blog’s traffic!


    Blogging Basics, Cleaning, Organizing, and Life Hacks

    5 Tips for Designing a Successful Home Office

    home office ideas stylish home office chic home office

    Hello everyone! This year with the lockdown many of us will be working from home either full-time or part-time. While I started out blogging from my comfy recliner, my business has grown and I am now in the need of a designated home office space. In addition, I will also be probably be teaching online off and on from home this year, so in the next month or so I have decided to clear the clutter in my craft room and change it into a stylish and functional home office. Here are some tips I have come across as I have been planning my home office project. *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.


    1. Create A Designated Workspace



    The thought of working from the sofa or bed for a day or two may sound like heaven. When working from home on a long-term basis, though, you need a spot to call your office. Converting a guest room or garage to an office would be perfect. Alternatively, though, a well-organized space in the conservatory or dining room will serve you well. It’s a place to keep your possessions organized while also becoming a big mind tool. When entering this part of the home, you’ll be in work mode.


    Une maison près du désert - PLANETE DECO a homes world


    #2. Remove Distractions 


    When the home doubles up as your workspace, you need to separate the two aspects of your life. Therefore, eradicating daily distractions is a key issue to consider. Daily household tasks cannot stand in the way of productivity. Cleaning services, for example, are an investment to aid your work and home life.

    Do you struggle with getting things done even though work from home? Learn the best and easiest tips for how to be more productive as a work at home mom! #workathome #workathomemom #productive #beproductive #productivitytips #getthingsdone




    Perhaps more importantly, you need family members to support your career. It’s better for them to let you get on rather than prolong your shift by bringing up unnecessary disruptions.



    Easy & Affordable DIY Office Desk - Fiddle Leaf Interiors . . #fiddleleafinteriors #diy #homeoffice #diydesk



    3. Focus On Comfort 

    As a worker, it’s very hard to stay productive when the surroundings are uncomfortable. First and foremost, then, you must ensure that the heating and air conditioning unit is in good health. It’s also necessary to ensure that enough natural light enters the room you’re working. Otherwise, your energy and motivation may slide. You can make the home workspace feel even better by introducing family photos and other sentimental items. Comfortable flooring should also be considered. Experts like GS Flooring can install a carpet that delivers luxury and style without losing the office vibe.



    If you have the space for a comfy chair or loveseat or daybed, then take full advantage of little breaks throughout the day to stretch and relax. This will do wonders for your health and well-being. Meanwhile, a good music speaker system will provide the perfect backdrop for work sessions


    mercer INTERIOR was asked to create a functional home office for a busy professional client. She also requested a cozy space for napping or curling up with a good book. She needs lots and lots of storage for client binders and files as well. Photography by Emily Gilbert



    Home Office Spring Decor | Gorgeous home office space all decorate for spring! Loving the gorgeous houseplants and office accessories. #officedecor #springdecor


    Don’t forget that your home office doesn’t have to look like a “work” area. It can be the perfect space to play around with stylish interior design concepts. If your home is neutral overall but you want just one room with a splash of color, then paint your office a bright color and have fun with experimenting with playful decor.


    4. Find Extra Storage


    $45.95 · The Trés Fleek Guide To Crushing Your idea . #sewingroomsetupideas


    Nothing seems to cause more stress in the work atmosphere than unorganized clutter. Unfortunately, working from home makes this a far more likely outcome. Investing in cloud storage services and paperless interactions can reduce your paper usage. Traditional filing cabinets, book cases and other types of shelving units can be used to create stylish and effecient organization.




    Opting for laptops and tablets rather than bulky desktops can also help. Similarly, a wall-mounted screen for video conferencing will help, and  can deliver big upgrades compared to using a standard setup.



    5. Think About Energy Usage


    Homee office tax deduction


    If your home is going to be used for business endeavors, it’s likely that your energy consumption will increase. Therefore, some of the supplies you use and a portion of your utilities may be tax deductivle. While it may be possible for some utilities to become tax-deductible, there is no excuse to waste energy, so consider eco-friendly updates like LED lighting.



    Good lighting is especially crucial in the home office space, as working on a computer all day in poor light is bad for your eyes. Experts like VeluxUSA can complete a skylight installation if your home office is in the attic. Plants can also help purify the air in your office and brighten up the space overall. A greener home office is a happier and healthier office!


    home office ideas stylish home office chic home office


    Do you have a designated work space or office area in your home? Are you working more from home during the pandemic? I love hearing from you, dear readers! 


    Thanks for visiting today!