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What To Consider When You’re Redesigning Your Patio Area

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Spring is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thining about updating all of our outdoor spaces.  Even if you don’t have large yard, you can create a patio in a small space that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining. This post contains affiliate links.


How Big Should It Be? 

If you have a patio right now, you might assume that the new and improved version should be the same size, and that is certainly a possibility – it’s not something you have to stick to, though. You could make the patio larger or reduce its size depending on your other plans and how you envisage your backyard looking in the end. And if you don’t have a patio at all and have nothing to go by, you can make your own choices about how big the space should be. 


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Start by taking some tape or garden-safe paint (a spray can is a useful idea) and walk around where you imagine the perimeter of the patio is going to be, marking it out on the ground as you go. Remember, you’re not committing to anything and nothing’s going to be set in stone – you’re just getting started. Step back (literally) and see what you think about the size of the patio you’re going to design. Is it big enough? Too big? It’s often a good idea to go upstairs and look at it from a bedroom or landing window so you can really get a good idea of how it’s going to look. 


When it comes to the size of the patio, knowing what you want on it is always going to be useful. A patio that’s just for relaxing on and catching a bit of sun can be a lot smaller than one on which you want to build an outdoor kitchen or have a large seating area for friends and family, for example, so think about that and work out the space accordingly. 


The location you choose is going to depend on how you want to use the space. For example if you want it to be in the shade then you obviously should choose a spot that is more shaded more shaded,  backyard? Of course you can use awnings or umbrellas to provide shade if you only have a full sun location.

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Something else to put on your list of things that need to be considered when you build a new patio or improve your old one is lighting. Patio lights add a fun party atmosphere and really elevate an outdoor area.



The type of lighting you choose should fit with the look of the patio and perhaps the furniture you’ve chosen to have there, and it can be modern or traditional, for example. In fact, when you start looking, you’ll find there are as many different styles, designs, and colors of outdoor lights as you might want, so you’ll certainly be able to find what you’re looking for (even if you don’t know precisely what that is when you start searching). Buying quality outdoor lighting is always a good option, as even if it costs more, it will last longer and save you money in the long run. Don’t forget that you can search for lighting repair near me if anything goes wrong and the lights need some work doing to them, so you don’t necessarily have to buy new ones. In fact, this could be a good option if you like the outdoor lights you already have, but they’re not in the best condition – it’s certainly worth exploring. 


The great thing about having outdoor lights on your patio isn’t just that you can use it for longer and later, but that you’ll have an added level of security as well. When you have outdoor lighting, any trespasser will generally think twice about trying to get into your home because they’re more likely to be spotted, so there’s really no reason at all not to have lighting. 


What do you think of when you start mulling over what material should be used for your patio? For most people, the first thing that will come to mind will be large patio stones or tiles – again, it’s tradition. These can actually work really well, and if you want a cost-effective option, they could be ideal; they’re relatively cheap to begin with (at least compared to some other options), and because they’re large, you’ll need fewer of them to cover the area of your patio. However, these slabs aren’t the only option, and it’s wise to consider all the potential materials before making a final choice – it could be that something more unusual is a better fit for the final look you want, and investigating a little more could prevent you from making a mistake. 


Some of the options for your patio include wood, marble, granite, concrete, gravel, stone, porcelain, sand, and brick – and there are others too. They’re all going to vary in price and not all of them are going to be practical, plus some – like wood, but others as well – will need to be treated regularly to keep them looking good, so you’ll need to factor all of these things in when you start considering the best material for you. It might be that large paving slabs at the best thing of all, but unless you check everything else out, you’ll never know for sure. 

Final Thoughts

What your patio is made of, where it’s located in your garden, how much it costs, and how big it is will all be things you need to think about, but it does need to be your decision, no matter what your final thoughts might be. If you want the best patio possible, it needs to be the best patio for you, so that’s the most important consideration of all.

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