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    Home Improvement and DIY

    10 Tips to Keep Your Period Property as Safe



    Period properties are amazing. They are your own little piece of history, and they typically have much more character than the average newer home. Of course, as any owner of an older property will know, they are not without their negative quirks too. From noisy plumbing to temperamental electrics, you have to have your wits about you when you own a property that is period, and that being the case, here are some things you should do to keep your old place safe. Read more

    Home Improvement and DIY

    Top Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

    Have you been looking at your property lately and wondering if you should remodel? Although it can be costly, there are tons of benefits to remodeling your home. For instance, a remodel could help you to enjoy your home more.
    If you’re weighing up whether you should go ahead with a remodel, take a look at why putting up with the disruption will benefit you in the end.

    Energy Efficiency
    You won’t be the only person who has noticed energy price increases recently. If you’re sick of paying high prices for your energy, a remodel could solve the problem in the long run. Not only can you make sure that your home is sufficiently insulated but you’ll be able to design your remodel to help keep energy costs as low as possible.
    Talk to your renovation company about how your desired design will affect the energy efficiency of your home and work together to create a plan that makes your home more sustainable.

    Curb Appeal
    If you’re planning on selling your home at any point in the future, your property has to look attractive from the outside. To gain curb appeal, buyers need to be impressed by what they see before they enter your property. For instance, your choice of paint or siding could make all the difference in whether a buyer is interested or not.

    As part of your renovation, siding contractor, Lakeside Renovation & Design, could help you to create curb appeal. Your choice of style and color for your property’s siding can make it stand out for all the right reasons.

    Add Value
    Investing in a property remodel isn’t just about feeling more at home in your property. The money you spend will be returned to you at some point. For instance, if you intend to sell your property at any point, you’ll see your investment reflected in the selling price.
    If you intend on staying in your property, your investment in remodeling could become an heirloom for future generations. Any of the work you do to improve your property will pass down in the value of the property when it is handed over to someone else.

    Lifestyle Changes
    In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people working from home or working hybrid roles. Life can change quickly and our properties need to adapt. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a dedicated work space that just isn’t available in the design of your home as it is.
    Perhaps your children need an extra bedroom or more space as they grow up. If your property can change with your lifestyle, you can bet it will be suitable for another growing family in the future if you choose to sell.
    Remodeling your home can increase your comfort and address practical issues so the money you spend will be well spent. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, take a look at the others.

    Home Improvement and DIY

    Five Ways To Give Your Home A Complete & Consistent Design


    When updating your home, creating a sense of consistency throughout each space can go a long way toward giving your home a stylish, cohesive vibe. However, building a strategy that allows you to do this while retaining the uniqueness of each living area can sometimes be challenging. Here are five tips that can help pull your home together, creating a more cohesive and classic interior. Read more

    Home Improvement and DIY

    Eliminate These Issues To Put Outdoor Entertainment Back On The Menu

    Free Crop people celebrating on terrace Stock Photo

    Outdoor entertainment can be a homeowner’s best friend. After all, spending time with friends outside means you won’t have to clean the house from top to bottom, only to be left with a mountain of mess. Instead, you can embrace the elements, enjoy a clutter-free home for the evening, and generally provide an outdoor dining experience to remember. 

    But, what if your outdoor space doesn’t suit this kind of al fresco dinner party? After all, a range of outdoor issues can mean that you may be reluctant to welcome guests into your garden. 

    Luckily, even the worst garden setup can suit outdoor entertainment if you eliminate the most pressing outdoor issues like the following. *This post contains affiliate links

    Leveling Uneven Land

    If your outdoor space is uneven and rife with holes, you may worry that outdoor entertainment could end in injuries. And, your concerns aren’t altogether unfounded, especially considering that guests will often walk this unfamiliar ground in the dark. 


    Free Black Steel Table With Chairs Stock Photo

    Luckily, key DIY tips can help level even the most uneven or sloped yard, and they include top dressing, regrading, and filling any lumps or bumps. Professional patio installations can also ensure an even outdoor surface. If you’re dealing with large gaps or drops between a decking area or patio door, you could also benefit from installing threshold ramps that make these transitions easier for everyone to manage. And, of course, proper lighting is key for ensuring that, even if there are hidden holes in your lawn, your guests can easily step around them instead of breaking their ankles. 


    Creating comfort outside

    If you live in extreme climates or simply haven’t set your outdoor space up for al fresco entertainment, you may feel that your garde, deck or patio lacks comfort. Investing in a comfortable and stylish outdoor patio furniture set is a the first step to creating the type of outdoor entertaining area your family and guests will want to linger.


    It’s also easy to create  outdoor comfort regardless of temperatures. For relatively little cost, you can now invest in everything from full patio sets to outdoor fireplace tables that keep everyone cozy. Even something as simple as a string of fairy lights and a blanket box can see you enjoying the fresh night with friends who are unlikely to wish they were indoors. 

    Limiting a lack of privacy

    It’ll be difficult to have fun with friends if your neighbors can look right down and see what you’re up to. 

    Unfortunately, you can’t do much about your proximity to your neighbors. But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck dealing with a complete lack of privacy. In fact, getting your garden growing with high plants, trellises, and even high hedge borders, can help to obscure neighborly views. Even if you only install these additions in one corner of your garden, hosting outdoor events here can save you that feeling of having the whole street watching you.  If you don’t have patience, try an artifical greenery privacy panel wall of ivy or boxwood for instant privacy!


    FAN-Torches Home Garden Torch Set of 4, 16oz Outdoor Metal Torch Garden Décor,59-Inch Upgraded Citronella Torches with 3-Prong Grounded Stake, Metal Light Torches for Party Patio Pathway

    Lastly don’t forget to add some elegant and useful tiki torches to keep the critters away so you can actually enjoy the beautiful outdoor entertaining space you have created.


    Outdoor entertainment can be a great and unique experience with way less stress than an indoor dinner party. Simply eliminate these outdoor issues to put al fresco dining on your menu!