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One of the hottest interior design trends in recent years is a decor movement called minimalism.  It embraces the concept that the home should be a tranquil, relaxing space, free of clutter but full of style.  Minimalist designers rely on trendy furnishings and artwork to make a huge design impact so the spaces aren’t stagnant or boring. There can be some overlapping with boho chic or contemporary styles, with modern minimalists rooms falling somewhere in between. Here are some examples of beautiful modern minimalist rooms and ideas for achieving the style. *This post contains affiliate links.


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Modern Minimalist Living Rooms


Living Room | White Living Room | Gray Couch | White Curtains | Vintage Rug | Industrial Coffee Table | Fiddle Fig | Ocean Art


Modern minimalist living rooms are often open and relaxing without a lot of excess furnishings or collectibles.  A popular home decor technique  is to infuse modern  minimalistic vibes into rooms with lots of organic textures and pops of color through plants and accessories, which artfully arranged. While some minimalist rooms are more contemporary, others can overlap with the boho chic interior design style too.


Adorable Living Room Modern And Minimalist : 100+ Furniture Interior Design Ideas


Modern minimalist furniture and accessories are often inspired by mid-century modern design, or 1980’s contemporary interior design concepts. To create this type of look you will have to go for a “less is more” look instead of a room full of junk that is cluttered and disorganized.


Make smart use of soft furnishings

A little tactile comfort goes a long way in making a room feel much more alive and warm. You don’t have to get rid of the modern, minimalist look if you don’t want to, but you should consider complementing it with a few softer touches. For instance, a soft throw over a leather sofa, light curtains to go with your blinds, and vintage rugs to tie the room together. It’s a good chance to make a room feel more comfortable while also showing off a little style. When searching for the perfect furniture, check out joybird reviews if you are searching for the perfect sofa that offers a combination of both style and substance.



I believe you have to be careful when it comes to minimalist living room ideas and interior design. It can be hit or miss. You can easily end up with a bare living room that feels empty, and that’s not the goal. It needs to be a relaxing and clutter free space. It still needs […]



Beautiful modern leather sofas are also a great choice for this style.


I'm sharing my honest thoughts on our leather couch including best cleaning tips and how it's held up to wear. We've had this leather sofa in our living room for 2 years with a large dog! Pin these modern leather couch tips for later! #joyfullygrowingblog #leathercouch #leathersofa #modernleathersofa



Modern Minimalist Kitchens


Shop domino for the top brands in home decor and be inspired by celebrity homes and famous interior designers. domino is your guide to living with style.

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Modern minimalist kitchens have everything you need to cook without all the clutter. With a minimalist decor approach, even small kitchens can have big style with the right fixtures and accessories. Less clutter means less to clean!




Modern minimalist kitchen More


Modern minimalists room sometimes incorporate some design elements of  modern farmhouse style as well.




 For interior lighting, however, you can make it feel a lot more comforting and cozy by adding accent lighting that isn’t as bright as the main light, but adds a richness of warm tones and shadows instead.


Modern Minimalist Bedrooms


via Almafied

A calm and clutter free bedroom is so conducive to sleeping. Even though there aren’t a lot of furnishings or too many “knick-knacks and accessories, minimalist bedrooms can still pack a big style punch! To see several other examples of trendy bedrooms, check out the inspiring Beautiful Bedrooms Tour.


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Try natural materials

Natural materials are evocative of feelings of relaxation, peace, and even feel a little opulent. As such, if you’re thinking of replacing furniture or adding new ones, consider using real wood furniture. You may also want to switch out a carpeted floor for a hardwood one, or at least a vinyl floor that very closely resembles real wood. 


18+ Modern Minimalist Bedroom Designs | 100 Home Decor Ideas




Modern Minimalist Dining Rooms

Stunning 38 Modern Minimalist Dining Room Decor for Space Saver


Modern minimalist dining rooms are chic, sleek, and stylish. A large mirror, trendy light fixture or unique of piece of artwork is often used to add personality and character in place of china cabinets and hutches full of antique dishes and pottery.  There are so many amazing modern minimalist works of art out there, so read up on how to buy art for the home and find a piece that will make a statement in your home. You can find bargains by shopping for posters, prints, and photographs online. For a professional look to your selections, choose an A1 picture frame for your poster. Lastly, you don’t have to swap out all wall decor. Just like a curator at a museum, you can leave one main piece and change up the rest. 







Minimalist Outdoor Living Spaces



Modern minimalist furnishings and minimalist design and decor has carried over into outdoor living spaces, patios and decks. Embrace the trend and host your friends and family members in style for a summer barbecue or pool party.

Latigo 3pc All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Patio Chat Set - Tan - Threshold™ - image 1 of 6

Latigo Three Piece All Weather Patio Set


Add a houseplant

What could be better for fighting a lifeless room than actually adding some light to it? Much like natural materials, houseplants are evocative of outdoor settings, fresh air, and relaxation. Low-maintenance houseplants aren’t hard to find and they have plenty of benefits, as well, such as improving the air quality within the home. Of course, if you’re sensitive to pollen or other allergens,  they might not be as great a choice for you. Artificial plants can at least add the dash of color.


Modern Minimalist Office

Home Office - retro, warm wood, plants, simple, love this


A minimalist office is stylish, uncluttered and chic, creating a stress free vibe while you concentrate on work. (No matter how relaxing your work space might be, nothing kills that vibe faster than losing internet while there are work or school deadlines to meet, so be sure to use a company like i3 Broadband  to ensure the best service.)


$143 Amherst Mid Century Modern Desk/Console Table - Project 62™ : Target

Target Amherst Mid Century Modern Desk Console Desk Console Table



Bring a modern update to your home office decor with the Antwerp Walnut Desk from Project 62™. This rectangular desk combines modern elegance with sleek practicality, thanks to a walnut finish top and brass legs combined with two handy drawers and a large work surface. Try placing it atop a large off-white rug, pulling in a complementary desk chair and adding a dramatic floor lamp to complete the modern look. To further enhance the space, incorporate pops of color from plants and art...

Target Antwerp Desk Walnut

Target Gold Desk Lamp






Add some visuals to the wall

Whether a unique wallpaper, a photo gallery wall showing important moments and people, or your choice of wall art, you shouldn’t be afraid to get more creative and expressive with your wall and your mantle. A lot of people will choose things based solely on the aesthetic they help create, but it’s also your chance to show aspects of your personality. For instance, you can make a gallery of your favorite framed movie posters if you love film.


Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

Antes y después de un baño nórdico ¡espectacular!


A modern minimalist look can easily be achieved in a bathroom by using neutral colors and only displaying a few bathroom essentials which double as decor or functional items.


Set of 2 Bath Towel and Hand Towel Striped with Fringe Decorative Patterned Turkish Spa 


Medium Natural Woven Seagrass Tote Belly Basket for Storage


Minimalist boho-inspired bathroom



Wood Frame Round Wall Mirror



Modern Minimalist Design Minimalist Decor Ideas Target Minimalist Decor



I hope you have enjoyed this overview of trendy modern minimalist interior design and decor. Although I am no minimalist when it comes to collecting and decorating, I love the concept of creating a simpler style and uncluttered home. I am looking for ways to add a few modern decorative accents to keep my traditional and vintage style looking fresh and up to date. Are you a fan of minimalism in design? Let’s talk about interior decor and minimalist design trends! I love hearing from you!

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