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    Halloween: Celebrate Or Participate?

    In my latest post I discussed how I create “A Merry Halloween.”  I shared some of my funny and festive Halloween decor and collectibles, and some ways that  I continue to participate in Halloween activities without incorporating the darker aspects of the holiday.


    For some believers (followers of Jesus Christ who truly desire to walk in His light and follow His example by faith,  living a life as outlined by scripture to the best of our abilities through the enabling of the Holy Spirit) this subject can perhaps be a little confusing.

    Should we as Christians participate in Halloween activities at all? Do we have to avoid the holiday altogether? What does scripture say?

    Scripture clearly states that we absolutely are not to have fellowship with darkness of any kind… or even speak of it!

    Hmm. What does that suggest about Halloween which glorifies all that is spooky and fearful?

    Ephesians 5:11-13

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    2 Timothy 1:7

    For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

    Yikes! God clearly does not want us to have a spirit of fear, create a spirit of fear, indulge a spirit of fear or invite a spirit of fear! “Fear not” or “Do not be afraid” is referenced 365 times in the Bible! Enough for a daily reminder! Coincidence? Of course not!

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    Fabulous Fall Decorating

    A Merry Halloween: Porch Decor And More!

    Merry Halloween! That salutation sounds a little strange to us in modern times, but it was often used in Hallowe’en days of old. Antique postcards and vintage Halloween ephemera depict the sweetest and merry Halloween characters. Today I will be showing you how I keep my Halloween decor light and merry too!

    Vintage Halloween Postcard

    What constitutes a “Happy Halloween” or “Merry Halloween?” For some, Halloween is a time to embrace evil, dark, and sinister things. A few folks pull serious pranks and use the day as an excuse for mayhem instead of merriment. Others embrace even darker things which should not even be discussed  (Ephesians 5:11-13) For more on this subject see my post Halloween: Celebrate or Participate?

    For most people however, it’s all about the candy, fun costumes, and nostalgia! We vintage decorators have lots of fun with Halloween. I love how my friend Debra at Common Ground blog explained in a recent post that most of us don’t “celebrate” Halloween, but we do enjoy remembering fun traditions and collecting nostalgic treasures associated with happy memories.

    Who recalls these fun vintage cupcake and cake toppers? They are back from the days when no one was allergic to gluten, dairy or peanuts! Homeroom moms could surprise the class with cupcakes topped with little black cats and funny happy Jack-0-Lantern men without fear of lawsuits! Those were the days! I scored a bag of these little treasures for a quarter at a yard sale a few years back and I just love them. I can still taste the gluten and dairy butter cream frosting now!

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    Historic 120-Year-Old Welch House Halloween Tour

    The Welch House 1900 Halloween Home Tour

    Welcome to the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Blog Hop! I am happy to be hosting this hop and to share some fun Halloween decorating ideas with my talented friends and readers. Today I have the very special honor of having my dear friend Larissa Jenkins as a special blog guest to kick off the hop (see full hop schedule at the end of this post). She will be introducing you to her beautiful historic home, the “Welch House.” Larissa has been the co-host of the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link party here on my blog and also the hashtag party on Instagram. She has amazing vintage style and loves to hunt for beautiful thrifted treasures for her dreamy abode. Her home is just perfect for Halloween! Get ready for some really beautiful Halloween decorating inspiration! Enjoy!

    Halloween Blog Hop

    Hello and welcome to my home! I am so very excited and honored to be  introducing the “Welch House” and sharing my Halloween Home Tour here today on Amber’s amazing blog! Thank you so much Amber for this opportunity! Let’s get started!

    I’ve always had a fondness for Halloween, but I must say it has definitely grown since my  Husband and I purchased our 120 year old home, The “Welch House” almost four years ago. Our home was built in 1900 and is very popular in our small town. The locals refer to it as the “Welch House” named after the prominent family that built the home. My husband and I are the third family to own the home. I have been asked many times by locals if there is a ballroom on the third floor. Many of them remember stories being told of dances taking place in our third floor during the First World War era. I do not know if that is true or not, but our attic is very large and could accommodate many people. I have also been told that long ago our home was featured in a book, which I am trying to track down. Many years ago Welch House was named one of the “Most Stately” Homes in our town and was given a plaque to commemorate this achievement. Sadly, while the other nominated homes still have their plaques displayed proudly in their foyers, ours was missing when we purchased the home. I hope to find it someday!

    Welch House is truly my dream home, and my greatest wish is to make her beautiful again!  The home creates a beautiful backdrop for holiday decor…especially Halloween decor. With its creaky floors, the beveled glass windows, and even the chandeliers, it all adds to an elegant but spooky atmosphere. I Love French and European decor so I try to incorporate those aspects into my Halloween decor as well.

    Halloween Foyer Decorating Ideas French Country antique furniture

    Historic Halloween Tour Creepy Butler

    When you first enter our home our butler, “Fred”, will be there to greet you. He is a favorite when guests visit.

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    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Linky Party

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party And Friday Features 10/27

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party

    Hello and thanks for joining us for the last week of the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party and Friday Features and the top three most vie

    Fun Halloween porch decor ideas with witch and skeleton picnic

    Grab your favorite mug and strong brew and get ready for A KILLER Halloween party with all your bloggy friends this weekend!

    We have been been enjoying all the fun posts you have linked up with us so far and we can’t wait to be inspired by even more Hauntingly Beautiful Decor now through October 31st! Remember to come back on Halloween to see the three top viewed links of the party!

    Halloween Link Party

    All your hosts have been busy this week getting ready for the Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Blog Hop which is live now! We also have three other talented bloggers joining us for the hop so please do check out all the posts after you have linked up here at the party.

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link Party

    Here are the posts each of us shared for the hop:

    Amber Lyon Ferguson Follow The Yellow Brick Home

    Amber~ Follow The Yellow Brick Home


    Reinvented Collection Blogger Olivia

    Olivia~Reinvented Collection

    French Country Halloween ideas


    Angelina~Peonies And Orange Blossoms

    French Gothic Halloween



    Larissa, Contributor at Reinvented Collection and Follow The Yellow Brick Home

     Instagram Larissa_Jenkins

    Larissa shared her Historic Welch House 1900 Halloween home tour as a guest here on my blog!

    The Welch House 1900 Halloween Home Tour


    After you party with us here today don’t forget to visit Rhonda at Hallstrom Home, Deborah at Hip And Humble Style, and Shannon at Belle Bleu Interiors to see the beautiful ideas they shared for the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Blog Hop too!

    Halloween Blog Hop


    And now for your host’s Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Friday Features:

    Amber’s feature:

    Halloween Shadow Box


    Halloween shadow box

    I love to create altered art and assemblage which incorporate vintage objects…especially for Halloween! Saturday’s Vintage Finds shared some really awesome Halloween Shadow Boxes using vintage treasures that inspired me to get creative with my own junkin’ finds.


    Cool halloween bottles vintage bottles

    Olivia loves vintage bottles! These simple, elegant and creepy Halloween potion bottles by The North End Loft are great!


    How to make ornate pumpkins with bling

    Angelina chose Catherine’s beautiful bejeweled pumpkins over at Ornate Splendor.


    Spooky Dollar Tree Halloween Portraits

    Larissa loved how Saturday’s Vintage Finds transformed Dollar Tree spooky portraits into instant Halloween heirlooms.

    In case you missed last week’s features you can see them here.

    Spooktacular Halloween Blog Party Link Up

    Thank you to everyone who linked up this week. Be sure to visit all of the blogs featured today for more Hauntingly Beautiful Decor inspiration and please do link up again!

    Now on to the party! Here’s how to play:

    Share all of your “Hauntingly Beautiful” Halloween decor and be inspired by the best Halloween decorating ideas in blogland. You may link up as many times as you like from October 2-31!

    ON HALLOWEEN we will be sharing YOUR favorite features based on page views so be sure to visit then! 

    Party etiquette:

    1. This is a Halloween home decor or elegant Halloween craft party. Please, NO RECIPES.
    2. No advertising, shops, or link parties or links to sales.
    3. You may share old or new content.
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     Party time!

    Awesome Halloween Decorating Ideas Skeleton Decor

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