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Moving Into An Old Property: Focus On The Bathroom

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Old properties have a unique charm that you can’t find anywhere else. But, they often require more work to make the most of the unique features and dimensions. Pre-1950 homes, for instance, have small bathrooms. Indeed, at a time when some properties still didn’t have central plumbing systems, architects didn’t need to build huge bathrooms. As a result, you will face a few challenges to renovate and decorate the bathroom. 



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Create the Illusion of Space

Bathroom size can definitely be a factor of whcn it come to  comfort. As practical as small bathrooms can be, they can feel suffocating if you don’t know how to maximize the space. Keeping the bathroom organized is a priority. Use minimal decor that can prevent clutter while keeping everything you need at hand. Utilizing baskets and shelves can help display toiletry, towels, or toilet papers without taking up your space. Paired with a minimalist style, you can build a meaningful and clean interior that feels spacious despite its size. 


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How to make the most of your bathroom space how to make your bathroom seem larger beautiful bathroom ideas

Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Bathroom Space




Old Fixtures Must Go

An old sink with ancient pipes can bring a vintage look and feel to the room. However, old plumbing is more likely to fail. You don’t want to call a water damage restoration company in an emergency because of a burst pipe. Old plumbing presents two considerable disadvantages. Firstly, it wasn’t built to meet today’s plumbing standards, making it more vulnerable to faults. Secondly, it can’t be repaired easily. On the contrary, it requires replacing.


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The material may not be available, or the model could be discontinued. Therefore, homeowners face high renovation costs when something breaks in an old-fashioned plumbing system! Unfortunately, by the time the issue becomes visible, it could have caused serious water damage to the floor and wall. If you love the look of vintage fixtures, there are many beautiful period reproductions on the market today. You can even  add Smart tech additions, such as a self-cleaning toilet, can make things easier and more manageable for you. The latest models are furnished with UV-sterilizing bowls, which means you don’t have to worry about. Indeed, when space is limited, it’s not easy to disinfect the toilet bowl. 


How to make the most of your bathroom space how to make your bathroom seem larger beautiful bathroom ideas

Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Bathroom Space

If you have an older small bathroom, you don’t have to compromise style. If a full renovation isn’t in your budget, consider simple updates with paint, new flooring and new fixtures. There are plenty of examples in blog post, magazines and on Pinterest for inspiration.


Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration Cottage Bathroom Ideas

Beautiful Bathrooms

If you are lucky enough to own a home an original vintage bathroom, it is always good to try preserve it’s character. Use these tips to update the space without compromising it’s charm.

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