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Home Ownership 101: How To Prevent Potential Household Problems

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In my previous post as part of my Home Ownership 101 series, I shared how to prepare for various disasters and emergencies which can strike our homes at any time. Today’s post is just a quick addendum, which emphasizes prevention of several of those unfortunate events as well as tips for recognizing a few other issues which could turn up in the future. Simply being aware of potential problems and taking steps to prevent them can help you avoid emergencies, financial loss, or even health consequences down the road and give you some peace of mind at the same time. *This post contains affiliate links. 

In addition to the problems I pointed out in the post, there are a few other areas of concern that should be addressed when you are a homeowner. Read on to find out more about these major issues.

House Fires Are Most Commonly Caused By Faulty Wiring

When people think of fires in the home, they often think of cooking mistakes or other kitchen-related issues, but more often than not, old or faulty wiring is to blame. Since the most common cause of house fires is electrical, be sure to have your wiring inspected periodically.

Info on electrical dangers to look out for in the home


My blogging friend Jordan Khan of A Blue Nest and her family lost their home and it’s entire contents in a devastating house fire shortly after Christmas year before last. If you would like to donate to help the Khan family, you can donate here.



Your door is the first impression that people are going to get of your home. If you are not able to change the front door completely then you should at least consider repainting it. This will drastically improve the exterior of your home and it will also make your home look much cleaner too. If you are having to renovate your home because you’ve experienced a house fire then there’s a high chance that painting your door won’t quite cut it. You may need to get your doors and even windows replaced because of heat/smoke damage. One way for you to find out would be for you to consult a professional, as they’ll be able to advise you on how to start cleaning up after a fire.



Quickly Address A Leaking Hot Water Heater

Is your water heater leaking? We'll show you how to find the source of the leak, how to fix it, or know when to call in the pros.


If  your water heater starts to leak, be sure to address the problem as fast as possible. Unfortunately, minor leaks may go unnoticed for a while, which eventually turn into major problems causing structural damage and dangerous mold. Therefore make a habit of checking around your water tank on a regular basis to catch any problems before they get out of control.


Poor Insulation and Ventilation Should Be A Concern

A potential source of energy loss in the home can be due to improper ventilation or lack of insulation. Insulation is important for preventing heat loss in the winter and containing cooler air in the summer months. In addition, inadequate ventilation often causes moisture issues in the basement or attic which can lead to mold growth, and air flow can also become stagnant and unhealthy.

Resuscitating the roof: Providing adequate roof ventilation. « Home Improvement Stack Exchange Blog


Vacation Preparation Is Key

If you’re going to be leaving your house for a while to go on vacation, you should most definitely prepare your home. The amount of damage that can be done due to a water leak while you are gone for several days can be overwhelming. If possible, entrust a family member or neighbor with a key so that they may conduct a walk-through of your home (especially after heavy rainfall) if you will be gone for a week or more and to look for any other potential issues that might turn up when you are away from home.

Make sure to turn off water valves, and unplug appliances (except the refrigerator if it has not been cleaned out). Be certain to program your thermostat as well to save money on your electric bill while you are away.

the best programmable thermostats

Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Programmable Thermostat

Most importantly, make sure your home looks occupied in order to prevent burglaries. If you don’t have a home security system in place, be sure to ask neighbors to keep eye out on things for you. You can find more home security tips here

home security tips


Cell Tower Issues

As we move further into the 21st century there will be new issues arise which are associated with technology. While the verdict is still out on the health consequence of cell phone towers, you might be concerned if a tower is erected near your home. If you have any questions be sure to contact cell tower lease experts who will be able to offer professional advice if you do find yourself in that situation.

In addition to the tips I shared today, you can find even more ideas to protect your investment in my post, How To Protect Your Forever Home From Loss And Damage. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By taking these extra precautions you can protect your family, home and finances for years to come.


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