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Five Ways To Give Your Home A Complete & Consistent Design


When updating your home, creating a sense of consistency throughout each space can go a long way toward giving your home a stylish, cohesive vibe. However, building a strategy that allows you to do this while retaining the uniqueness of each living area can sometimes be challenging. Here are five tips that can help pull your home together, creating a more cohesive and classic interior.


1, Start with consistent flooring choices

When considering the interior design of any room, it makes sense to start from the bottom and work your way. You might want to use hardwood throughout and tile in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Refrain from having different flooring in every single room if you want your home to flow visually.The Best Flooring Choices for your home hardwood floors, tile floors, brick floors

Tiled flooring or hardwood flooring can be used throughout the kitchen, lounge, and dining space. Basements, garages and recreational rooms are also exceptions when it comes to keeping the same floring throughout a home. Consider using garage floor tiles to update these self-contained areas. While the design is likely to differ from the selection used in the aforementioned rooms, you can bring everything together if you keep the color of the flooring similar or complementary.


2. Think about color scheme

The color scheme that hits you first when walking into any room. Using a neutral color throughout can really go a long way toward a well designed look and allows textiles and artwork to shine. If you prefer color, work toward a pleasing transition from one room to the next with colors that complement or hamonize nicely.


Warm white walls work well in almost every home and these color naturally reflect light to make a  room to make feel more spacious. Using darker colors if you want to create a cozier vibe. If you are afraid to commit to color, consider painting only one wall a beautiful accent color using a color that’s on trend


3. Utilize Outside spaces

If you want to give the home a more complete look, it’s vital that you utilize every space. Backyards are often overlooked, but putting this right will allow you to do much more with the home. Installing sliding doors is one way to instantly connects interior and outdoor living spaces for a smooth transition.

outdoor entertaining areas outdoor living spaces

Photo Credit sources: Top photo: Fiddle Leaf Interiors
Bottom Left: BHG
Bottom Right: Jean Allsop Via Birmingham Home Interiors

Creating comfort and privacy will play a key role as you look to put outdoor entertainment back on the menu. Crucially, you need an organized garden design. While it needn’t be symmetrical, thinking about the positioning of garden buildings and flowers will be key. Likewise, your patio and walkways should be designed to cultivate a controlled vibe.



4| Give each room a clear purpose

Before worrying about the overall design of the home, you must think about individual rooms and how they will be used.  

home office ideas stylish home office chic home officeIf you have a guest room that does not get used, turning this into an office is ideal. It is particularly useful if you are currently working from the bedroom or dining table. You can create added consistency, though, by borrowing some interior design decisions from other rooms such as colors or similar accessories and art.


5. Think carefully about furniture choices

If wanting to create a level of consistency across all rooms, the items used to furnish them is key.  Again, the exact products needed will vary from one room to the next. Still, you can opt for the same types of materials and styles to establish a complete look.


Similarly, you can opt for stone materials throughout the home. Marble can be used in the bathroom as well as the dining room table or coffee table. Meanwhile, granite can be used for kitchen countertops. There is a clear contrast in the looks, but the stone materials still share many attributes. As such, the home vibe will instantly feel better.


Redecorating your existing home or a brand new home can be overwhelming, but by following these five tips you can begin to achieve a classy, elegant and stylish living space that feels like home in no time.

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