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Home Ownership 101: Five Potential Problem Areas in Your Home

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Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Home Ownership 101 Series! With the new year’s arrival many of homeowners start thinking of home improvement projects they would like to complete in the year ahead. While many of these projects are more geared to aesthetic improvements, it should definitely be a priority to check out the five potential problem areas in your home related to safety first, before proceeding to the more “fun” aspects of home improvement. *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.



Check your electricals and gas for leaks

Research shows that  about 15,000 home electrical fires occur.  This shows how important it is to protect family nd your property. Since gas leaks may be slightly hard to detect, consider installing gas leak detectors for assistance. Your gas leak detector will notice any leaks even while you are sleeping and prompt you to take the necessary action. It will save you and your family from any accidental deaths or illnesses.


How To Solve Common Electrical Household Problems Six Common Household Electrical Problems

Electrical issues that go unnoticed also cause serious problems such as electrocution and even fires. Therefore, be sure to monitor your appliances and connections. Upon noticing any sparks or cuts in power, contact a professional for help. Constant check-ups on your electric wiring, electrical appliances, and gas are vital to keeping you and your home safe.



Pay frequent visits to your basement and attic

Your basement and attic are places to conduct regular checks since they may only be used as storage areas. This likelihood makes it very possible for them to house damaged pipes, faulty electricals, and even pests. Since you may not frequent these areas, it may be easy to miss any faults or damages. Pests also love places that are quiet and calm since such sites serve as good hideouts. Try to check up more often on these areas in your home so any damages or risks can be dealt with quickly.

Attic Bedrooms Attic Den Attic Office DIY Attic Conversion

Check your roof

It may be easy for damages to your roof to go unnoticed because the issues are out of sight. If you have an attic you can periodically check for leaks inside. Search for leaks  or light rays coming through the roof from the outside. That may be your first clue that you need a residential roof replacement. You can also use a ladder to access the roof to check for any holes, leaks, or  unusual dipping in the roof. Be sure to contact professionals for an inspection so they can advise you on the way forward.


Roof Replacement Tips


Check on your pipes

Usually, most homes have their plumbing running through their walls and other hidden spaces, making it hard to notice when there is a problem. However, occasionally you may see watermarks or leaks in your walls, so you should immediately try to investigate. Ignoring available signs may lead to damage progressing rapidly, which can be quite costly. Also, try to update old plumbing periodically, even if the pipes look like they are in good condition. Older pipes can leak or break at any time.



Check on your windows

Damaged windows can reduce your home security and give rise to damp and rot issues. Weak, rusted locks and loose window panes make it very easy for intruders to gain access to your home. Some health issues may also arise from exposure to mold, dampness and rot, so keep your family and property safe by keeping your windows maintained. 


How to Protect Your Forever Home from Loss and Damage


For extra tips on keeping your home and secure, check out my post on How to Protect Your Forever Home from Loss and Damage.

I hope this post will inspire you to check on the potential problem areas in your home so that you can prevent any major problems before they occur. If everything is in great shape, at least you will have peace of mind and you can move on to the  fun home improvement dreams you wish to achieve!

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