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Home Ownership 101: Three Easy Ways To Lower Utility Bills

old crock repurposed as rain barrel



Summer is here and that means higher energy costs as we all crank up the AC to stay cool. During the summer and winter our utility bills always seem to be higher. I have been looking at ways to reduce energy costs and lower bills not only in the hotter months, but throughout the year. After researching I have found lots of ideas for making simple changes around the house that can reduce energy consumption. Here are three easy ways to lower energy bills. *This post contains affiliate links.


Tips on saving money on your electric/gas bill



Three Easy Ways To Lower Utility Bills


1. Install Energy Efficient Windows and Window Treatments

Installing energy efficient windows is one of the easiest approaches to cut down on unnecessary energy loss in the home.

To be effective, south-facing windows should have a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of greater than 0.6 to maximize solar heat gain during the winter, a U-factor of 0.35 or less to reduce conductive heat transfer, and a high visible transmittance (VT) for good visible light transfer.

via The US Department of Energy

If you already have energy efficient windows, even appropriate window treatments can help reduce energy costs. The infographic below gives an informative overview of the importance of having energy efficient windows and window treatments.



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2. Install A Programmable Thermostat

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Smart meters and smart thermostats are becoming more commonplace now. There are some health concerns about high levels of radiation with smart meters, but you can also save a lot of money simply by installing a programmable thermostat. By being able to program your temperature preferences while away from the property, you can reduce energy consumption and energy costs, especially if you have proper insulation in the home.



3. Harvest Rainwater


rainwater harvesting with modular horizontal and vertical rainwater storage cisterns barrels are all replaced with this award-winning rain storage system that harvests rainwater for reuse on the garden and in the home. Functional, long-lasting HOGs


Early this summer I shared a post on Green Gardening  through rain water harvesting  and beautiful rain barrels. Although we didn’t get around to installing a rain barrel, I still think it’s a wonderful environmentally friendly idea that can save a lot of money on water bills, especially during the gardening seasons.


Just Add Water: Rain Barrel Magic Take your rainwater storage from practical to beautiful with a new breed of design-friendly rain barrels


Emsco Rainwater Collection System Whiskey Barrel 50 gallon - image 1 of 1


Target Rain Barrels

In addition to rain barrels, plastic cone bottom poly tanks may be  used to contain rainwater if a larger type of containment is needed.


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Of course there are many other ways to save money on utility bills. Even switching out old light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs can save money over time. For starters I am researching the best programmable thermostats and I hope to have one installed before the end of fall.

Have you found any other simple ways to save money on utility bills? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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