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How Can You Make Your House Feel Like Home Again?

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Does your house not feel like home? This happens sometimes, and the only thing that you can really do is make some changes so that it starts to feel this way again. It’s not going to be a case of doing a couple of things and then everything will come together over night.  It might take a little while to get that feeling back! However, it’s worth all of the effort that you’re going to need to put in, and the only person who really knows what will make your house feel like home again is you. Here are some easy ways you can personlize your home and make it be a haven of comfort and beauty you enjoy living in.


Change The Color Of The Walls

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Let’s start with the color of the walls. While it might not seem like a big deal, it’s actually an important factor in how you feel about your home. Color association is the idea that the human brain associates certain colors with certain feelings and ideas. For example, we associate yellow with happiness, and brown with boring more often than not. 



As such, changing the color of your home can have a massive impact. Think about what kind of vibes you want for your home, and how you want to feel when you walk into a particular room. Use that color and whatever other ones you want to make your home look and feel fabulous.


Add Some Personal Touches

It’s obvious that adding some personal touches will make your home feel more like you. Some people begin decorating their homes with brand new items from a home decor store, and while this can be a beautiful aesthetic, it often lacks personality. So, display those family photos in a gallery wall, incorporate family heirlooms and your favorite pieces of artwork,  and treasured collections. The more personal touches , the better. People should be able to walk into your home and immediately know something about you. In a nutshell, surround yourself with the things you love!



Update Your Garden

Have you given much thought to your garden and landscape?  Remember that the exterior of your home it’s just as much a part of your home as the rest of it. Simply keeping the lawn cut, trimming bushes and adding some seasonal flower pots can go a long way to creating a welcoming exterior you’ll want to come home to. Gardening also helps you bond with your home, as you nurture seedlings and plants until they become permanent fixtures in your landscape. The large hosta in the picture below belonged to my grandmother. When I planted it in the garden of our brand new house, it immediatley made me have more of a sentimental connection to my garden.

Creating outdoor sitting areas for relaxing and entertaining is also important. You can find some beautiful outdoor furniture from Ash & Ember .  and whatever else you want to do with it.


Sort Out The Smaller Repairs

Ideally, you should be tackling the small repairs as and when they pop up, so that minor problems don’t get out of hand.  Consider making a home binder with a list of repairs that need sorting, then prioritize what needs to be tackled asap.



A lot of projects will be DIY, but if there are any that require professional help, it’s worth the extra money to make sure the job gets done right.


Add An Extension or 

s lack of space the problem in your home? If it is but you don’t want to move to somewhere larger, then your other option is to make your current home larger. Have you ever thought about adding an extension to your property? I Get in touch with contractors and get some quotes for the work, as well as a timeframe for how long the work is going to take. It might not be something that you can do right now, but it’s something to aim for for the future if it’s too expensive at the moment.


I hope this post gives you some ideas for refreshing your house so that it feels more like home sweet home!


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