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Patio covers pergola ideas

Are you looking for ways to protect your outdoor furniture? Or perhaps you want to add a space in your garden where you can sit and enjoy the landscape. All you need is a stylish patio cover that will add an elegant feature to your garden or porch.

I can’t believe the day is almost here; we close on our new house on Wednesday! 🏡🔑 This move is bittersweet to say the least. We’ll be leaving behind a house that we worked really hard to make our home. From kitchen renos to backyard overhauls. One area of our home that we are particularly proud of is our backyard! It was a blank slate when we moved in, but we turned it into a functional space with the addition of a shed, raised garden beds, concrete patio, patio cover and revitalized deck!


So what is a patio cover and how many designs are there? Take a look at this short guide that may help you pick the right one to suit your outdoor environment.


 What is a Patio Cover?

A patio cover is a canopy or shade cover that’s used to shelter a deck, terrace or porch. Typically the structure is supported by two or four pillars to hold up the canopy or roofing.


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The patio cover is a protective cover for your outdoor furniture, tiled flooring, fixtures and paintwork. A patio cover can either be an extension of your house or it can be a free-standing structure. Smaller patio covers are great for  ‘petite patio’ areas too.


Free Standing or Extension Patio Covers?

A patio that’s affixed to your house is called an extension and it’s typically found covering the back door that leads out onto a porch or deck. There are many design options for extension patio covers. As long as it matches the exterior architectural design of your house it will add value to your home.

Small Covered Patio Ideas 5 - HomeCoach



A free-standing patio is found in the middle of a garden — either in the front or backyard — and creates a focal point. This type of patio design is called a pergola and you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to design options.  A free standing patio is a great option for a a circular patio that uses rectangle tiles with a brick border around it but for a detailed design. 

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You can select any type of materials, styles and colors that will go well with the exterior theme of your garden.


What Patio Cover Options Do You Have?

Patio Cover Materials


If you want a timeless natural look then a wooden patio cover is what you need. Wood comes in many colors and finishes, and it’s the perfect type of material for freestanding structures.

Would like to have some kind of covering over the back patio. Possibly wood if other wood accents are incorporated but otherwise white would be nice too




Vinyl is constructed from PVC plastic and it’s the most durable, cost-effective patio cover as it’s a low maintenance substance. A vinyl patio cover is quite versatile as it will suit any exterior design.

White vinyl solid patio cover. Just the right amount of coverage #smallpatioset



Aluminum is the most popular choice when it comes to extension patio covers thanks to its low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Aluminum patio covers come in a variety of colors and styles to pick from so you can use this no matter your personal preferences for decor.

Three inch insulated roof panels.



Patio Cover Styles


An awning also known as an overhang is a type of secondary covering that’s attached to the outside of the home. You can use any type of material for awnings but the most popular is vinyl and aluminum.

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For world-class awning installations, you need a professional to attach the structure to your building. Look for experts such as those found at that can assist you with getting your awning installed.


The lattice design is suitable for free-standing patio designs for gardens. The best material to use for this structure is wood as it’s easier to build with than many other substances. The lattice style is perfect for rustic garden patio covers.

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As mentioned before, the pergola is a freestanding patio cover. Pergolas are popular because they’re easy to decorate. You can add string lights around the pillars for nighttime entertainment, or attach flowing curtains to block out the sun when you want to read your book outside.




Solid Patio Cover

Solid patio covers are extensions to the exterior of a home but they can also be free-standing. They are solid structures with roofing tiles that are strong and sturdy. The solid patio cover is a wise investment in regions that experience snowfall, heavy rains or strong winds.





Patio covers can also be used to convert a deck or patio into a sun room or 3 season porch by adding doors and windows. If you have an older patio you can always give it a new look with a new patio cover and some replacement windows and doors.


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Patio covers pergola ideas


I love all of these beautiful covered patio ideas! My husband and I would like to build a free-standing pergola over our patio. Right now it is concrete but I really love the look of bare brick patios so it’s a possibility that we could brick over the concrete. Do you have a patio cover already or have you been thinking of installing a patio cover? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


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