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Spring Storm Protection as the Weather Changes

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Spring storm home protection is necessary each year. With the warmer season just around the corner, now is the best time to get some small jobs done before they become a big headache. From storing furniture to trimming shrubs and branches, here are some handy ideas to get started.

Back-Up the Power

As you probably know, spring comes with storms. And that often means power outages. No one wants to be stuck with no power, as it can be a nightmare. So why put yourself or your family through that. Fortunately for us all, there are excellent services that offer backup generator installation and maintenance. A backup genie is one of those things you hope you never need. But it’s better to have and not need it than need it and not have it. If only to keep phones on!

Store Light Furniture

We all love sitting outside as winter sheds away the cold and the season becomes warmer. Lazy days in the sun among the smell of freshly cut grass lead into long evenings with outdoor cooking. However, we all know the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Continue to watch weather forecasts, and be ready to move or cover any glass patio furniture 

Spring Storm Protection for Appliances

 Each year, around 1 in 200 homes are struck by lightning, and whether struck or not, power strips can blow out. This will can damage kitchen appliances plugged into wall outlets, but power surge protection strips can help prevent that. i

Trim the Shrubs and Branches

Is there anything more satisfying than a lovely green and lush garden full of flowers, shrubs, and trees after a long winter? However, as gorgeous as these are, they can become hazardous when the weather turns against you. Fortunately, spring is a great time to begin getting back outside to trim the shrubs and branches after winter neglect. Trimming the hedges keeps them in check and prevents stray branches from coming through the windows, and it’s great exercise, too!


Maintain the Sump Pump

Not everyone has a basement, but many do. If you have a basement or underground level, then you probably have a sump pump. A sump pump helps remove water from the lower part of a home. If this stops working, your home will potentially flood. Therefore, maintaining the sump pump is a vital task when it comes to spring jobs as the extra rainwater can cause them to overflow. Of course, there isn’t a much worse scenario for your home than a spring flood.


Lastly don’t forget to clean out the gutters in the spring and check your roof for signs of winter damage to prevent leaks. Following the suggested tips here can help prevent a stressful spring and allow more time for enjoying this beautiful season!

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