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Pin Away Wednesdays: Amazing Animals and Wildlife

Adorable animal photos, rare animals and wildlife, gorgeous animal images

Hello and welcome back for another post in my Pin Away Wednesdays series! With all the negativity in the world, I thought it would be a perfect time to spread some extra positivity here on the blog. Today I am sharing some of my favorite photos from my Awesome Animals and Wildlife Pinterest board. Get ready for some cuteness overload!



Okay what’s not to love here???? I can’t even take it! Too adorable!


Does it get any cuter than this? What is your favorite dog breed? #dogs #puppies

I had to look twice to decide whether this was a real dog or a Boyd’s teddy bear. Oh how snuggable!


White Maine Coon. Wauw. Love it! Please pin! And share this beautifull cat with the world!


Animals have such amazing expressions. Sometimes you can just see their “wheels turning.” They sure know how to “work over” their humans with their eyes!


10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs If you are a dachshund owner, you must be familiar with funny moments or lovely activities your sausage dogs do. Your four-legged friends can be very entertaining any time they feel happy or even just feel comfortable. Visit our BLOG to read more! Credit to @indigosday #dachshunds #doxie #dogs #puppies

Daschund Bonus


Rene (@paintedgoodness) • Instagram photos and videos


“On your feet, lose your seat!”




As a Kentucky girl, I was born with a love of horses. They are so majestic!


Beautiful Black Hors mother nature moments




We have many beautiful birds in Kentucky. The cardinal our state bird. The red cardinal is the male, but I think the femals are so pretty too. 



Spring Cardinal (female) pulling off blossoms on a purple plum tree. - by Jackie Hodsdon


Both the males and females have been abundant in our garden this spring!


Red Owl With Blue Eyes (Mavi Gözlü Kırmızı Baykuş)


We have severals owls around our home, but I doubt I will ever see one like this! (I am pretty shure that this “exotic rare bird” is fake news, folks! But it’s still very pretty anyway!)


barred owl by Sinisa Popovic / 500px

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Barred Owl is the species that lives in our neighborhood. 


Key West The Newspaper - Refuge Manager: Key Deer Screwworm Threat Appears Over But We Must Remain Vigilant -


Baby deer and their parents are also common visitors around our home. I love to watch them in the forest across the street, but we have treated our yard with natural deer and tick repellent. I have also planted lots of deer resistant plants and shrubs.



The squirrels are more active than ever right now, thanks to less traffic in our neighborhood. There is a rare blonde squirrel that lives in the forest across the street that we have been watching for a couple of years. Upon doing research I found that squirrels can live from 10-20 years, so I hope we have many more years of enjoying its antics!



Peahen and Chicks by Colin White

Peahan and Chicks by Colin White

One day I would love to have a country house with several varieties of wild birds, chickens, and ducks.



I do love the sound of a rooster crowing!





cute duck pictures (5)

Tail and Fur



Monarch By Debbie Fieno

Monarch Butterfly~Fine Art America

For now I will be satisfied to see more birds, butterflies and bees in our garden.


Hummingbird feeder. Cut the neck off a bottle, cut the bottom out of a martini glass then glue together. Drill holes add tubing and flower feeding tips. Drill hole in bottom of saucer add cork then glue to martini glass...viola!


Just this week we saw our first hummingbird!



As a child I lived in a rural area with lots of turtles and frogs. I would catch them to keep as temporary pets for a day or two, and then lovingly release them back out into the wild.


Highland coo Isle of Skye and Scottish Highlands itinerary trip Scotland


Having quite a bit of Scottish ancestry and naturally wild hair, I feel a kindred connection with highland cattle.


Here you go Kimberly. Elk and fall. Best of both worlds. More


I know that we are all praying that life gets back to normal soon and that we all can travel again safely. Next year my husband and I are planning a 20th anniversary trip to the Scottish highlands! I can’t wait to see the majestic wildlife!


Just Two Kids - Prepare To Have Your Heart Melt With These Animal And Baby Pictures - Photos


Now more than ever we can count on animals to comfort us and make us smile. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can find joy in watching the wildlife around your home.


Таша (Tasha) on Twitter: "Весеннее настроение… "





Maybe this ultimately comes down to stereotypes about cat versus dog personalities.





In a Mothers Arms (by Renee Doyle)


Sending virtual hugs and prayers of protection your way my friends! And remember…


Yeah, I Crashed th' school Today, Got Mary suspended, caused a flash mob, and got th'teacher fired. All-in-all, not a bad day.


“Don’t worry, be happy!”



Psalm 4:8~I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for you, LORD, only make me dwell in safety.



Adorable animal photos, rare animals and wildlife, gorgeous animal images


I hope this post has brightened your day and that you found lots of images to “pin away!” Don’t forget to follow my Awesome Animals Pinterest board to find even more beautiful and amazing animal photos. 


Thanks for visiting today!

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