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Great DIY Laundry Room Tips

Doing laundry isn’t the most interesting or creative thing you could do with your time, but since it’s got to be done, you may as well make it as convenient and easy as possible. Whether your washer and dryer are in the garage, in a closet, in a corner of the kitchen, or a spacious and sunny room dedicated to the task, there are so many ways to make it a stylish spot and the task as pleasant as it can be.  *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.

Hand crafted, this has a perfect farmhouse feel. Shown here in Black with White lettering and a white frame. Sign measures approximately 13x32, comes ready to hang with sawtooth hangers attached. This one also looks great setting on a ledge. Want this in a different color? I would be glad to create


The first thing to do is make sure your equipment is up to snuff and working efficiently and properly. The most common things to go on washers are usually the hoses, so check them periodically for cracks that can lead to holes and, after that, floods. For other issues, don’t delay calling for washing machine repair to take care of small problems before they become big ones.




As for the dryer, of course you clean the lint trap every time you use it, but if you haven’t cleaned out the vents in a while (or ever), get to this relatively easy task and put it on your regular maintenance schedule. For how to do it, click here for tips from Bob Vila.



When it comes to the places where people do their laundry, the biggest complaints are lack of storage, lack of sorting and folding areas, and lack of space to hang things. Here are some ways to solve those problems


See our web site for even more information on "laundry room storage shelves". It is a great location for more information.

At Muse Ranch

Cabinets and/or open shelves are the obvious solution for storing all the detergents, bleaches, stain removers, dryer sheets, lingerie bags, and other supplies that doing laundry calls for. If you can’t hang cabinets or shelving, rolling bins and carts can be your friends. Stash them where you can, and wheel them in when you need them.


Antique Farmhouse



I’m so excited to share with you my first blog makeover, and this one happens to be my favorite! If you are anything like me, then laundry is that dreaded chore that is put off until absolutely necessary. So, if you hate it already, then doing laundry in an ugly laundry room makes this dreaded …

Bless This Nest

Anything’s better than piling all your supplies on top of the machines and then juggling the space around them to open the washer or reach the controls. It’ll be a lot less annoying and you’ll enjoy the lack of visual clutter. 



The Laundry Room Is One Of Our Favorite Rooms–And Here's Why | Southern Living

Southern Living


Sorting And Folding

If both your washer and dryer are front-loading, you can maximize the workspace and eliminate the gap between them by installing a shelf just above both machines. Attach it with brackets so it can be removed for access, if necessary. 

How We Designed a Family-Friendly Laundry Room in the Portland Project - Emily Henderson

Style By Emily Henderson

If your washer is top-loading, you can still utilize a shelf over both machines if you hinge it to fold back on itself over the dryer while the washer is in use and flop it back over the washer when you’re ready to use it for folding dry clothes.


Whether your space is big or small, embrace color, personality and clever storage for a welcoming and hardworking room.


A stacked washer and dryer pose a different issue, but it’s relatively easy to rig up a simple surface that folds down from the wall when you need it. You can make your own, but some come ready-made. 


Laundry room Featuring custom white cabinets and an utility sink, this laundry room is not only beautiful but also very practical. The cabinet and wall color is Cool December by Dunn Edwards Laundry room Laundry room #Laundryroom




One great tip for making the most of laundry room space to install a curtain rod or tension rod between cabinets or even wall-to-wall. Alternatively, you could hang a drying rack or even a towel rod or two high on a wall.


laundry room hanging rod with white shirt


If you don’t have room for anything like those, try an over-the-door device that opens out to hold clothes hangers and folds down when not in use/Then put some hooks on the wall or on the back of the door. The big box stores have lots of choices and you can also find a wide variety online. 


High Contrast Laundry Room Makeover | - A dingy and dated laundry room gets a high contrast navy and white makeover packed with organizational strategies and budget-conscious DIY projects.

Blesser House


Doing laundry in a dimly lit space is irritating (is that sock black or blue?) and also sort of depressing. Add some task lighting or at the very least make sure the bulbs in your current fixtures are bright enough so you can see what you’re doing, especially if you don’t get to the laundry until the end of the day. 


I have been absolutely in love with my laundry room in our new home! Which I also kind of find funny because I am not one of those people that loves doing laundry! Since having the double washer and dryer, it truly is life-changing as a mom of three tiny ones! I can cut my... View the Post

Little Lovlies Blog


And Some Finishing Touches

There’s no reason your laundry area needs to be dull. In fact, it’s the perfect place to use a color you love but wouldn’t dream of using anywhere else in the house. Even if your laundry “room” is an alcove, paint it canary yellow or bright blue to life your spirits.


In order to save floor space and make room for working comfortably in the room, use the wall space creatively by hanging hooks on the walls. #laundryroom #Laundryroomideas #smalllaundryroom #laundry

Decor Love

Paper a wall in a fanciful pattern or a scenic print. Hang a corkboard for posting your clippings from Hints From Heloise. Find a spot to include something cheerful. Whatever makes you smile! 


Rachel Parcell Laundry Room with Bulletin Board

Curated Interior



I hope you found these Great DIY Laundry Room Tips to be helpful. Now I am do some laundry!

Thanks for visiting today!

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