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    Fantastic Fall Find: Vintage Chalkware Native American Statue

    Stunning Vintage Native American Indian Chalkware Statue Vintage

    Happy November…my favorite month! Today I am sharing one of my fantastic fall finds—a vintage Native American Indian chalkware statue!  I will also be sharing a few other Native American items I use in my Thanksgiving decor and my sentiments on including references to Native Americans in Thanksgiving celebrations.

    Vintage Native American Chalkware Statue Thanksgiving Decor

    I was out junkin’ early last November and I spotted “the hunter” crouching down in the corner of a local thrift store. For a fleeting moment I thought he was sort of cool, but maybe a bit too kitschy…so I just kept on looking around and then went on to the next thrift shop. Well, you know how it goes with us vintage junkers! I got home and started thinking about how awesome the statute would be as a Thanksgiving decoration, and I just could not wait to go back the next morning to buy it! I am so glad I did. Now I think he is just amazing!

    Vintage Chalkware Indian

    Last Thanksgiving I styled him beside the staircase on the floor next to my Thanksgiving tree to create a vignette of a daily hunt in the forest. I also put him on the banister for some pictures.

    Thanksgiving home tour 2016

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    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Linky Party

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party 2017 Top 3 Most Viewed Posts!

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party

    Happy November everyone! Last night we wrapped up the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party 2017 and a spooktacular time was had by all!

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor 2017

    Here are the top three most viewed posts of the party!

    three graphicAnn at Corner of Plaid and Paisley was Mixing Up Some Halloween Fun and everyone just loved her designs!

    Halloween Tabllescape and Mante;

    2 graphic

    Kristin at White Arrows Home decorated her cozy log cabin with lots of family oriented Halloween decor which I am sure her family loved just as much as all of you did too!

    Log Cabin Halloween Decor

    1 number one graphic

    With as busy as we all are these days, everyone loves ideas on how to simplify! Sheila at My Kentucky Living shared her simple Halloween kitchen decor and her post was the top viewed of the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link party this year!

    Simple Halloween Kitchen ideas

    Congratulations to these wonderful bloggers and to all of you who were featured this month! In case you missed the other party features you can find them here:

    10/27 Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Featured Posts

    10/19 Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Featured Posts

    10/13 Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Featured Posts

    10/17 Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Featured Posts


    Thank you to everyone who shared for this fabulous party! Your hosts have all just finished up the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Blog Hop and now we are busy packing away our Halloween decor and getting our homes ready for the upcoming holidays. If you missed our Halloween blog hop posts you can find them below along with 3 other talented bloggers who joined us!

    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Blog Hope

    Friday October, 27th
    Saturday October, 28th

    See you next year at the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party!

    Skeleton and fall plants shabby chic Halloween


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    Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Linky Party

    Hauntingly Beautiful Vignettes: Halloween Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Treasures

    Hello everyone! Are you enjoying the Hauntingly Beautiful Blog Hop so far?  I am certainly loving all the different ways my talented friends have incorporated magical Halloween decor in their homes. When you are finished reading this post you can treat yourself to even more Halloween eye candy by visiting all the other blogs on the hop too. They are all truly inspiring!

    In September I shared a full home tour for early fall and I am working on a late fall home tour for November, so instead of sharing my whole home today I am going to be highlighting some of the ways I use vintage treasures to create hauntingly beautiful vignettes. I woke up early this morning eager to start taking photos, but right away I noticed something very, very strange…

    Spooky and Elegant Halloween Decor

    The sun was shining! After a week of dreary gray skies, it was quite a paranormal day! I snapped a picture of the anomaly of sunshine streaming down the stairs. The effect was perfect for a Halloween post, wouldn’t you agree?

    Shabby Chic Dresser decorated for Halloween

    A few weeks ago we started working on our bedroom makeover and since we are going with a more traditional and masculine theme, I decided to move my shabby antique dresser down to the living room by the staircase. It was the perfect piece for a hard to decorate spot that I really hadn’t been satisfied with since we moved in three years ago. I have styled the top with old clocks, vintage frames, brass candlesticks and a few other little trinkets for my every day decor, so it was really easy to create a hauntingly beautiful vignette by simply adding a few Halloween-y touches.



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    Christian Living

    Halloween: Celebrate Or Participate?

    In my latest post I discussed how I create “A Merry Halloween.”  I shared some of my funny and festive Halloween decor and collectibles, and some ways that  I continue to participate in Halloween activities without incorporating the darker aspects of the holiday.


    For some believers (followers of Jesus Christ who truly desire to walk in His light and follow His example by faith,  living a life as outlined by scripture to the best of our abilities through the enabling of the Holy Spirit) this subject can perhaps be a little confusing.

    Should we as Christians participate in Halloween activities at all? Do we have to avoid the holiday altogether? What does scripture say?

    Scripture clearly states that we absolutely are not to have fellowship with darkness of any kind… or even speak of it!

    Hmm. What does that suggest about Halloween which glorifies all that is spooky and fearful?

    Ephesians 5:11-13

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    2 Timothy 1:7

    For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

    Yikes! God clearly does not want us to have a spirit of fear, create a spirit of fear, indulge a spirit of fear or invite a spirit of fear! “Fear not” or “Do not be afraid” is referenced 365 times in the Bible! Enough for a daily reminder! Coincidence? Of course not!

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