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Lyme Disease Awareness: Creating A Safe Lawn And Garden

Tick prevention Lyme Disease Awareness How To Treat Your Lawn And Garden

Spring is here and that means more time spent in the great outdoors! Many of us will begin working in our lawns and gardens, cleaning up debris, dragging out the gardening tools and getting things ready for warm weather. The bad news is, we won’t be alone! Ticks love spring weather, and contrary to popular belief, the critters don’t really go dormant in the winter. Chances are they will be hiding in tall grass and under leaf matter and mulch, so you need to be take proper precautions any time you are working or playing outdoors. For today’s post I just want to share some quick ideas for creating a safer lawn and garden by reducing tick populations. *This post contains affiliate links.

baby deer resting in purple flowers



Why do I know so much about ticks? If you have been following my blog or social media for a while, you might already know that I have been fighting Lyme disease and tick born co-infections for many years. While I am much better these days, it has been a very hard battle. People often are surprised that I absolutely love deer however! (I even collect deer antlers and use them in my decor). We have a forest across the road and our family enjoys watching deer frolic all year long! I am not afraid of them, but I do keep my distance. After all, it’s really not the fault of the deer…the mice are to blame (but that is another post for another day!)

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Preventing Lyme Disease

Prevention is the best defense against these demons ticks, so today I am going to give you just a few quick pointers on how to reduce the risk of contracting Lyme disease on your own property.

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Think About Security

If deer and other stray animals have a habit of wandering into your yard, you might want to consider fencing it in.  A deer can carry around 400 ticks (yuck!) so it’s best to keep them away from your property. Fencing a whole yard or garden area can be costly, but there are many inexpensive DIY fencing ideas on Pinterest which are perfect for keeping deer and stray animals out, while keeping pets (and kids) safely in!

Garden Decoration Ideas: Cheap Fence Ideas, Garden Fence, Backyard Designs Fence #Garden #Fence #Backyard


Of course adding a security or privacy fence has the added benefit of personal privacy, while keeping your property safe from human intruders too. A secure garden needs to have a perimeter fence or other barrier, as well as gates that you can lock. Don’t forget to shut up any structures like sheds and garages, and put secure locks on them.


If we ever have to re-build our fence, this style is awesome.


Treating Your Lawn And Garden For Pests

Pests in your garden can be more than just an inconvenience—they can carry disabling and even fatal diseases. Good tick control measures are important, especially during the summer, as ticks can transmit over 200 infections and viruses. If you live in an endemic (high risk) area, you might want to consider having your property professionally treated to reduce disease carrying pests, including mosquitoes. 


Tick Tock Naturals Organic Insect Repellent 2.5 fl. oz


Every state and most countries have numerous reported cases of Lyme disease and the numbers are increasing every year. Even if you don’t live in a high risk area, you should still treat your yard. There are many safe alternatives to harsh chemicals if you are sensitive to them or are concerned about the environment.


Natural Flea and Tick Yard Spray | Kill Control & Prevent Fleas Ticks Mosquitoes & Other Insects Apply with Hose End Sprayer | 16oz 32oz & 1 Gallon Organic Concentrate Safe Around Kids Pets & Plants 32 oz

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Keep Your Property Well-maintained

Keeping your lawn and property well maintained will also keep tick populations down. Remove woodpiles far away from the house structure (ticks love woodpiles) and always rake and dispose of leaves and debris. Chances are, ticks will be hiding under leaf matter and mulch, so you need to be take proper precautions any time you are working or playing outdoors, and that includes colder days. Wear gloves, light clothing and boots if possible.


Image result for ilads ticks in the winter




Now with all the excitement of spring gardening, I don’t want to end this post leaving you with the “heebie-jeebies,” so here is a beautiful spring garden picture to get you inspired for warmer days ahead!

Mill House in May Garden, ideas. pation, backyard, diy, vegetable, flower, herb, container, pallet, cottage, secret, outdoor, cool, for beginners, indoor, balcony, creative, country, countyard, veggie, cheap, design, lanscape, decking, home, decoration, beautifull, terrace, plants, house.



Dear friends, I certainly hope you will use these ideas as you work toward creating a safer lawn and garden. Just remember that ticks are active now in early spring, so take proper precautions using repellent, and always do a thorough tick check anytime you have been outside, including on well manicured lawns, parks, baseball fields etc. May is Lyme Disease Awareness month, so I will be doing a more thorough post on Lyme Disease then. Until then, happy and safe spring garden planning!


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  • Reply Kathy A

    I had Lyme disease, probably from a tick bite–he was on my skin only a very brief time (not 24 hours like “they” say). I had no flu symptoms, no bullesye around the bite. I was sick for probably 2 years before my doctor took my complaints of muscle aches and fatigue seriously (just Kathy complaining!) and tested me. NOW, whenever he has someone complain of aches and fatigue, he tests them immediately. Arthritis settled in my L knee (worse than my R and 10 years later I still have swelling. Fortunately, 2 weeks of antibiotics seemed to do the trick but it took 6 months for the fatigue to disappear. Know the symptoms, even the atypical symptoms; a simple blood test may save you from a lot of suffering and a poorer quality of life!

    July 4, 2020 at 8:03 pm
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