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Home Ownership 101: Preparing The Garden for Spring

Preparing The Garden For Spring

Spring will be here before we know it, and now is the time to begin assessing the garden and making plans for the gardening season ahead! Gardening is more popular than ever with 77 percent of American households getting their hands dirty in the garden in the last few years. While gardening can be a lot of hard work, it can also be rewarding when you put in the effort for regular maintenance during the rest of the year. *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.


It's okay to dream about your spring garden in the dead of winter! Here are tips to help you get ready for planting season.

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You might find that some of your older plants haven’t quite made it through the winter in good health, and the overall look of the garden can suffer majorly for it. It can be a good idea to add some new life, instead, by removing older shrubs and plants and choosing brighter and more beautiful replacements to take their place.


These are the 10 tasks to tackle in the spring to get your garden ready for the year!

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Rather than trying to tidy up what you don’t like, you can instead work with a landscape design team to rip out what doesn’t work and make the garden much better suit your tastes.


Check General Repairs Around Garden Structures

There’s not much point in benefiting from having a beautiful garden if other outdoor areas are looking neglected or run down! Start by checking your gutters for clogged or broken gutter spikes. If gutters and downspouts are full of debris or are leaking, it’s likely to cause damage to the fascia on the eaves so regular maintenance is necessary to avoid repairs. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check any paving slabs, broken roof tiles and outdoor lighting for any signs of damage on sheds, greenhouses and garages.


Gutters filled with leaves and debris

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If you find that your siding is in need of paint or needs to be replaced, consider new  exterior cladding to give your entire home and garden more curb appeal.


Spruce Up Garden Furniture

Winters can often be harsh for weathering outdoor furniture and particularly for those areas made from wood such as fencing, pergolas or decking. Unless you have put furniture away or have used covers, it’s essential to give them a good cleaning or a fresh, new look with paint after the danger of heavy snow has passed.



Once spring weather truly arrives, you can also treat fences, patios and sheds with a bit of paint or varnish to make sure they last longer. If decking is faded and dirty, give it a good power wash to make it look as good as new. It is also extremely important to inspect for pests. While some pest problems can be taken care of with non-toxic DIY treatments, if you encounter any termites or wood boring insects, be sure to contact a GreenPro certified company for professional pest control using environmentally friendly products.


Great step by step instructions on how to clean a wood deck.

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Pruning and Weeding

Overgrown areas of a garden is likely to make it look unkempt and messy, so walk around your garden to pick out dead plants and leaves, especially after winter when there’s usually a lot of debris lying around. Tie or cut back any of your plants and shrubs that have been left to grow wild and remove any weeds that have popped up over time. If you haven’t got a compost bin already, consider setting one up for a great way to dispose of dead plants and vegetation.

Garden spring cleaning is important to help keep your gardens disease and weed free, and looking their best. Wait to start cleaning the garden in the spring until the ground has thawed and dried out a bit. Use this spring garden clean up checklist to help make it easier to get the job done. (AD)

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Planting a wonderful garden is just half the battle, the rest is making sure you regularly maintain it to keep it looking fresh and tidy for everyone to enjoy spending time outdoors as warmer weather approaches. By the time the weather improves, it’s likely that things have gotten a little overgrown, the grass is taller and patchy, trees and bushes might need a trim. There are plenty of gardening maintenance schedules you can start to follow.


A tidy garden is just as important as a tidy house. These tips will help clean up your garden space and get it ready for spring.

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Have you already started preparing your garden or outdoor entertaining areas for spring? I love hearing from you dear readers!

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