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Ways to Instill New Life Into Your Garden

Butterlies on lavender plant


Homeowners take great pride in their yards, and for those who love to get their hands dirty, that includes their gardens. Gardening will not only beautify your home, but it is a great way to ease your stress. Want to take an old garden to a new level? Read on to find ways to instill new life into your garden.

Add Some Trees

Gone are the days when large, sweeping lawns were all the rage. Today’s best landscapes and gardens are more diverse and more usable. If you are considering adding trees to your landscaping, contact Rich’s Tree Service to plant some new trees for shade, wildlife support, and extra aesthetic appeal.


Natchez Crape Myrtle Trees for Sale |


Of course trees do take some care and maintenance, so you’ll want to research to find out the best tips for keeping your trees healthy



Narrow Trees for Small Yards that Pack a Punch | Pretty Purple Door



Remove Old Plants

Have old shrubs or perennial plants that have lost their vigor? Don’t be afraid to pull plants that aren’t pulling their weight. It will free up extra space for new gardens and give homeowners the chance to explore different planting options.







Try Hardscaping

Hardscaping can add extra visual appeal and create more usable spaces in any garden. Try adding a patio edged with potted plants, install a fire pit, or add some gravel paths to increase the visual appeal of the garden.


20+ Amazing Creative & Inspiring Backyard Hardscape Ideas to Transform Your Home Landscape – BosiDOLOT



Add Water Features and Interesting Focal Points


Very, very similar to OUR Koi Pond, but ours is much larger (5500 gal.), but LOVE the idea re-do to raise our waterfall higher like this!!


Head online and look for some popular garden water features like backyard ponds and waterfalls create a relaxing oasis for homeowners and their families, improve the visual appeal of the garden, and add extra habitat for beneficial animals. Try incorporating decorative pond plants and a few fish to make a water feature really interesting.




Make Your Garden a tranquil retreat for stress relief

Five Ways to Make Your Garden a Haven of Stress Relief



Chaylor and Mads

Another special focal point feature is a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. You can either use real logs  in a traditional fire pit in the yard, or take advantage of the propane to use on your deck or patio. Check out propane services in your area for more information how to set up a propane firepit.




Plant a Butterfly Garden

Plants like asters, goldenrod, milkweed  can all attract butterflies to a garden. 



These beautiful flowering plants also have the benefit of being easy to maintain and many of them are perennials, which will keep butterflies coming back for years.



Check out these easy to grow flower ideas for your butterfly garden! Lots of beautiful flowers that attract butterflies and bees to your garden.



Create Crisp Edges


curvy brick border plants flowers bed garden landscaping


Crisp edges make gardens look clean and attractive and can create extra habitat for beneficial insects that can keep pests away. Instead of creating square gardens, try changing things up by using different shapes to increase edges and improve the garden’s appearance.


Perfect Edges for Your Beds and Borders ~ In my garden, a razor-sharp edge serves as a stage that sets off the careful planning and maintenance I do. Such meticulous attention to detail doesn’t require a lot of work. I use four simple steps to create and freshen up my edges in spring, giving my beds the crisp lines that reflect the effort I put into my garden.



Hide Unsightly Views

Not everyone is lucky enough to live someplace with nothing but beautiful views. Thankfully, the right plants can block out neighbors, busy streets, and other unpleasant and intrusive views. Try planting hedges, decorative trees, or even a line of sunflowers to block ugly views while adding visual interest to the yard and garden.


Ingenious ways to regain privacy from second story neighbors | Pretty Purple Door


Learn About Perennial Edibles

Some home gardeners avoid planting vegetable gardens because they know annual veggies tend to require a ton of maintenance. Those who don’t have all the time in the world to maintain vegetable gardens can look into edible landscaping instead. Perennial edibles like berry bushes, nut trees, and even vegetables like asparagus and artichokes will all provide food year after year without requiring constant attention.


Growing vegetables and fruits in the home garden is rewarding, but many people are put off by the backbreaking work involved at the start of the growing season. Perennial edibles are the answer to this problem. Here’s the 20 best edibles that you can plant once and harvest for years.


Plant More Flowers

Already have a vegetable garden and don’t mind the work, but sick of dealing with pests? Plant more flowers to attract bees and beneficial insects that can keep pests under control. Try to plan flower beds so that at least one species will be blooming from early spring through late fall.

10 of the Longest Flowering Perennials for Your Garden


Time to get gardening!

There’s nothing more satisfying than breathing new life into an old garden. Think outside the box when making garden or landscape improvements and don’t be afraid to experiment. If a plant or a hardscaping feature just doesn’t quite fit, it can always be removed and replaced with something even more beautiful. 


Vintage cottage junk garden with DIY repurposed vintage sink potting bench

Vintage Sink Potting Bench and New Backyard Cottage Garden


Have you made any improvements to your landsacpe or garden this summer? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

Thanks for visiting today!



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