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Easy Tips for Sprucing Up Your Backyard Space

cottage garden in August birdbath with perennials

Spring will be here before we know it, so now is a good time to start making plans for any outdoor projects you’d like to tackle in the year ahead. If you are working on sprucing up the exterior of your home to increase it’s curb appeal, you might also want to consider the backyard. This area can be an extension of your home.  Almost any backyard space, large or small, can be transformed with decorative furniture and  lighting for evening hangouts with friends and family. 

Designing A Beautiful Backyard Space for You & Your Family

It’s always a wonder when you see how people can transform their backyard spaces into their own personal paradise. This is the place where the family will go to get away from “the grind” and have some time alone. It becomes a sanctuary, a retreat from everyday life.

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Five Ways to Make Your Garden a Haven of Stress Relief

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your backyard space for you an your family. First, think about what you want to do in this space? Do you wish to have a pool or just an area with furniture? What about green areas such as plants, trees, grasses? How long is your yard? Is it wide enough for all of these things that you want to do in this space?

When designing your backyard, it’s important to create a space that you will feel comfortable in. You should try to make the space natural and welcoming to guests. One way of doing this is by planting trees and flowers in your backyard.

Tips for Creating a Safe Play Area for Kids

  1. Make sure that the yard has been cleared of any hazards, such as high-reaching branches, exposed tree roots, sharp rocks, and mud. If you need to, hire a professional tree removal service to make sure it’s done properly – the last thing you’ll want is for any hazards to be left behind. 
  2. Install a fence to keep kids from wandering into the street or getting too close to a busy road.
  3. Choose a safe place for playing in the yard – away from open water and exposed power cords.
  4. Pick a tree with low-hanging branches for climbing and make sure it is sturdy enough to hold your child’s weight if they do fall off it.
  5. Pick an open space where they can freely run around without having to worry about tripping over things or being injured by sharp objects.
  6. Keep playthings in easy-to-reach places so you won’t have to search for them.


How To Decorate Your Patio Area

With the spring season fast approaching, many of us will looking forward to spending a lot of time on our patio. As spring approaches it is a great time to start making plans to decorate an outdoor space and turn it into a welcoming and relaxing place. A patio area is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family during the day or night. At the end of a busy work day you can spend time eating, drinking, playing games, or even having a romantic dinner. Here are a few things to consider:

1) Color Scheme: The color scheme of your patio should be cohesive with the home’s interior design. If you have a modern style home, use neutral colors like black, white, gray and brown. If you have rustic décor in your home, use warmer colors like reds and oranges to give it an inviting feel.


How To Furnish Your Outdoor Living Space Outdoor living room ideas

How to Furnish Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

2) Lighting- Patio lighting is an important step for creating a warm atmosphere in your outdoor space. There are many outdoor lighting options to choose from – wall lanterns create dramatic effects when lit up at night while solar lights are easier to install and less expensive than electric.


Beautiful ideas for summer nights landscaping lighting malibu lights, solar lights, torches, lanterns

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3) Furniture & Accessories- If you want this space to be both practical and fun, you’ll need too find seating that works for your design and is comfortable. Check out  Backyard Fire Pit Ideas To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space as well. Just think about what you need to boost your patio space.


Porch and Patio Furniture Inspiration

Porch and Patio Furniture Inspiration

Creative Ideas That will Totally Transform your Backyard into a Dreamy Place

The great thing about these creative backyard landscaping ideas is that they are easy to implement, even on a budget. By following these tips, you can easily transform you backyard into an area you will want to spend all your free time in.

Do you have a backyard space you enjoy spending time in? Is creating a new outdoor living space in your plans for the new year? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!

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