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Designing a Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom

Designing A Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom

Hello dear readers! How did you sleep last night? Did you know that according to the CDC, one third of Americans are missing the mark when it comes to getting enough sleep? With the right environment, you will not join their ranks. If you enjoy decorating and a clean home, then having a beautiful, clutter free and relaxing bedroom can actually help you sleep better. Whether you are suffering from back pain or you’re simply ready for a change, an elegantly designed and sleep friendly bedroom might be just what you need. 

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Choosing the Right Furniture

Furniture is the best place to begin when it comes to room design and proper sleep, which is why it might be best to start with the mattress. Before choosing your perfect mattress though, it helps to read mattress reviews that can help you determine the firmness and whether or not the type of mattress will cause, exacerbate or hopefully, prevent back problems.


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For instance, reviews of the Nuvanna mattress suggest it for people who prefer mid-level firmness. Once you picked you mattress, move on to other parts of the bed; a quality bed frame from Ikea or Pottery Barn for instance is also very important, as it’ll add to the overall aesthetics of the room and you won’t have to worry about it tearing up after just a few months. Of course vintage or antique furniture is always a great choice too!





Victoria Magazine



One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Reveal - The Crowned Goat

The Crowned Goat

If you aren’t purchasing a full bedroom set, choose furniture items that coordinate with the bed frame, or paint reused furniture for an intentional style. Finally, if you have space, consider a cozy armchair in a corner as an accent piece, surrounded by books or other items that can help you wind down before bed. It’s important to follow a daily schedule where tech use is avoided at least an hour before bed.


Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Ideas // Our farmhouse guest bedroom features a bright neutral room with jute accents // Lynzy & Co.


Creating a Calming Environment

For many people, the bedroom is a sanctuary. Cozy blankets and muted colors are a good place to start. Even if you are usually a fan of bright colors, the bedroom would be a good place to use more soft, or even neutral colors.  Colors like lavender and pale blue are calming and stress reducing, contributing to a relaxing bedtime environment.

Calming Bedroom with jute rug and white bedding

Room For Tuesday

Use small floral and other understated patterns as accents on throw pillows, blankets, or even your chair, and incorporate different textures to avoid a one dimensional space.  Bringing in a few accessories, such as an essential oil diffuser, or a jasmine plant for sleep inducing aromatherapy will also contribute to a calm environment and good sleep. Don’t forget that it’s important to follow a daily schedule where technology use is avoided at least an hour before bed. The blue light that such devices emit can suppress your body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Instead of scrolling through your social feeds at night or streaming Netflix on your tablet, get stuck into a good book instead.


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Easy Organization

Clutter is often a fast track to stress and even compromised sleep, so creating an environment that is easy to keep clutter free is especially important. Adequate storage is the first priority.  Make sure to keep only in season clothing in your closets will insure that each item has a spot and is less likely to end up on the floor or chair.  Store off-season clothing and other items in bins or rolling crates under the bed for easy access without being an eyesore.


panel moulding in bedroom with vintage dresser nightstand // the Grit and Polish #diymoulding


A bedside table with a drawer, or a bedside organizer will help you keep track of all the necessities without leaving clutter on the table, and offer further storage.  Finally, keep the bedroom somewhat minimal to avoid excess clutter and stress.


8 Ways To Simplify & Organize Your Master Bedroom - Organization Obsesssed


When you create a pleasant and relaxing bedroom you’ll find that sleep comes easier.  It doesn’t take much, but the result will be a better rested and happier you.


The coastal vibe in this bedroom has me dreaming of warm summer days with my toes in the sand ☀️🏝 Thanks @amandabarnesinteriors for making…


Your bedroom design can play a huge part in your ability to feel restful enough to sleep. A bedroom that’s too visually busy, cluttered or untidy can make it extremely hard to dose off. Check out some of the bedroom layout tips at


Designing A Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom


I hope these very basic tips will help you when designing your bedroom or if you are simply wanting to declutter and create a bedroom environment that is more conducive to rest. We updated our bedroom a little over a year ago and it definitely made an improvement in our sleep habits as well, and it also became a retreat. When you create a pleasant and relaxing bedroom you’ll find that sleep comes easier.  It doesn’t take much, but the result will be a better rested and happier you.

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