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How To Create The Perfect Bedroom

Bedroom design ideas


Hello again! As January comes to a close I am making a home improvement and redecorating wish list for the year ahead. While it is not a priority, I hope to get around to creating a beautiful and comfortable bedroom sometime this year! We are still in the first year year in our home, and we have done very little to decorate our current bedroom. We actually don’t even have a headboard! One of the main reasons we have not yet tackled our bedroom is simply indecision. *This post contains affiliate links.


As I have been thinking about what I want to achieve when creating our “new” space, I have realized there are some basic elements to consider when designing the perfect bedroom—comfort, style, and restorative sleep. 

You want the right colour scheme, a mattress that feels like sleeping on a cloud such as from  bedding that’s super soft on your skin.

As I have been thinking about what I want to achieve when creatin our “new” space, I have realized there are some basic elements to consider when designing the perfect bedroom—comfort, style, and restorative sleep. These are the essentials of a bedroom that do not require furniture changes or even repainting walls, but are necessary for creating a cozy and relaxing retreat. Today I will be discussing the basics in more detail. *This post contains affiliate links.





Ways to Add Extra Comfort to Your Bedroom

Use lots of pillows.

Is there any such thing as too many pillows and cushions in your bedroom? Well, maybe, but a few extra pillows can go a long way as far as adding comfort and coziness. Pillows are also great for accessorizing and pulling the design elements of a room together. Layer several on the bed or keep a basket of extra pillows at the foot of the bed to add shabby chic, cottage farmhouse style to your bedroom.


Bedroom decorating ideas metal bed farmhouse bedroom



Use a heavy down comforter, a hypoallergenic polyester comforter, or duvet.

I absolutely love the “hotel” feel of a high quality duvet. If you prefer something  with a lighter feel, choose a beautiful quilt or mattelasse coverlet.





Choose high quality sheets.

The sheets on your bed will have a big impact on how comfortable it is, so don’t skimp like I always used to do and buy the cheapest option you can find! I did this for years, and only recently have I discovered how much better I sleep on nice sheets. You will notice the difference once you have tried some top quality Egyptian cotton sheets. Split cal king bed sheets are worth considering if you’re looking at different options. Nice sheets are a luxury, but usually not much more expensive than “cheap” feeling sheets. A few extra dollars often equates with better quality and longevity, which makes it worth paying a little more in the long run.


How to design the perfect bedroom Egyptian Cotton Sheets



Add an area rug.

Bedside rugs are really nice touches that add an extra level of comfort to a bedroom. That feeling when you step out of the bed in the morning and onto a nice fluffy and comfortable rug is much better than bare feet hitting a cold, hard floor!  Even if you have carpet, a soft rug will make the room even more cozy.

Beautiful bedroom area rugs old trunk vintage mirror



Add a faux fur throw

Hyde Lane Ultra Soft Plush Throw Blanket, Fuzzy Faux 



A simple faux fur throw can add so much comfort to a bedroom. Sure, a duvet and sheets are often adequate for warmth, but there is just something about a cozy throw draped over a chair or bed, just waiting to be snuggled in! Faux fur is the best option because it offers all the comfort of fur without any worry about ethical issues…and less allergens!


Faux fur throw bed throw gray grey neutral faux fur blanket

Zuri Faux Fur Oversized Bed Throw 


Style Elements

Clear the clutter!

A cluttered bedroom never looks inviting or relaxing. A minimalist, boho chic aesthetic is very much in fashion at the moment, so use this style as inspiration to clear the clutter. The space will feel more open and positive, allowing you to have sweet dreams, instead of nightmares about the cluttery mess you will have to face when you wake up!


Cozy bedroom neutral boho chic cottage bedroom serene bedroom



SEE ALL | 2 OF 15 The key to elevating an almost exclusively neutral space? Bringing in a variety of interesting textures and complementing the space with leafy greens!



Choose artwork and style accessories carefully.

Be sure to think carefully about the artwork and accessories you choose for your bedroom. They should be items that are in keeping with the rest of your room and the design choices you’ve already made. Bedroom walls do not need to be cluttered or distracting, so only use art that you truly love. Remember, a collection of vintage plates or architectural salvage can be used as art as well.


white plates above bed



How to decorate your bedroom like a Parisian Try buying a statement antique pieces like an iron bed, lamp or mirror then mix in with soft feminine fabrics to create a chic contemporary Parisian look.



Always Kiss Me Goodnight Bedroom Picture Farmhouse bedroom



Invest in attractive bedside lighting.

The nightstand by the bed is the perfect place to add a small lamp to use as a decorative accent as well as providing the light needed for bed time reading. Wall mounted lamps or sconces are also great choices. There are many affordable vintage lamps or popular industrial style lamps that will add charm and character to the bedroom and help tie all the design elements together.

Small white nightstand alarm clock industrial lamp boho chic bedroom ideas



14691080_878887855577348_741331431378316740_n.jpg (400×600)



Create a sitting area.

It’s nice to have an area in the bedroom that’s dedicated to relaxing. A small sitting area near a bookcase could provide a quiet place to read or simply unwind away from the noise in the rest of the home

The type of furniture you choose for this area is key to creating the right atmosphere. For example, a comfortable brown sofa, positioned to face a window or the center of the room, can serve as the anchor of this tranquil zone. Pair it with a small coffee table for your books and cups of tea, and perhaps a soft, plush rug underneath to tie the whole area together. This creates a personal relaxation space within your bedroom, a place where you can relax in peace, surrounded by your favorite things and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Vintage French Soul ~ Absolutely absolutely absolutely love ❤️



Use mirrors to extend visual space.

Mirrors are certainly worthy additions to a bedroom when space allows. They’re great for bouncing natural light around and making a smaller room feel more spacious. 


An exquisite, large grey mirror. Decadent and over-sized, with bevelled edges in grey distressed finish. The free standing mirror is perfect piece for leaning against a wall and gives an instant wow factor to any room. Great to complement living room furniture. Long live the Aspen. Price £420.00


You can find antique mirrors that add character and interest, and a touch of vintage romance.  Search for lovely old mirrors at yard sales, flea markets, antiques stores and thrift shops. You can always repaint frames to match your bedroom color scheme, so don’t pass over a beautiful frame if the color isn’t quite right.


Pastel Bedroom with soft whites, pale pinks cozy cottage bedroom



To Promote Better Sleep:

Remove electronic distractions.

Finally, it is important to consider anything in your bedroom that might stop you from relaxing and taking things easy. After all, our bedrooms should be a place to rest and retreat. Studies have shown that a room must be dark in order for deep restorative sleep to occur, so be sure to turn off lights and unplug any devices that might have flashing lights. Install blinds or draperies to close at night to keep any lights from the outside from disturbing your sleep.


Diffuse essential oils.

Diffusing essential oils such as lavender has a very calming effect which will also help promote better sleep.


organic essential oils starter kit

Essential oil diffuser to promote better sleep

Premium, Essential Oil Diffuser, Quiet 5-In-1 Humidifier, Natural Home Fragrance Diffuser


Although there are many other things to consider when designing a bedroom such as furniture, what type of decor style you will choose, painting, textile patterns, etc., keep these basic elements in mind when working to create the perfect bedroom: comfort, style, and restorative sleep.

Now that I have the fundamentals out of the way, I can begin to think about what style of bedroom and color scheme we will be using. In the months ahead I will begin sharing the process of designing and decorating our bedroom along with some other home renovation projects, so if you love before and afters be sure to subscribe by email and follow the adventures!

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