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Recently I was going through my blog and thinking of new ideas for exciting posts for 2018, and I noticed that I didn’t have very many posts in my Vintage Style category last year. Because vintage decor is my forte, I decided to really concentrate on bringing my readers more posts pertaining to vintage style, and also expanding the category to include posts on vintage decor from eras that I may not personally use in my home, but appreciate for the historic value. This year I have challenged myself as a decorator to begin to broaden my decor horizons to include other types of popular styles such as Hygge and modern Boho Chic which is all the rage. *This post contains affiliate links.

Decor Flashback

While embracing trendy modern design may sound contradictory coming from someone who is vintage fanatic, many modern styles essentially are based on mid-century, 1960’s “Mod” or 1970’s Boho (Bohemian style) decor, and those styles often reflect earlier time periods as well. Even those of us who prefer shabby chic and French Country styles can incorporate some 1960’s junkin’ finds which can translate into a modern boho chic look for an updated vintage style.

Source: Better Homes And Gardens

Well-known as a time of liberal movements and great change in society, the 60’s left a true imprint on the world, altering everything from technology to home decor. For this post, the latter is the most important. As a lot of color is predicted to be big in 2018, we are going to be seeing a return of some 1960’s decor with a bit of a modern and classic edge. The popularity of the TV show, Madmen has really sparked an interest in 1960’s decor and fashion styles.  Today I will be taking a look at the 1960’s decor styles and how you can use those groovy junkin’ finds in your home without making it seem too “far out.” I will mainly be focus on designing a 1960’s style home office.

Fresh country style with 1960's decor How to add 1960's decor to your farmhouse

Source: Better Homes And Gardens

While admittedly a lot of the decor from the 1960’s will elicit the response, “What Were They Thinking???,” it is possible to take some of the truly artistic designs and incorporate them beautifully. Even if you just aren’t feeling an all out retro vibe, today it is easy to mix decor elements from all eras, and the 1960’s designs are becoming a focal point.

Designing A 1960’s Style Office

If I were to design a 1960’s style room, I would choose an office. Using vintage style office furniture, lighting and artwork could make it a great place to do some blogging about all things vintage. This post will be exploring the different components required to create a stunning 60’s office, along with some inspiration to help you along the way. 

The interior of an office with vintage furniture 1960's decor midcentury


I really love this office! Check out that fab “entertainment center!”

As seen in this popular Pinterest photo below, many 1960’s decor style elements have made a comeback in a big way, giving a modern office space a retro vibe. Even those who prefer a neutral pallete can incorporate 1960’s decor style through furnishings and accessories.

Work space in gold and white. Home office, desk decoration


Designing A 1960’s Office

How to decorate in 1960's Style Popular 1960's decor styles and design trends

With the rise in popularity of 1960’s decor styles, capturing this decade hasn’t been easier since the time itself, and this is well worth taking advantage of. Here are some ways to stylishly incorporate the sixties into your home office.

  • The Wallpaper

Nowadays, paint is possibly the most common way to make a room look and feel unique. In the past, though, options like wallpaper were a lot more popular. When most people think of wallpaper from the 1960’s, they shudder. Large “flower power” and busy paisley prints in avocado green, mustard yellow, hot pink and orange just won’t work for most of our homes today. However, textured wallpapers such as grass cloth were also used in the sixties. They have really made a comeback and are a top predicted design trend for 2018. This gorgeous room with grass cloth wallpaper and a 1960’s style chair looks anything but dated.S. B. Long Interiors

Source: Pinterest

A solid wallpaper in the office will provide a more calming space for working. Grass cloth can give room a warm and classy look, although there are plenty of other 1960’s wall paper styles that might be appealing regardless of the type of job you’d like to do. The process of wallpapering a room can be expensive and hard, requiring the help of an expert if you’d like to do it correctly.

Grass Cloth Wallpaper

grasscloth wallpaper how to create a neutral 1960's style room

Source: Pinterest 

  • The Fixtures

With your walls sorted out, it will be time to think about the lights, door handles, and other fixtures which are dotted around your home. Since  the 60’s was a time of cultural exploration, items like these were often built to look nice rather than do a good job. This has left the world with loads of inspired products for the home, and they can be found everywhere. A lot of the common styles from this time are considered horrid, while others are timeless, and will look great in any room. I find office lighting from the era is my favorite. Desk lamp styles of the time period are extremely popular today in farmhouse style and industrial style rooms.

1960's decor style 1960's desk lamp vintage office ideas

Vintage 1960’s Lamp Etsy

Not all 1960’s decor has to be “mod” looking. There are even 1960’s decor options for those of us who prefer shabby chic and French Country, farmhouse or cottage styles. Designing a 1960’s shabby chic office could be charming with the right vintage accessories.

Florentine desk set - blue and gold gesso on wood painted tray and pencil holder - 1960s decor


A beautiful 1960’s milk glass lamp would be perfect for a desk.

1960's decor and design vintage milk glass lamp


Wall lighting is another option for a 1960’s office.

French Toleware Wall Sconce Beautiful shabby chic light fixture pink 1960's

1960’s French Tole Wall Sconces


With the popularity of Hygge design this Danish wall sconce would be a perfect way to incorporate a bit of 1960’s design while also appropriate for modern farmhouse style rooms too.

Hygge Style Light Hygge Wall Sconce 1960's light

1960’s Hygge Modern Farmhouse Wall Sconce Light


Vintage Owl Perfume Bottle how to design a 1960's home office



Don’t forget a retro radio to listen to all your favorite tunes while you work!

How to design a fab 1960's home office vintage aqua radio


Adding vintage accessories such as small plants in retro containers or a kitschy wise owl to your desk is a super simple way to add 1960’s style to an office.

Vintage 1960's Royal Mercury Manual Typewriter Made in Japan

Although you will more than likely be using a computer, a cool vintage 1960’s typewriter would look great in a 1960’s style office!

  • The Furniture

An office is a place which is primarily designed for working, and the furniture you buy needs to reflect this. A desk is the primary furnishing if most of your work is done with a computer, giving you a surface to work from and a place to organize important papers and supplies.


Image of 1960s Danish Modern Teak Secretary Desk

Source: Chairish

Options like Sunpan occasional chairs and small sofas can give guests a place to sit while you’re working. Along with these, though, you’ll probably want a couple of other items to bring it all together. Reviews can be an extremely powerful tool when looking for products like these.



Don’t forget an awesome 1960’s style book case too!

Awesome 1960's bookcase retro bookcase boho style bookscase vintage wood barrister bookcase book shelf

  • The Artwork

Better Homes and Garden Fresh Vintage Retro Style

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Finally, as the last area to consider, the 60’s was an important time for artwork. Companies with the right imagery would vastly outsell those with nothing at all, and homes with the best art would always be remembered the most. With the 60’s being all about free love, much of the artwork focuses around that theme, but there are other options to give your office some 1960’s decor flair.

Shabby Chic 1960's Decor Trends Pink Typewriter Canvas Print

Vintage Pink Typewriter Wall Art


Awesome retro art 1960's Twiggy Poster 1960's decorating ideas shabby chic



Instead, look for art which is reflective of the time period and will go with the rooms you’ve already designed, ensuring that everything is pulled together.

Vintage Office Ideas 1960's office The Beatles framed picture

Framed Beatles Poster Etsy

Awesome 1960's vintage framed map

1960’s Framed Map Etsy

I hope you have enjoyed this post today and maybe you will consider incorporating some 1960’s decor into your home or think about designing a 1960’s themed office. I have to admit I was completely opposed to the thought of it before exploring this design trend further, but there are really some amazing vintage 1960’s decor pieces that could work with my own style too. I also discovered that some of my shabby vintage junkin’ finds that I was unsure about also from this era The decade is one which a lot of people look on with much interest. Going back in time is impossible, but creating a timeless look that is reflective of your favorite time period just takes a little bit of research, and a whole lot of junkin’! I will be keeping my eyes open on my next junkin’ adventure for some sixties items to add to my Etsy shop for anyone who is really loving this trend. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe by email below too. I love to connect other vintage souls!

Peace out!


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