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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors Now

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Replace your windows and doors

Hello friends and welcome back to my Home Ownership 101 Series. Today I am sharing some information about the importance of replacing old windows and doors. Older homes certainly have charm and character that you don’t find with new constructions, but if you have ever lived in an old home, then you will be cognizant of the troubles that go along with old windows and doors, such as  being less energy efficient

High-Tech Windows for New Old Houses | Old House Journal Magazine

This Old House

Some homeowners may be reluctant to initiate this step due to the financial investment, but new energy efficient windows and doors will definitely pay off in the long run. If you’re contemplating on replacing old/faulty windows and doors, Home Windows Toronto is a great start. *This post may contain affiliate links.


Below are the top 5 reasons why you should  replace old windows and doors as soon as possible.




2. Avoid the Constant Noise from Outdoors

Noise pollution as we know it is a major nuisance, but you don’t have to be a victim to this at home. Replacing single-pane windows with double or triple-pane windows can help tackle this issue giving you the tranquility you seek at home.

Are Triple Glazed Windows Worth the Investment?



2. Notice Drafts?

Do you face a constant issue with drafts or air leaks? Drafts occur when windows and doors no longer fit appropriately, thus resulting in air filtration. This air filtration adds a significant jump to your annual electricity bills because air conditioners and heaters need to work harder to provide the same effect they normally would. 

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Bob Vila

Note: To check for drafts and air leaks, place a candle in front of the window. If the flame flicker or goes out, you will need to address the window problem.


3. Block Passage For Unwanted Light

If you notice light seeping through a closed window or door, via a gap/crevice, you should know trouble is imminent. For one, UV light rays can cause color fading in rugs, carpets, etc. and insects can now gain entry to your home which could leading to infestation.


The Gathered Home

4. Beautify Your Home

We all want to live in a home that is not only comfortable but beautiful too. Cracks and peeling paint on windows and doors are not only an eyesore but won’t add much resale value to your home if you consider listing your home on the market. Many homeowners know that to gain a lucrative profit from selling their home, everything should be up-to-date and picturesque. It’s a good idea to replace old windows and doors to get the best return on your investment.


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5. Have Trouble Opening, Closing and Locking Windows and Doors?

Do you face a constant problem when trying to open, close, and lock windows and doors? Can’t lock your windows and doors properly? Windows that are old and rusted cause such problems and the only solution is a replacement, especially since safety should be a priority. You just never know when opportunistic burglars may be scoping out your property. With old doors and windows the locks may be broken or it might be very easy to get locked out  with broken latches. New windows and doors with updated locks will offer you more security. Better to be locked out and have to call an emergency locksmith than have someone be able to literally walk into your home with a key and help themselves to what you own. 


How To: Open Stuck Windows in 4 Easy Steps


New windows and doors with updated locks will offer you more security.  Just remember even if you get locked out and have to call an emergency locksmith, that is better than allowing someone to walk into your home with a key and help themselves to what you own. 

Many window design professionals agree that windows normally last from 15 to 20 years. It shouldn’t be a financial set back at all if you spend money on renovating your home every two decades. If you notice that there are drafts, light seeping through the crevices of windows and doors, if the commotion from outdoors is hampering your peace at home then you might want to consider new windows. Remember that with new windows you can save significantly on your energy bills as well. If you just wish to improve the overall look of your home or if you plan to list your home on the market, then replacing your windows will certainly be a positive investment.


40 Simple Yet Sensational Repurposing Projects For Old Windows - Reuse, repurpose and upcycle old windows with these brilliantly creative projects! Round-up created by team


If you do have old chippy windows don’t toss them in the dumpster! There are tons of creative ways to upcycle them as decor or even repurpose them in your garden shed, she shed or greenhouse. *Be careful when handling old windows that may have lead paint. Use gloves and a mask and seal the chipping paint with a polycrylic sealer.


Replacing your old windows or windowed doors with more energy efficient ones? Here's a project to repurpose those old windows.source


Our house is about to turn 99 years-old, but we were fortunate that the previous owners had new windows installed about ten years ago. Right now they are in good shape and should last us a few years. Having lived in older homes previously with old windows was not cozy or cost effective so I quickly learned that the comfort, safety and financial benefits of new windows outweighed the charm of wavy old glass.



Top Five Reasons Why You Should Replace your windows and doors

If you are thinking of making some home improvement investements I hope this post has helped you think about why you should replace old windows and doors and the benefits of doing so.

Thanks so much for visiting today!


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