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Save Money By Making Your Home More Energy Efficient This Summer


Summer is coming and that means cranking up the air conditioning and quite possible higher energy bills. We would probably all rather be spending extra money on vacation or summer activities, so today I am sharing a quick post on how to make your home more energy efficient this summer which will save you money in the long run. The money you save on energy bills can be put toward a fun summer activity!


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Thermostat Control

Having a central HVAC is certainly one of benefits of living in a modern society, but heating and cooling your home is obviously using lots of energy. If you have your thermostat set high, you are certainly going to have higher bills. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on how often you turn it on and at what temperature. You can aim to use it less or to lower it to just take the chill off the rooms rather than make it feel like a sauna.

Control your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone. Click through to see the many WiFi-enabled thermostats available.

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It may also be useful to invest in a thermostat that you can control from outside the home. Some of the programmable thermostats can even be operated from an app on your phone. That means you can lower the maintain low energy temperatures throughout the day, then you can set it when you’re not in your home to come on as you get home. Of course insulation is the best way of keeping all the warmth and cool air in your home. You can add it into the walls or roofing, and it’s a great way of adding heat or keeping cool air and keeping it locked in your home properly.


Ten Easy Summer Meals That Won't Heat Up The Kitchen - grill recipes and more that won't make the house hotter than it already is and will save money on your electric bill.

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As an extra tip for keeping cool this summer, try cooking outdoors as much as possible. You won’t have to turn up the ac to cool down a hot, stuffy kitchen and you can have fun and make tasty meals at the same time!




Love the chippy sode table and the old window frame. Purple lilacs are a great way to decorate for spring! #Shabbychicdecor


Address Your Windows

While old chippy windows make charming decorative accents, old windows themselves can definitely be a source of energy loss and higher energy bills throughout the year. Most people are aware that windows and doors cause a lot of heat loss in the window if they are improperly sealed. Obviously during the winter months if you’re losing all your heat to exposed cracks in the window framing or doors that are letting in the cold from underneath, you’re wasting money. The same can be true for summer when the cooler air is escaping and the hot air is coming in. You may want to think about whether you could replace any of the windows and doors to ensure that you have the best fitted.


Need new windows? Be informed! And thanks to the FTC for such a great infographic!


Windows should be double and triple glazed and the heavier the door, the better. One that also has less of a gap between the floor is also going to minimize the heat loss. There’s plenty of choices here to upgrade your windows to a higher standard. You can go the extra mile by sealing any window cracks where the window frame may have come away slightly from the wall. Weatherstripping is good for adding around the frame of a window and silicone is good for adding to the cracks. The more cracks or gaps that you seal up the better.


Infographic: 5 Major Home Benefits of Solar Window Film | Home Decorating | Energy Efficiency | Skin Health


Installing solar window film is a great way to reduce heat and glare during the summer. This will also block harmful uv rays and save money on energy bills.


Before and After window film installation. Reduce glare, heat loss and UV damage with professionally installed window tinting for your home.




Harvest Rain Water

Most people’s water bill tends to rise during the summer due to watering the garden, cleaning off the porch and deck, and washing cars on a more regular basis. You can significantly use less water and help the environment by setting up a simple rain barrel to harvest rain water.


old crock repurposed as rain barrel


Rain barrels can also be a beautiful addition to your garden with a little creativity. Check out my post for details on setting up a rain barrel and more rain barrel inspiration.


Are you looking for a cheaper way to water your garden and yard? Click here to see 9 ways to build a DIY rain barrel for your homestead and save money and water this year! #homesteading #gardening #gardentips #emergencypreparedness

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Additional Tips

Here's an easy way to upgrade kitchen cabinets, and some striking before-and-after photos showing the kitchen cabinet refinishing results.

Home Depot Blog


Having an energy-efficient home is good for the environment, but it’s also great for the wallet. So here are some tips to make your home more energy-efficient.Every little bit of effort can make a big difference in lowering your energy bills this summer. The infographic above illustrates a several more simple changes you can make to lower your energy bills.


When the heat rises, so does our electric bill. Here are a few ways to save money on energy during the summer months while staying cool in your home! AD


Ginger Casa

Here is another great post on how to save money on energy bills this summer.


Beach This Way Signs - Beach Home Decor Design & Lifestyle IdeasBeach Bliss Designs


The more money we can save on energy bills this summer means just a little extra cash for our Beach trip in late July! I can’t wait!

I hope you have found these energy saving tips to be helpful! Thanks for visiting today!


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