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Optimizing HVAC’s for all Seasons

HVAC maintenance year round HVAC care

Hello dear readers and welcome back for another post in my Home Ownership 101 Series! Today we are discussing the importance of keeping your HVAC well maintainted year round. Your home HVAC system helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When it’s running smoothly, you don’t pay much attention to it. However, when things start to go wrong, then you have to make a decision. Do you try to fix it yourself, or do you call in a certified HVAC technician? *This post may contain affiliate and/or sponsored links

HVAC maintenance tips that will help homeowners keep their air conditioning units running efficiently.


There’s a couple of things you can try before calling the professionals. First, make sure the thermostat is set properly and turned on. Second, make sure the air filter isn’t clogged. If both of those are okay, give the professionals a call right away. To find out more, contact HVAC in Cedarburg.




Optimizing HVACs for All Seasons

The elements can create havoc for homeowners during all four seasons. Extreme temperatures year-round can result in the need for restoration of your home. You might not need to replace your HVAC any time soon, but air conditioning repair could be on your list of jobs to do. Think about what your home needs and then talk to a specialist so that you can ensure that your HVAC is working correctly. While some seasonal damage or preventative techniques will require the hand of a professional, there are a few simple tips that can help you protect your house and the systems that keep it comfortable. Discover these easy ways to protect your home during the changing seasons below.



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During the spring, your home is thawing out from the winter. Your foundation is settling, your home is adjusting to different temperatures, and the wind can damage faulty residential structure.

But aside from all of that, it’s a great time to give your HVAC unit a spring cleaning. Vacuum out your vents and the interior parts of your system, and hire a professional HVAC specialist to inspect your unit. During the off-season, most professionals reduce their HVAC costs. Unfortunately, underground issues like roots growing through your pipes can cause a main line block or sewer main break. Thoroughly check your HVAC system to avoid expensive repair costs and summer cooling emergencies.



The summer is a time to have fun, but it’s also a great time for homeowners to check off their summer HVAC checklist.If your HVAC system isn’t getting your home to the right temperature. You check the air coming out of the vents. During the summer, you expect cool air. It’s too warm. Or, in winter, you need warm air. It’s coming out too cool.


Numerous potential issues can cause this problem. Once you verify the thermostat is set properly, it’s time to call in the professionals. They have the equipment and experiences to identify the problem and recommend the best solutions. That way, you can get your home to a comfortable temperature as quickly as possible.


15 Heat-Tolerant Flowers and Plants for Your Summer Garden | Postris


The best way to get summer off to a great start is by upgrading your thermostat. Advanced technology features that come with modernized thermostats will give you the benefit of programming your temperature settings to reduce your energy costs. For example, geo-fencing technology learns when you leave your home and sets the thermostat a few degrees cooler, bringing it back up when you return. According to the EPA, “your thermostat can be set to energy-saving temperatures.” Summer is a wonderful time to spruce up your comfort levels.




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The fall season requires another kind of maintenance. For example, when the leaves pile up around your unit, they can hide critters and cause your unit to get dirty. Mold can even start to develop around the exterior of your unit in the presence of persistent wet leaves. For this reason, the fall is a great time to get a lot of technical and maintenance work done to your HVAC unit. Remember to always keep your unit free from dust and debris by raking up your leaves, cleaning out your gutters, and trimming the trees close to your home.






Winter can be the toughest time of the year for your home. Anything could go wrong during the winter. Homeowners run the risk of busted pipes, losing energy from faulty windows, a frozen HVAC unit/pipes, and excess water from melting snow. Hopefully, during the fall, you’ve had your heating unit thoroughly inspected. Winterizing your HVAC unit is one of the best ways to protect your system. Properly insulated windows with appropriate weatherstripping can help you save money. You can also turn your thermostat down a few degrees to start saving on energy bills and reduce the overload on your system.



HVAC maintenance year round HVAC care


If you have any questions about seasonal tips and hacks to protect your HVAC unit, be sure  to contact your local area heating and cooling professional today. Best of luck!


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