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How To Hide Technology In A Vintage Style Home

hide technology with creative and beautiful storage solutions

As a vintage decorator I have a major pet peeve…technology! That’s a pretty big issue considering we live in a tech based society, and I am a blogger. It’s not that I don’t like the convenience of technology, but modern tech devices and cords cluttering things up just don’t compliment vintage decor! I am on a major de-cluttering and organizing kick, so I have been looking for specific ways to organize and hide technology in a vintage style home. *This post contains affiliate links.


Living room decor ideas

Pottery Barn

I am craving a simpler, less cluttered look around the house in order to create more relaxing and happy home vibes. Organizing tech is a major goal. The good news is that there are lots of simple ways to incorporate and hide technology at the same time. With some creative design and storage, it is very easy to integrate tech into your rooms without it looking too modern and contemporary. 


First things first…

Have a clear out and de-clutter, taking a minimalist approach. You might be shocked at all the extra cords and broken device you don’t need anymore. You will also want to invest in lots of attractive baskets and bins for hiding and organizing techy things.


Rustic and Woven


Cozy cottage living room. Wall to wall bookshelves, pottery barn slipcovered sofa and weathered wood accents.

Rustic and Woven



Rectangular Storage Basket - Smith & Hawken™ - image 1 of 2

Smith Hawkin Rectangular Storage Basket

Handmade Woven Maize and Hyacinth Storage Basket,Kingwillow, (Set of 3)


Image result for messy remotes


What about all those remotes scattered everywhere? You can simply organize them in a remote control holder and conceal it inside a basket or crate on the coffee table or beside the couch. This works great if you are are always losing the remote down in the cushions like our family does!


The easiest way to organize your remote controls - Ask Anna

Ask Anna Mosely

You might also want to keep an eye out for old curios and wardrobes at yard sales and thrift shops that can be used to conceal technology and organize junk.


Marais Media Armoire


Hide The T.V.

Nothing will distract from a collection of vintage antiques and cottage style decor like a big modern television! Barn doors are all the rage these days, and they are great for hiding the t.v. and other electronics.

Pin for Later: Fixer Upper Fans Have a New Website to Be Addicted To Because she created sliding barn doors to hide her TV

Liz Marie Blog



Rustic Farmhouse Fireplace in White, Brick & Rustic Wood #WoodBenchIdeas



Of course you can also repurpose vintage cabinets or clothing armoires with doors as entertainment centers.

Hooker Shabby Chic Computer Desk with Optional TV Hutch



great room fireplaces with covered tv | The Well Hidden TV: Clever Disguises for That Big Black Box!


You can even conceal a t.v. above the fireplace by installing cabinet style doors with hinges. Stunning!


Hide & Seek TV Screen - Blue Egg Brown Nest has built a Hide & Seek TV Screen. Put the TV above the fireplace, but did not want to see it. She refinished individual frames, found vintage postcards and had husband fasten them together to create a screen to open & close.


This creative folding screen with pictures is such a great idea too. So beautiful!



Create A Home Office

There will be some rooms in which you won’t need any tech. For instance, we all know that bedrooms really shouldn’t have any TVs, computers, or mobile tablet devices as they have been proven to reduce the quality of your sleep. If you would rather keep all of your laptops, TVs, and other devices out of the majority of your rooms, you could put them all into a home office.

Home Office Organizer Tips For DIY Home Office Organizing


Creating a dedicated home office will give you somewhere where you can store your contemporary belongings out of the way of your vintage rooms.


Add Plenty Of Storage

Don’t have the space for a home office in your house? No problem; you just need to add plenty of storage to your rooms. That way, you can easily organize your laptops and mobile devices when you aren’t using them. When they are out of sight they won’t infringe on your vintage design at all, as they do when they are left out on coffee tables and dining room tables. 

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Mustard Seed Interiors

Basket and crates are perfect for corraling lap tops and other small techie gadgets. Marilyn at Mustard Seed Interiors shared a fabulous blog post on how to “Hide Ugly Office Stuff” so be sure to check it out.


Use Vintage Tech Items

Of course, there are some vintage tech pieces that you could add to your rooms. These will be period pieces, so they won’t look too out of place surrounded by vintage decor. They are so much fun too! For instance, you could install a vintage telephone, or instead of using a modern sound system, you might choose to use a record player. That way you can keep up the happy home vibes by listening to some cool retro vinyl instead of having modern sound equipment or tech streaming devices on display.

I really like the vintage looking record player. I'd pay bucks for one, and a collection of vinyls.



Vintage Crosley record player vinyl boho chic



Go Wireless

Ideally, you need to minimize the number of wires and cables that are in your home. Obviously, these aren’t vintage features and just look messy. For instance, when it comes to the internet, make the switch to wireless broadband instead of a cabled connection.

Go From A Hot Mess To Clean // How To Hide Your Desk Cords



Hide Any Wires You Can’t Do Without

Of course, there will be some wires that you won’t be able to get rid of completely. But that doesn’t mean that they need to be visible in your rooms. There are plenty of ways you can hide them. If it is possible, you can run them behind large pieces of furniture, such as your sofa.

Clever ways to combat clutter all year-round More


This will also prevent anyone from tripping up over them by accident. You might also want to try making a DIY baseboard. Ideally, leave a small gap between the baseboard and the skirting board so that you can run your cables and wires in between them. Use cord clips when possible to tidy things up.


Creative Ideas: Hide wires with decorative trunking / raceways



You can also purchase decorative storage boxes to hide wires and cables. You will just need to create a small hole in the back of the boxes so that the cables can run in and out of the boxes to the electric source.


This image gives me inspiration in making my product more convenient to use. These holes for chargers and even for USB's are a great idea to help my client keep his things tidy while using my product. It's quite a clever idea and it's also easy to do. My client agrees that having these holes will make the product a lot more useful.


Decorative Faux Wood Storage Box With Lid


As you can see, all of your home tech doesn’t have to distract from the beauty of a vintage-inspired home. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can have the best of both vintage style and modern tech conveniences. Do you have any other tips for hiding technology in your home? I love hearing from you!


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