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How To Build A Home That’s Both Greener & Happier


Creating an eco-friendly home is a goal currently shared by millions of homeowners. However, your desire to protect the planet should not compromise your enjoyment of the property.  

Greener home surroundings will help set the tone for an ethical lifestyle. Here’s how you can improve yours with projects that will actively create a more appealing home setting.


LED lighting doesn’t only significantly reduce energy usage and leave you with bulbs that last longer. It also opens up the door to more versatile lighting solutions. Different colors, patterns, and brightnesses are all available.


Likewise, you can have multiple lighting applications throughout the home. Recessed lighting, for example, can give an entirely different vibe to bayonet bulbs with lampshades. With a little creativity, you’ll set the perfect tone in each room. 


Be More Selective With Material Choices

The most effective eco-friendly mindset shift is to work with sustainable materials. Opting for stone, wood, and other natural solutions for your home decor choices will work wonders. Likewise, furniture choices should be made with this in mind.


When thinking about going green, spending more time in the garden is another popular choice. Eco-friendly shed bases and construction materials will make a huge difference. Meanwhile, planting flowers will improve the vibe and environmental aspects.

Selecting natural materials will bring the added benefit of creating a consistent look in and outside the home. You regularly find that the products are more durable, which saves money in the long run, and they create a timeless appeal.


Keep It Clean & Minimalis

An uncluttered home can make it greener. You’ll use fewer products in the property while you should also find it easier to circulate heat and air. When combined with simplified cleaning, you should find that the home feels comfier and happier too.


A thorough decluttering session should get the transformation off to a perfect start. Following this, you could use ideas like going paperless to go green and save more space. Paperwork and home entertainment features can both be modernised in this way.


You should also use this as your signal to start using eco-friendly cleaners. It’s also a great moment to commit to changing air filters more frequently. Aside from ensuring that your systems use less energy, it will enhance the air quality.


Learn To Repair & Upcycle

 The satisfaction that comes from fixing a problem or upgrading an item with personal touches often goes unnoticed. 

Whether it’s fixing a basic plumbing leak or turning old toys into decor for your child’s bedroom doesn’t matter. There are plenty of guides online that will teach valuable skills. When combined with a little creative flair, you can achieve truly incredible results.

Better still, the knowledge that you know how to complete DIY upgrades and fixes without relying on others will fill you with happiness. The fact that it breathes new life into old items to reduce your carbon footprint is a bonus.


Sanitize Your Home Using DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners

Lastly, Don’t forget to switch to all-natural and non-toxic cleaning products! This is one of the most important things you can do for your family and the environment.


Good luck with creating a greeier, happier and healthier home!

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