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How To Make A Large Living Room Feel Cozy

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Large, older and historic homes have so much charm, but sometimes the things people love about them can be the most difficult to enjoy. For example, when we purchased our home I loved the fact that our living room had tall ceilings and lots of space, but I have had the hardest time trying to decorate it! It took me forever to make it feel cozy. I finally realized it the problem was that the room was elongated and I had never decorated a space quite like it. After four years I am finally getting the hang of what the room needs. Here are some tips  I have found for for making a large living room feel cozy. *This post contains affiliate links.

Choose The Right Furniture

While you don’t want to clutter up a space to achieve coziness, you do want to have enough furniture to fill the space.  You also want to use a variety of textiles as visual “layers.” If you love leather as much as our family does, (easy to take care of and lasts forever) consider adding in some slip covered or skirted chairs or maybe a love seat as well. The easy, carefree cottage style of flowing fabric will instantly create a cozy vibe.


Modern farmhouse living room decor ideas (18)




One of the most positive things about having a large living room to work with is literally the fact that it’s large! Bring the outdoors in to add style and calm coziness to a large space, especially if you choose to decorate with a predominately white pallet. You can add tall potted plants to fill the vertical height of a room and to act as an accent in an empty space. Fiddle leaf figs and olive trees are great choices.



 Paint can do wonders for making a larger room feel cozier and warmer. Warm neutrals are always a good idea. You might even consider a two-tonal, painting technique.

two tone paint with chair rail in master bedroom - Google Search


This can draw the eye downward if you have particularly high ceilings. Warm tones and neutrals really cozy up a space. If you are set on white, be sure that you use lots of pillows, throws, area rugs and warm lighting to create a cozy ambiance. 

Home colour schemes. A little colour in your life reflects your personality and lifts your mood, so why not chose one of these living room colour schemes? While it's true that neutral room schemes provide a blank canvas, there's a lot to be said for introducing colour.


Divide and Conquer

If you have a living room that is a strange shape or particularly elongated, consider creating a partition with some type of room divider. You can even use a furniture piece such as an extra sofa or even a daybed as a room divider, creating extra seating space and two entirely separate seating areas while keeping the room open.

Sitting area (open kitchen/dining/sitting room): 1. old washpans on the wall. 2. old dresser as sofa table. 3. contrast of both painted and stained furniture. {the vintage wren}:: leaving our nest


Living Room - Bless This Nest Farmhouse decor. Chippy Window as a room divider


Don’t forget the possibility of using salvage items such as windows and doors to add vintage charm and style while dividing up the space and creating cozier defined areas.


Room divider


Creating Conversation

 A large living space doesn’t allow for much intimacy when it comes to conversation or informal meals. Creating an area of the room that is just designated for talking with family and friends will instantly make a larger room feel cozier. If you have a fireplace, arrange chairs and sofas close together around the fireplace instead of spread out all over the room.


60 amazing farmhouse style living room design ideas (36) cozy furniture arrangments


Contemporary Living Room with Paint, Chandelier, Built-in bookshelf, Fireplace, picture window, Exposed beam, stone fireplace


A fireplace can make even the largest of rooms feel cozy if the furniture is arranged around the fireplace and close enough for conversation. No one wants to yell across the room when talking! To create the coziest spot in the house, place a bean bag or poof from right in front of the fireplace. 


OH my need this in front of the fireplace! Faux Fur Beanbag - Long Shaggy


If you are dealing with a particularly large room, then hanging a beautiful light fixture or a Huge overhanging feature lamps can really center the area and define the space around the fireplace or other conversational area.  Be sure to add a beautiful area rug for warmth and beauty, and don’t forget lots of throw pillows and blankets!

Large living room with two story windows, gorgeous lighting, large area rug, stone fireplace | Clay Construction Inc. #Largelivingrooms


Neutral living room accessories throw pillows blanket cozy style

Comfort Spaces – Ruched Faux Fur Throw 50″ x 60″ with 2 Square Pillow Covers 20″ x 20″

Tall and airy lounge spaces can be tricky, even if the “charm” of high ceilings and large rooms are what you loved about your home to begin with.  Making a large room comfortable is really all in the décor. The arrangement of furniture and the right kinds of accessories can make even the largest of rooms feel homey and warm.  By following these simple tips here today you can cozy up a large space in no time. Well, it might take some time, but you’ll get there!


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