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Home Ownership 101: Indoor Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs

Is Your Sewer Line in Need of an Inspection? Here are 5 Signs to Watch out For

Hello and welcome back to another post in my Home Ownership 101 series. Today I am sharing info about one of the less desireable, but necessary aspects of home maintenance…plumbing. It is never a good idea to just forget about your home’s drainage and sewer system until a plumbing emergency happens. Wh A sewer system that is in good working condition is essential to the health and safety of a home. Finding potential drainage problems and having them repaired early can save the family money and inconvenience. *This post contains affiliate/sponsored links.



Do You Need Sewer Line Insurance?



Who Should Homeowners Call for Septic and Plumbing Inspections?

A homeowner can call a trusted local plumbing company or a septic and sewer specialist to have the system inspected and a repair plan devised. Homeowners in the Maplewood area can find help at Maplewood Plumbing. Search online at Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor for companies in the area the home is located in for more plumbing and septic companies to contact. There are also service rating companies to check out. The company chosen should be licensed, insured, and bonded. They should offer a free on-location estimate for services. The company should have the latest equipment for drain pipe and sewer line inspections such as cameras to insert in the lines.


Signs of Plumbing Trouble



When the home is 20 years old or more its sewer lines should be inspected periodically. Even newer homes need repairs. 5 signs of trouble with the sewer line include:

  1. Bad odors coming up from the drains or toilets and discolored pipes or joints. Pipes and joints that look rust-colored are a sign of a slow water leak. Bad odors might mean problems with the plumbing system trap or vent lines. These odors can be harmful and this must be adressed quickly. 
  2. The water bill suddenly increases without the family using more water. This higher water bill means the system has a large leak somewhere that must be found and repaired. A leaking toilet can use a lot of extra water and is not hard to repair.
  3. Slow draining sink, bathtub, shower, or toilets and low levels of water. Low water levels or weak water flow means a problem in the water distribution end of the plumbing system. This could be a broken water heater of a leak in a supply pipe. Slow draining of sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers could mean a clog in the drain that can be easily removed. But, if all the drains are slow, there could be a problem further in the system such as blockage by tree roots in the sewer pipes.


It can be disconcerting when the toilet bubbles as you are draining the bathtub. It can also indicate a bigger plumbing issue.


  1. Water back up, overflowing toilets, and clogged drains are a sign that the plumber needs to be called right away. This is an advanced plumbing problem.
  2. A septic tank overflow in the yard. When there is a bright green patch over the sewer line or septic system it means there is an overflow or bad leak that is going into the surface soil. This is another sign that must be acted on promptly as that raw sewage can cause health issues.


Water Heater Issues

One way to ensure hot water is to install boiler feed pumps to your home. A boiler feed pump transports water using high pressure into a boiler system. With the convenience of the pump, hot water can be promised for all your showering needs

The boiler system plays a partnership with the boiler feed pumps. In other words, the water heater. Every home has this; this is how you have access to hot water. In case you didn’t know, water heaters need to be replaced about every ten years. On another note, don’t change the water heater yourself. They are very heavy and can cause injury. You can either get some help replacing it if you have the experience yourself or request professional assistance.


Plumbing Leaks

Water damage is a very costly mistake. It can easily jeopardise the entire foundation if you are not careful. You will need to make sure that you have some good waterproofing techniques if you want to fix this issue, as well as the foundation structure. Often times the basement floor or foundation may be affected, so you might want to consider a professional concrete repair if you notice any problems.


What Causes Sewer and Drainage Problems?

Some of the sewer line problems are caused by improper use by the homeowner such as dumping the wrong things down drains and toilets. This can include grease and bones, plastic items, and paper items not meant to go into the sewer system. It can mean bathroom refuse such as disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, tissues, and face wipes. The homeowner can let human hair and makeup or soap build up in the drains. Children can flush toys and other items down the toilet.

Are you a new homeowner with no idea of standard household maintenance and repairs? We're not judging--it can be a lot to take on! You may run across problems with your air conditioning and weird electrical problems, but more than likely, the first issue you will face will be concerning your plumbing. We're going to [...] The post Plumbing Basics 101: A List of the Most Common Plumbing Problems appeared first on Handyman tips.


Other sewer line problem causes include substandard or very old drain pipes breaking down, tree roots invading the pipes, and heavy equipment might have been driven over the buried pipes compressing them. Rust and other degradation might have built up decreasing the water flow in pipes and seams in pipes could have failed.


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Well dear readers, I sincerely hope you never face plumbing issues, but at least this article may give you a heads up to look for warning signs so that you can address any issues before they get out of hand. 

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