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Home Ownership 101: 7 Factors That Determine the Cost of Waterproofing

Hello and welcome back to another post in my Home Ownership 101 series. With all the extra spring rain it’s important to check your basement for leaks or to tackle any basment waterproofing projects you may have been putting off. Waterproofing a basement or crawlspace is an important project for homeowners. The process is often considered expensive, so it is not explored until there is a leak or drainage problem. At that point, the costs will be higher. Getting this work done before a problem presents itself will save money, time, and structural damage to the house. *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


Waterproof your basement without spending a fortune!


Since a house is the largest investment most people make in their lifetimes, ensuring the foundation and beams are strong is critical. Knowing when to call a professional for an assessment and quote allows homeowners to make informed decisions and create a realistic budget. The options are vast, so begin your search with help from

Warning Signs 

The causes of poor foundations can be the result of poor soil, erosion, storms and weather damage. Issue’s can also arise from incorrect footings built at the time of the property foundations. If you’re feeling a little stressed and unsure, it may be useful to view this to learn more about poor foundations.

Those who choose not to waterproof as a preventative measure need to know the warning signs of an issue. These signs range from subtle to obvious. An increase in allergy or asthma symptoms, for example, can be caused by poor air quality or mold growing in the basement. A musty odor or a squeaky floorboard is often mistaken as just an old house smell or the house settling.


Waterproofing Basement Walls with DRYLOK Paint

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Excessive moisture or condensation on the walls indicates a crack is letting water in somewhere. Wood rot is a noticeable and serious warning sign that waterproofing is required. Sagging floors need to be addressed quickly because they are a safety hazard that means severe damage has occurred.


8 Best Dehumidifier Reviews: Enjoy Clean, Fresh, and Safe Breathable Air

Morning Chores

A dehumidifier can work wonders for reducing moisture in your basement, thus prevent mold and mildew.


The location and source of the problem contribute to the cost. Cracks on the floor and walls of the basement are not expensive to fix. A leak in the foundation adds to the cost because digging is most likely to be a component of repairs. Damage that begins where the floor support and wall beams meet will be higher in cost due to reinforcements. The causes of poor foundations can be the result of poor soil, erosion, storms and weather damage. Issues can also arise from incorrect footings built at the time of the property foundations. 


waterproof foundation cracks

Two Feet First

For more inforation on how to address this issue, take a look at this article: Foundation Repair – Fixing your home’s foundation problems.


Amount of Damage and Accessibility

Any damage must be repaired prior to waterproofing. A small amount of damage will not incur much cost. Major damage that leads to a new drainage system or braces for all the basement walls will be expensive.

Accessibility to the damaged area is another factor. Working in the interior of the house is cheaper than fixing the problem from the outside. Excavation equipment, the depth of the foundation, and the time taken to create walkways leading to the appropriate area drives up the total waterproofing cost.

Age and Size

Houses built recently will have the benefit of the latest materials and technology available to prevent moisture from entering the basement. Older ones are more susceptible to cracks and moisture from the soil. Erosion is also an element effecting houses that were built decades ago. Size is a significant factor as it is less time consuming to waterproof a crawlspace or small basement.


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If you are a lover of old, historic homes and plan to  buy and renovate one in the future, just be sure to have the basement inspected by a liscened professional before making a purchase.


Materials Used

There are several options for materials and systems used in the waterproofing process. A sump pump is common to remove water from the basement but must be in conjunction with thick sheeting for encapsulation. An advanced system that includes primary and secondary means of controlling moisture and water will cost more at installation but is more cost-effective as the years go by.

Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance Too

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The Budget

People who experience budget constraints will want to investigate the feasibility of preemptive waterproofing to avoid adding on repair costs. Homeowners who wish to pay for the project outright will need to plan on a budget. Obtaining an initial free quote is helpful in these cases.Whatever the waterproofing costs are for your basement, they will be lower than the costs of structural damage to the home. Take time to inspect the space and look for warning signs before it is too late.


Best of luck in keeping your basement clean and dry. Thanks for visiting today!


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