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3 “Boring” DIYs That Will Pay Off In the Long Run

Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my home improvment and DIY series. Do you have a home t0-do list a mile long? Have you been putting off some home improvement tasks that just aren’t fun? According to one study, 32% of homeowners have been procrastinating on at least one home improvement project for 12 months or longer. However, many might not be putting off the project due to costs, but rather a lack of motivation simply because it’s just not interesting or fun to do.


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On the other hand, in additiont o simply keeping your home looking fresh and new, finishing the job can pay off in the grand scheme of things. From lower maintenance to reduced costs in the future, here are three stereotypically “boring” home DIYs that are well worth the effort. 


Tiling your floors

Tiling your floors certainly isn’t always an interesting project, though there are a myriad of benefits that come along with doing so. For example, tile is known for being more durable and longer lasting than it’s alternatives, and also tend to be easier to clean. As an added bonus, today’s tiled floors are extremely stylish, and tiled flooring can work with a wide variety of interior design styles.


Whether you’re thinking about building a mudroom, or just making a few upgrades, these tips will have you and your family feeling ready for whatever weather comes your way. Mudroom Design; Mudroom Decor; How to build a mudroom; mudroom hooks, mudroom runners, mudroom accessories



Additionally, tiles are considered to be a low maintenance option since you can replace them one by one should you need to, instead of having to do the entire floor at once (which can also make future repairs less costly). For such reasons, tile presents as a popular choice for high-traffic rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, though can be used anywhere. 


Denim Hexagon Tile | Blue Honeycomb Ceramic Tile – Mercury Mosaics #Bathroomfloor


However, the job can become very stressful and difficult in the event that your floors are uneven, making it imperative that you prepare accordingly. Taking steps such as checking where the peaks and valleys lie on the floor, as well as correcting the issue by using a self-leveling compound can help, says tile experts at Atlas Ceramics.  


Love this entryway/mudroom space with a beautiful door. #door #doorenvy #entryway #mudroom


The pros of landscaping

Landscaping oftentimes involves labor intensive work that can make it tedious and boring. However, there are a number of landscaping DIYs you can do that makes them well worth the effort. For example, making low-maintenance upgrades, such as choosing plants that involve little to no upkeep can be a good way to start — like evergreen bushes or ornamental grass.


Similarly, other low-maintenance changes could include the use of lava rock or mulch in flower beds, astroturf (faux grass), or even by implementing a stone patio, all of which can eliminate (or significantly reduce) upkeep such as regular watering or weed pulling in the long run, while still ensuring that you have a visually pleasing landscape.




Interior painting

Interior painting is another DIY project that is sure to spruce up your home, though is well regarded for being time consuming, tedious work that can be inconvenient — especially if you’re living in the house while you’re painting.


Before and After Dining Room

Finding Silver Pennies

Neverthless, such an inconvenient and boring project can do a lot for your home in terms of brightening a room and completely transform any space.




These steps are SO easy to follow! LOVE the extra tips for quickly transforming a room on the cheap! 5 Easy Steps for Painting a Room: Tips from a Paint Addict |



In addition to visual benefits, painting a room can also help to repel dust, dirt, and other allergens from your walls. Plus, it can even help to increase the value of your home, making it a great option for those who may plan on selling later on.


In conclusion, DIY projects around the home are an excellent way to improve and change any space, whether it be the lawn, bathroom, or any other space in your home. However, it’s important to realize that even the most mundane projects can pay off in the long run when it comes to maintenance and visual aesthetics. Who knows, once you start on a project you have been putting off, you might even find that you enjoy the work after all! It will certainly a good feeling to know that you can increase your home’s value with a  little bit of hard work!


Are there any DIY’s are going on around your home and garden? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


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