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Five Simple DIY Improvements For Gardens and Outdoor Entertaining Areas



Spring is here and that means it’s time to dress up the exteriors of our homes with fresh flowers and a well-maintained landscape. While we often put a lot of time and effort into the interior design of our home, sometimes the garden and exteriors can tend to become a bit neglected, and this is especially true over the long winter months. Undertaking outdoor improvements can seem daunting and time-consuming task, however, this does not have to be the case.*This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links. Today I am sharing some simple and quick DIY improvements for gardens and outdoor entertaining areas that will boost the curb appeal of your home and garden just in time for spring.


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1. Treat, Stain, or Paint Your Deck and Fence

If you have any wood in your garden or entertaining areas, it can be one of the first things that can quickly start to look rough. Any kind of wood outdoors, whether it be a fence, shed or decking, requires maintenance to keep it looking great so this is what you should look to tackle right away.


Reveal : Our Fence - 1 year later - Deuce Cities Henhouse


Deuce Cities Henhouse


Treat or stain your fence to ensure that it appears in tip top condition. You can even opt for a bright, bold and fun color if you want to make a stylish design statement.


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2. Increase Storage Space

One of the easiest ways that you can improve the look of your garden is to clear the clutter and to do this you may need to invest in some extra storage space. Sheds are not only functional, they can be beautiful as well.


Fall Potting Shed...This bold little potting shed gets a full themed costume every season! For fall, planters of mums and pumpkins galore line its mini porch. Could you imagine a better spot to inspire your green-thumb?

via Country Living Mag 

As just previously mentioned, wood sheds can require upkeep and routine maintainence, so if you are looking for another easier option then why not opt for a steel building? Steel buildings and sheds are a simple DIY project that you can order online and then set up within the day.


Arrow Newburgh 6 ft. x 5 ft. Steel Storage Shed | The Home Depot Canada

Steel buildings can last up to 20 years and require little maintenance, making them the perfect option for many garden owners. Of course you can dress up your outdoor building with lots of cute landscaping and pumpkins in the fall!


3. Give Outdoor Furniture A Makeover

Is your garden furniture starting to look a little worn? Garden furniture can be extremely expensive and so a good idea it to see if you can salvage it with some easy upcycling. Instead of just throwing away your old garden furniture, why not give it a quick spray paint?


Refreshing outdoor plastic furniture with spray paint - and a tip for an easy spray paint booth



Krylon K02422007 ‘Fusion for Plastic’ 

This won’t take very long and will instantly add some life back into your garden space. You can then buy or make some lovely new cushions or pillow for your furniture to make it feel like new again!

Pillow Perfect Outdoor Pom Pom Play Peachtini Throw Pillow, 18.5-Inch, Set of 2


4. Dress Up The  Lawn and Garden 

As long as you know a few gardening basics you can keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful (even if you have a black thumb!) In addition to planting easy to grow flowers and herbs in pots around your porch or deck, there are so many beautiful decorative accessories for the lawn and garden. Urns, pots, trellises, bird baths and bird houses all add visual interest and cottage charm.

Lovely shaded area with bird bath


If you are looking for a fun and simple garden DIY project that you can do with the kids, a good option is to install a bird box. Bird boxes and bird houses don’t take long to install and this will attract lots more nature to your garden which the children are sure to love too!

Stop by to see our fall patio and see even more beautiful outdoor spaces from my friends! #fall #falldecor #falloutdoors #fallpatio - garden shed wheat wreath and bird house


Of course, simply keeping your lawn lush and manicured can go a long way toward beautifying your home and surrounding gardens. You don’t have to rely on toxic chemicals either! Try an organic fertilizer or even Epsom salts.


Is It Time to Replant the Lawn?

Grass should be green – any other color indicates that you have a problem. A few patches of brown or yellow grass isn’t something to be too concerned with. You can easily bring some greenery back into these small patches. However, when the entirety of your lawn has completely changed color, that’s a sign it’s damaged beyond repair. This commonly happens when your lawn isn’t well-suited to heat.


8 Spring Lawn Care Tips: The Essential Guide for Beginners

The Daily Gardener

Some types of grass are like this, so it’s worth getting something like zoysia grass sod for your new lawn instead. This particular type of grass is shown to handle heat really well, and it can live through droughts quite effectively too. So, this should ensure you don’t end up with a field of straw again in the future.

Bald spots or patches can appear on your lawn all the time. Typically, this can come about from poor mowing technique or a lack of water. Again, as with brown patches, bald patches can be dealt with if they’re rare. A few patches here and there aren’t things to worry about too much as you can rectify the situation. The issue is when there are more bald spots than there is grass. This shows your lawn has drifted off into unsalvagable territory. As such, you’ll need to plant a new one. 



How often should you put epsom salt on tomatoes and other plants? Does epsom salt kill plants? These common gardening questions answered and more! #gardeningtips #garden #gardening #growingtomatoes #creativehomemaking



A sprinkler system can also help with keeping your lawn lush and green. A good system should last for years and can be worth the investment. If anything happens to go wrong with your sprinkler, make sure to contact sprinkler repair to have problems rectified as soon as possible. This will minimize the damage to your grass, so the sooner the better.




5. Add A Pergola, Gazebo or Canopy

While it would be amazing to have lovely garden weather all year round in, we all know that we have to be prepared for rain or sweltering heat, even during the fall months. A simple and quick option is to use a canopy. You can purchase a pre-fab pergola with a canopy top or even make a DIY canvas canopy.

Sunjoy 10′ X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo



Easy DIY Canvas Shade Sails



There always seems to be so much to do when it comes to keeping the exteriors of our homes and gardens looking great, but these five simple tips for sprucing up the garden can be a great place to start. I am hoping to get our deck pressure washed and some clutter cleared away this weekend, and maybe put out a few mums in pots to dress it up. How are your outdoor entertaining areas and gardens looking this time of year? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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