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Home Ownership 101: Issues With Mold In Cavity Wall Insulation


Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Home Ownership 101 Series! It’s winter, but instead of beautiful, glistening snow, we have had rain, rain and more rain in our region for months! Having dealt with mold problems in the past and suffering from Mold Biotoxin Illness as a result, I am vigilant about keeping my eyes (and nose) open for any signs of mildew or mold. With all the snow and rain in winter which carries right on into spring, there is always a chance for leakage in basements and cavity walls throughout the wet months. Mold cannot be ignored, and prevention is the best cure! *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.


Mold in the wall cavity from a water leak in the adjacent townhome

(Mold in the wall cavity from a water leak in the adjacent town home) source


While most people are aware to check around the foundation of basements, crawl spaces, under sinks and around the shower, sometimes mold can be missed altogether because it is inside the wall in the insulation. Cavity wall insulation problems are rife despite many believing that it’s one of the best methods of insulating your home. While its sole purpose is to stop the cold air, rain and snow from getting into the home and to prevent the warm air from escaping into the atmosphere, there are numerous issues – although the majority of the problems seem to stem from poor installation methods by people who have attempted to do it themselves or, worse still, by people claiming to be professionals.


(Moldy stud cavities) source


First and foremost, if you have a leaky roof, take care of this right away by hiring a roofing contractor before you proceed with insulation. Damp problems are among the most common issues that can arise when the job isn’t done properly. For instance, the insulation has the potential to rot away whole walls and floors causing them to collapse and the process of rebuilding the walls or floors will be substantially higher than the initial cost of insulating the home. The biggest issue that leads to problems with insulation – of all forms, not just cavity wall insulation – is that people trust ‘experts’ to do the job for them and they haven’t done their own research. 

Kitchen Extension - exterior cavity wall insulation

(Cavity Wall Insulation) source


While experts will tell you that cavity wall insulation is one of the best ways of keeping your homes warm, unfortunately damp is a common issue. This can lead to mold and the need for a mold remediation contractor. One of the most common cavity wall insulation problems occurs when it is incorrectly installed.


Why to Always Choose Professional Cavity Wall Insulation Installers
Some DIY projects are incredibly simple, especially if you are confident in your own abilities. Others are slightly more complicated and should only be done by professionals. One such example is with cavity wall insulation installers who have been trained to install this form of insulation correctly using the right materials for the job. The very best installers might be cavity wall insulation installers or DIY enthusiasts, but the difference is that they’ve been trained in this process so that you get your money’s worth from the job and you don’t have to spend money trying to do it yourself, then again getting a professional to finish it (or repair what you’ve tried yourself, which can be even more expensive!) The problem with cavity wall insulation is that it is such a specialist project that equipment is required that meets certain industry standards and expectations that the everyday DIY enthusiast just can’t get their hands on.


How #Mold is Affecting the Public

While DIY might be a strong point, compromising the structure of the home is not something you should attempt on your own no matter how much you believe in your own ability so those with all of the equipment, expertise and experience should be tasked with removing any insulation. You can also risk permanent health damage to yourself and family members if mold remidiation isn’t handled properly.  For more information on Mold Biotoxin Illness read here.


When it comes to toxic mold, we assume there are respiratory issues, but these symptoms of toxic mold exposure may surprise you!via It Takes Time


Well dear friends, I am happy that we have not had to deal with much mold at all in our yellow brick home, although the outdoor molds have been an issue. I am highly allergic to indoor and outdoor molds so I am vigilant about mold avoidance, detection and prevention. If you suspect mold anywhere in your home, be sure to do lots of research on the best methods of remediation and hire a reputable professional company. Hopefully you will never encounter mold issues, but it is always good to be aware of what to look for. Click here to read about how you can identify signs that will help you know if you need a mold inspection. 


Mold damaged my health, so I can’t stress enough the importance of being vigilant when avoiding and fighting mold.

Tfor stopping by today! I pray that your life, health and home is completely mold free dear friends!


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