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Five Easy Ways To Embrace Luxurious Summer Living

How to embrace luxurious summer living


Summer is here and that means it’s time to relax, unwind, and enjoy a little bit of luxurious summer living. If you browse Pinterest or look through any interiors magazine this time of year, you will certainly find rooms and outdoor spaces and vacation destinations that will leave you “ooh-ing and ah-ing!”


While attaining the luxurious and extravagant style of some of these homes, gardens and resorts may be a little out of reach for most homeowners, embracing luxurious summer living is really easy to do! Here are five easy ways to embrace luxurious summer living.*This post contains affiliate links.

1. Luxurious Summer Living:  Create Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to creating luxury outdoors, nothing could be more simple than a front porch, deck or patio that is outfitted with comfortable furnishings with plush pillows and tables for drinks and snacks.

10 Stylish Comfortable and Enduring Outdoor Patio Furniture



35+ Beautiful Front Porch Ideas


An oversized porch swing, swing bed, or hammock stuffed with comfy cushions and pillows is the perfect spot for relaxing with a good book and a glass of cold iced tea, or enjoying the simple summer luxury of a midday nap!


Farmhouse style is cozy and cute. It is perfect for families as it creates a wonderful atmosphere such as in your living room. A living room that is a family room is creates for spend the time together with your family and folks, so let's turn it into a paradise of coziness. Wooden ceiling beams, rustic shabby chic furniture, stone and natural wood in Decorationation and an awesome stone fire pla... *** See this great article #HomeDecoration

Unskinny Bop

For more ideas on creating chic and glamprous outdoor living spaces, check out my recent post:

Chic and Glamorous Outdoor Living Spaces

Chic and Glamorous Outdoor Living Spaces


2. Luxurious Summer Living: Al Fresco Dining Ideas

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of summer Al fresco dining by setting up a luxurious tablescape anywhere on your property. Whether you use your front porch, patio, deck, or simply set up a picnic table in your yard, the luxury is all in the details. Use beautiful dishes, stemware, candles and table linens to create a truly luxurious and memorable dining experience.

Bohemian Elegance Meets Fig and Flora #eventdesign #weddingtable #fallwedding



Al fresco dining



Why this space works. Wicker chairs, texture of the greenery, the use of black, white and cement create a formal yet natural elegance. Win win



3. Luxurious Summer Living: It’s Pool Time!

It’s just wouldn’t be summer without some time spent in the pool! If you have always dreamed of having your own pool but the price or installation seemed overwhelming, then a fiberglass pool may be an option for you. Fiberglass pools last for years, add value to your property and certainly create that luxurious summer living vibe we all crave! 


Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools and Spas | Custom


There are so many beautiful and affordable fiberglass pool options on the market today and they are relatively easy to install. Using landscaping stones and the right pool side furniture and accessories, you can create your own luxurious summer backyard oasis.

Freeform Fiberglass Pool with Raised Spa Sheer Descents and Bubblers


The addition of a jacuzzi is even more luxurious!

Enter a Piece of The Haven in Your Home- 20 Divine Outdoor Jacuzzi Designs



4. Luxurious Summer Living: Grill Out In Style

Find out the best and awesome outdoor kitchen design plans, kits & ideas for your dream home


Summertime means delicious food hot off the grill and the extra luxury of time spent outdoors eating and socializing with family and friends. You can create a stunning outdoor kitchen relatively easily with some creative DIY hacks, or purchase outdoor kitchen kits from your local hardware store or online.


How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen Thinking of ways to enhance your backyard? Then build an outdoor kitchen! This is not an over-the-weekend project… it’s going to take a couple of hard weekends to complete. But we’re sure it will be worth the effort.



5. Luxurious Summer Living: Enjoy The Beauty of Fresh Flowers

French Country Cottage

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add a luxurious summer look to the home is to always have fresh cut flowers and bouquets on display.

Lush Pink Blooms in a Milk Holder


If you grown your own roses or cutting garden, you can have an endless supply of flowers all summer!


Learn how to grow your own cut flower garden! Make your own beautiful flower arrangements at home all summer long. An inexpensive way to decorate!Setting For Four


I don’t know about you, but after a nearly non-existent spring full of cold, rainy weather, I am ready to embrace all the little luxuries of summer. How are you planning to embrace luxurious summer living? Any special luxurious vacation destinations on the calendar? I love hearing from you!

Happy summer!
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