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Crushing on Cremone Bolts

cremone bolts kitchen cabinet

Add vintage style and character to cabinets, doors, and furniture with beautiful cremone bolts.


When it comes to historic homes and buildings, it’s the architecture and hardware that most of us are crazy about! Over the years as I “studied” French and vintage decor in interior design books and magazines, I started noticing interesting cremone bolt hardware on windows, cabinets and furniture and I knew I wanted to incorporate them somewhere in our 100 year-old home.  For inspiration, I did some research on cremone bolts and found some beautiful images of how cremone bolts have been used historically as well as how they are making a comeback in decor.

Crushing on Cremone Bolts

Window Detail More

This Photographer’s Life

A cremone bolt is type of decorative hardware used to lock or clasp together a pair of windows or cabinet doors. 


Ah, les vieilles fenêtres des maisons et appartements français... Quel bonheur de les ouvrir le matin !


Antique and/or reproduction cremone bolts are commonly made of brass, copper or iron. Often times they have been painted over the years.


Decor Pad

Sometimes only one cremone bolt is used on one single window or door which fastens to a traditional lock on the adjacent window when closed. More  commonly, two cremone bolts are positioned to meet up side by side when both doors or windows are closed.




green and white dining room with seagrass rug and white Chippendale style dining chairs, crystal chandelier and white walls. Love the cremone bolts on the French doors too!



A great way to mix metals via domino  



Peely paint on antique cabinet in French Country cottage on Hello Lovely Studio

Hello Lovely Studio




Kitchen doors designed by Rochelle Silberman with P.E. Guerin's No. 73010 Georgian Cremone in Antique Brass




Such gorgeous details!


House and Home

Vintage or reproduction cremone bolts definitely help create a French vintage or European farmhouse vibe in any room. 


Add simple elements of farmhouse style to your home with these easy decorating tips. Remodel your home with these easy country-decorating ideas to give your home small touches of rustic style.

Better Homes and Gardens


A mix of natural materials, including iron, wood, and stone mix with tranquil art, accents, and upholstery in the home’s sitting room. | Riverside Reflection | At Home in Arkansas | July 2016 | blue | beige | cream | European

At Home Arkansas



Originating in 19th century Europe, the “Cremone bolt” is a traditional casement-window locking device with a latch/handle mechanism. Featured on all of Pier 1’s hand-hewn Cremone cabinetry, it's as beautiful as it is functional. Also featured: Soft gray wood frames with protracted crown molding, contrasting natural wood casements and tempered pane-glass windows.

Pier One

Newer furniture pieces with cremone bolt hardware can fit right in with vintage decor or a modern boho-farmhouse aesthetic.



Interior Designer Beth Webb - Book Review |#bethwebb #cabinetry #cabinets #diningroom #kitchen #customcabinet #interiordesignbooks

Carla Aston



Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı

Windsor Smith Home


There has been a huge resurgence in popularity over the past few years, particularly for use as kitchen cabinet hardware.


Southern Living – photo: Laurey W. Glenn




reduced depth bank of glass front cabinets. Cremone Bolts: A29 6 foot Cast Iron Plain Window Cremone.



Aunt Suddie's neighbor's kitchen

Amy Howard Daily



Looking to dress up a cabinet with beautiful hardware? Cremone bolts are a fabulous option! I've even done the shopping for you with several great sources.

Driven by Decor



Love the hardware on these built-in china cabinets

Southern Living


White and gray kitchen features floor to ceiling glass seeded china cabinets fitted with glass cremone bolt doors.

Decor Pad




French Farmhouse Kitchen with DIY Island The kitchen island is an antique sideboard converted into an island. Kathy's husband added a shelf ad Kathy painted it and gave it a distressed look. Countertop is Butcher Block. Kathy also added Cremone Bolts on the kitchen glass cabinets #farmhouse #Frenchfarmhouse #kitchen #DIYkitchenisland


After seeing so many beautiful photos of cremone bolts on kitchen cabinets,  china cabinets and hutches, I knew I definitely wanted to incorporate them somehow in our 1920’s kitchen makeover.


We used reproduction cremone bolts from Hobby Lobby that my husband installed on the salvaged 100 year-old glass cabinet doors on our kitchen china cabinet built-in. They look so authentic! (You’ll read about my Hobby Lobby hack below.)


 I originally looked online for antique and reproduction cremone bolts, but the longer size needed for the cabinets were a bit over our budget for hardware. Still, there were so many beautiful designs to choose from!


Hardware Designs

I remembered seeing some cremone bolts attached to decorative pieces at Hobby Lobby and even on an entertainment center at Big Lots. I had a “eureka” moment and decided to shop around to see if I could swipe some cremone bolts from some other affordable piece of furniture or decor and then resuse them on our cabinets.


Affordable Cremone Bolt (Hobby Lobby) Hack!

Distressed White Window with Cremone Bolts Hobby Lobby

I lucked into two decorative farmhouse faux window panes with  long cremone bolts at Hobby Lobby for $52.00 each.  I didn’t need the windows (even though I kept them for a future decorative project.) So for $104 I ended up with two cremone bolts for less than the price of one cremone bolt that I had priced elsewhere.


My husband removed the bolts from the faux windows and cut down the metal rods to the size needed to fit our doors (the rods turned out to be hollow metal pipes so they were easy to cut) and then mounted the hardward to the cabinet doors and slid the resized bars right into place. I orignally wanted black cremone bolts, but I loved the chippy white factory finish on the Hobby Lobby cremone bolts and decided to keep them white. I think they are perfect!


I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful images of cremone bolts and how they are used both in vintage and modern decor and architecture. I love them so much that I am already thinking of other ways to incorporate them in our home. Are you crushing on cremone bolts too? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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  • Reply Debra Oliver

    These are so gorgeous Amber. I’ve seen these of course, but I didn’t know the name. I can’t believe you lucked out at Hobby Lobby. who would guess?!

    August 23, 2021 at 7:37 pm
  • Reply Michelle | Thistle Key Lane

    Fun post Amber and I learned something new about hardware! I’m excited to feature your post this week at our Tuesday Turn About Link Party!

    September 13, 2021 at 9:54 am
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