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Clearing The Clutter: Sometimes Less Is More In Decor

Tips for clearing clutter and minimalist farmhouse style decorating


Happy April everyone! I can’t believe how fast March flew by! This week I have finally started on some serious spring cleaning and de-cluttering. We have been working on several projects around the house and everything has been messy and cluttered, causing me to have a cluttered mind as well! Lately I have really started thinking about making some drastic changes to my decor, which is right in line with clearing the clutter.*This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content. I want to refresh the look of my interiors by purging a lot of things I have just been hoarding for far too long, and I am really enjoying the idea of moving more toward a country chic aesthetic, with a bit of rustic, minimalist style. 

Even if country chic isn't the first phrase you'd use to describe your decor taste, we're guessing you've sat spellbound through at least one episode of HGTV's Fixer Upper. It'll prove that modern farmhouse style can appeal to a wider audience.


Okay, I realize that being a born junker, I will never be a minimalist when it comes to decorating, but I can still edit my collections and refresh my interior decorating style a bit. Even though I will always love to collect vintage items and create charming vignettes with found treasures, I am really wanting to streamline my collections, especially when it comes to my dishes and silverplate hoards. Instead of having pieces spread out all over the house, I love the idea of neatly curating my favorite pieces in a beautiful display cabinet or hutch and simply rotating some other pieces in and out seasonally.


Carefully Curated by She Holds Dearly



In the picture above, the look is clean and curated, even though there are many pieces on display. Be still my heart!


Since I am moving out of the South Central PA area, I am sharing some of the shops, co-ops, and antique malls I frequent as I’m getting ready for an antique market or online sale. This isn’t an extensive list of all of the amazing shops in my local area, but these are the ones on my regular shopping circuit. ... Read More

Marion at Miss Mustard Seed has a mastered the look I am beginning to explore. She uses a lot of beautiful vintage pieces, but each space in her home has some “breathing room.” This hutch is not crammed full of collectibles, but instead is carefully curated with select pieces of beautiful ironstone and artwork. The floor area is kept clear of baskets, bins, crocks, etc. allowing the hutch and the contents within to steal the show.

It’s been a busy week and somewhat of a mixed bag, so I felt like I needed to push into a to-do list today.  Productivity always acts like a pick-me-up.  So, I cleaned and did laundry, worked on the shelves for the craigslist cabinet in the office, did some painting in the studio, worked on e-mail, etc.  I even shampooed ... Read More

Here she has many more vintage  pieces on display (more similar to my own style) but note that there is nothing on top of the blue cabinet such as a basket, artwork or even more dishes. The beauty of the gorgeous blue cabinet and contents within is the focal point. I also took  notice of the simple table centerpiece. With the stunning chandelier and beautiful chairs in addition to the blue cabinet, anything else would possibly be distracting. This is a perfect example of “less is more in decor.”


Green and Blue.... the Colors in Nature


In this beautiful photo there is a large collection of green demijohns and glass bottles on display, but the look is far from cluttered and the use of indoor plants and natural materials gives the room a calming and organic feel. This picture shows that there can still be a lot of “something” on display, but less is more when it comes to the rest of the room. I love the idea of being able to keep a lot of my antique ironstone in our dining room, so I have been working on getting rid of other miscellaneous knick-knacks and junk that seems to be contributing to the cluttered look.

In addition to Pinterest and magazines, I have been checking out before and after makeovers from Interior Designers like Spindle Design Co.

beautiful dining room makeover minimalist country chic

Spindle Design Co.

I have come to realize that sometimes less is more in decor, and I am challenging myself to see if I can still create a warm and welcoming home without having to have vintage collectibles displayed in every nook and cranny. Because our home is generally shady most of the day and we have a lot of dark woodwork, clearing the clutter will help keep things feeling lighter and brighter. Since starting on my spring cleaning I have been sorting items into keep, sell, or donate to charity boxes. It feels so good to be tackling this “problem” that has been building up for some time!


Spring Cleaning Tips

There are significant emotional benefits to cleaning clearing the clutter, and I am feeling less stress already. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out with my spring decor refresh! I hope you will keep watching for updates to see what I come up with. I will be sharing more tips and tricks for spring cleaning and clearing the clutter throughout the process.

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