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Home Ownership 101: Air Conditioner Repair

Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Home Improvement 101 series. As most of the United States is experiencing an unprecented heat wave during the summer of 2020, everyone wants their air conditioners to be in top working order. Unfortunately, it seems it is times like these that air conditioners decide to stop working!  During these kind of temperatures even the most powerful fans won’t keep your cool. This can leave you not only a literal hot mess, but unprepared financially!  *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.




Even with routine maintenance, your AC unit is bound to breakdown at some point unexpectedly. So, what do you need to know about the air conditioning repair process? While a faulty component doesn’t automatically render your air conditioning system useless, it’s best to get all suspected issues fixed by a professional.  Read on to find out how to be more prepared in the event that you need AC repair this summer. 



What are the average costs of repair?

On a minimum, it takes about $75 to $40 to repair small AC problems such as fan motor repair, tune-up services, or freon recharge. Complicated air conditioning repairs such as changing the evaporator or condenser coil could go as much as $500 to $2500 on average. Experts recommend weighing between AC replacement and repair costs to pick one that makes more logical sense. Air conditioners with more than 15 years of service demand extensive and constant repair services, which would only make sense to replace them rather than replacing parts. Let’s breakdown what to expect from every repair service your AC gets. 


AC recharge cost

According to, On average, a home AC recharge cost would force you to cough out anywhere between $75 to $350, depending on the AC’s size and brand. Dual or extremely larger units can go for as much as $700 to recharge. 

Air conditioner compressor repair and replacement cost

When your HVAC checks out your unit, they may suggest replacing or fixing the compressor. Replacing a compressor demands about $1500 on the lower side and $2000 on the higher side. The costs of fixing a compressor whose bearings are loose or the damages are minimal, range between $100 and $250. 

AC capacitor changing cost

AC capacitors cost between $10 to $23 at the store. With the inclusion of a technician’s labor and services, changing the AC capacitor costs an average of $120 to $150. Branded parts make the process more complicated, demanding higher costs that could shoot to as much as $400. 

Fan motor replacement cost

Replacing an AC fan motor takes about two hours to complete at the cost of about $240 to $750. The cost of a fan motor replacement part ranges between $70 to $135 depending on your air conditioner’s model. 

AC freon repair cost

A technician will inspect your unit to confirm probable AC gas leak and repair. Inspection and repair costs for freon leak can range anywhere from $200 to $1000. Depending on the severity of the issue and the leak’s location, it may take more than eight hours to inspect and fix. 

Cost of replacing an air handler

Air handlers are the components responsible for connecting the AC or heat pump for cold and hot air circulation. With the inclusion of labor and material costs, you can expect to pay for air handler replacement at about $1500. On the higher end, it can go as far as $3000.

AC evaporator coil repair cost

You can quickly tell that you need to change your evaporator coil if your conditioning unit is often frosty and has a bad odor. The AC evaporator coil repair service fetches an average of $680 to $1400 when factoring in labor costs. It takes anywhere between two to four hours to replace the evaporator coil. 

Breaking down the AC condenser repair costs

Condensers facilitate heat exchange that condenses and cools the refrigerant into liquid before redirecting it into the coil. It takes about $900 to $4500 to replace a faulty AC condenser. Experts further breakdown these costs depending on the area of malfunction. 

  • Repairing a condenser coil- the condenser coil fetches about $150 to $450 at the store. Your technician will charge you about $600 to $4000 to replace the condenser with these disparities depending on the size, type of repair parts, and labor quality.
  • Condensate drain tube- perhaps it only takes a change of condensate drain tube to revive your air conditioning unit. It will cost you an estimate of $120 to $200 to change the condensate tubing. The condensate drain tube goes for about $40 at the store. 
  • Condensate pump- this pump is vital for removing condensed air out of the system. If the part is faulty, your technician will recommend replacing the condensate pump while charging you anywhere between $100 to $170 with labor inclusion where the replacement pump goes for about $45.


If you suspect that you have a malfunctioning condenser, your technician will inspect the system and make it certain which components need a new switch. 

Duct-work repair costs

Clean and well-functioning duct-work is essential for the delivery of quality and clean air. Repairing duct-work costs an estimate of $400 to $600. However, this applies to the repair of minor damages and leaks. If you are looking to replace new duct-work for the entire house, the cost shoots up, demanding anywhere between $9000 to $12500 to complete the job with the inclusion of labor costs. 


Let’s talk duct work. When is the last time you had your ducts checked and cleaned?


Cost to repair an AC drain pan

Drain pans are prone to leak or crack, demanding a replacement. The average replacement cost of a drain pan costs between $200 to $600. In most cases, the price tag includes labor costs for the technician. 

AC blower repair or replacement cost

Depending on your AC blower’s state, your technician will attempt to repair it at a small cost of about $150. If the blower is beyond redemption, your technician will suggest replacing it for about $300 to $900. For high-end models, it can go as up as $2500. Replacing an air conditioning blower takes about three hours, and the cost depends on your AC model. 

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I hope this post will be helpful for you if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a broken AC during the hottest days of summer.  If you keep a home maintenance binder,  you might want to jot down the link for this post for future reference in the HVAC maintenance section. Being knowledgeable on what’s expected from the air conditioning repair costs, keeps the surprises at bay. 





Hopefully you will not face any of these issues this summer, but having a general idea of the the cost of AC repair can help you be prepared in the event that something goes wrong.

Keep cool my friends! Thanks for visiting today!

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