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Bathroom Remodeling: 5 Reasons to Install a Glass Shower Door

Bathroom Remodeling: Five Reasons to Install A Glass SHower Door


There are many factors to consider when planning a bathroom remodel. Maybe the fixtures in an old bathroom are beginning to wear, or perhaps the room’s decor just doesn’t line up with the rest of the family’s home. Regardless of why homeowners want to remodel their bathrooms, they should check out the following reasons to install a glass shower door before getting started.



Glass shower door and glass block windows, marble herringbone floors and persian rug make for bright and modern master bath. Lakeview Chicago Master Bath — Sarah Montgomery Design



Create the Illusion of Space

Not all houses have large, spacious bathrooms able to accommodate any bathtub or shower, but even tiny bathrooms can be remodeled to look better and create the illusion of more space. Glass shower doors are the perfect solution. There are many styles and configurations available at, so homeowners should have no trouble finding a frameless shower door that fits in the bathroom and makes it look larger.


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Southern Hospitality

Let in More Light

The benefits of allowing more natural light into the shower include easier makeup and hair removal, improved mood and ambiance, and even access to a little extra vitamin D. Natural light is less harsh than indoor lighting, as well, and lets the home’s residents get a better idea of how they’ll actually look when they head outside instead of seeing the worst of themselves under fluorescent lights. Adding a frameless glass shower door will let more natural light into the shower enclosure so the home’s residents can take advantage of that extra sunlight.



A gold handle accents a seamless glass shower door opening to a seamless glass shower fitted with a marble floating bench fixed against marble surround tiles and over a mosaic marble floor.

Decor Pad


Add Some Extra Luxury

A glass shower door will make even a smaller bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. It will foster an ambiance of tranquility and openness, making getting cleaned up after a long day at work or before heading out for a night on the town feel less like a chore and more like an excuse for some much-needed pampering. Not only will homeowners and their families love that extra touch of luxury, but so will potential buyers if the family ever chooses to sell the home.

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Showcase Beautiful Shower Designs

Many homeowners incorporate beautiful, modern accents into their shower designs. They could be high-quality tiles, aesthetically appealing fixtures, or unique colors and accents. With a glass shower door, everyone who visits the bathroom will be able to appreciate the extra work that homeowners put into beautifying their bath or shower enclosures.



The ability to showcase unique designs in the shower enclosure also makes it easier to create a fully integrated decor throughout the entire bathroom. Choose matching fixtures for the sink or create a color scheme that complements that aesthetically appealing tiles. Either way, it will look better with a glass door.

Easier Cleaning

Glass shower doors are much easier to clean than curtains. Just wipe them down after use with a towel or rag and use glass cleaner periodically for a full, deep clean. Since most glass shower doors are frameless, there’s no need to worry about soap scum, mold, or debris getting stuck and creating a mess.

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The Bottom Line

Frameless glass shower doors can create a luxurious, modern look in any bathroom. They make small bathrooms look larger and large bathrooms look more elegant, allow in more natural light, and make homeowners’ jobs easier when it comes time to clean the bathroom. There are plenty of different styles and sizes available, so it’s easy for customers to find one that will perfectly suit the remodeled bathroom’s new design and the family’s needs.


Bathroom Remodeling: Five Reasons to Install A Glass SHower Door


Are you a fan of glass shower doors or your prefer a beautiful curtain? I love hearing from your, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


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