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Home Ownership 101: Basic Property Investment Tips

Property investing and “flipping houses” has become a popular over the past few years. Various real estate and home renovation shows like Fixer Upper on HGTV have certainly shown how you can make extra money through property investing. It’s not always as glamorous as it seems on t.v. though! Although my husband and I have flipped a few houses successfully, it is a lot of work and requires a great deal of financial planning beforehand to make sure your expected “investment” doesn’t turn into a money pit!  Whether you are considering buying a fixer upper to sell quickly for a profit or if you want to obtain rental property as a long term investment, here are some basic property investment tips that any potential property investor should consider. *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.


This dining area makeover is AMAZING and I love her style! Need a breakfast bar area like this, maybe I can take out a wall...

via Remodelaholic

Research The Market

As exciting as the whole idea may seem, and even if you have extra finances available, don’t rush into buying the first “great deal” that comes along. If your property purchase is going to be an investment that really pays off in the long run, then you need to ensure that you’re researching the market. If you’re new to property investment, take some time understand the current market conditions and when, where, and how to make the best purchase.


It's possible to get started investing in real estate with just $5,000. Here's how to get started as a real estate investor.


Buying at the right time is one of the most important  property investment tips as it will help you get the best return on your purchase. Essentially, you need to buy when prices are low and the market is in a bit of a slump. Obviously, if you’re in a rush, you may not be able to wait, but ideally you should try to buy when the time is right to allow you to maximize on your profits.


Tips for Identifying a profitable property investment.


styling the space


Be Sure You Will Make Money On Your Investment

When searching for potential properties, it’s important to remember that you’re making a financial investment. Try not to your personal preferences toward the property get in the way of any decisions that you’re making. Yes, you may fall in love with that charming cottage with one quaint bathroom with the original claw foot tub, but the 1980’s ranch with two updated bathrooms for the same price is probably a better investment because it will more than likely be more suitable to the needs of today’s families and will  be more marketable.


If you've been considering getting into flipping houses, here are 5 mistakes beginners make from the Realtor's point-of-view. #houseflipping #realestate #investing


Investing in Mobile Homes for Rental Income

Fixing up a mobile home to rent can be slightly different from renovating traditional property. For example, The cold is a big problem in mobile homes and it can make it very uncomfortable during the night. Usually, this is just down to poor insulation, but that is easily fixed.  Your will want to install good quality drywall for mobile homes  throughout, so endure that it is a lot warmer during the winter months.  Another factor consider is storage. Space is limited in a mobile home but you can research some clever ways to improve your storage.


Gorgeous Mobile Home Interior Remodel Ideas | DECOR IT'S



Safety Considerations

It is extremely important to have a thorough home and mold inspection done before purchasing any property. There is no amount of money worth getting into a fixer upper that is full of health hazards that can’t be remedied!  If a house sounds too good to be true, and the price is incredibly low, then you could be walking into a disaster. Before purchasing make sure that the foundation is stable and if the basement needs waterproofing or the attic needs repair.



Purchasing a house that needs some TLC can be a good investment—if the needed repairs aren’t too costly. Look out for these 10 telltale signs that your fixer upper could turn into a high-cost nightmare.

via Bob Vila


Stage To Sell or Rent

Once you have purchased and made any necessary repairs or renovations, it’s time to stage the property to sell it rent. When it comes to the styling the space , try not to add too much personality or clutter.  You won’t really know what kind of taste your prospective buyers or tenants have, and you’ll  want to appeal to the mass-market. By painting the walls a light neutral color and decorating with neutrals you can create a classic look while making the home “move in ready.”


If you’re just starting home staging, check out this post to wrap your head around the basics and the process I’ve used to stage our house to sell in 36 hours and get multiple offers. When you’re ready to begin preparing your home for the market, the absolute first thing you should do isSource


Even when you have the property completely finished, staged, and ready to put on the market however, the “market” itself might not be at it’s peak. Just like there is a right time to buy, there is also a right time to sell, so you may have to wait so that you don’t end up getting less out of the property than your desired asking price or worse, taking a loss. In the meantime, you may find that you still get an excellent rental return on the investment. 


Here is a before and after of this 1950's Cape Cop we remodeled. It is amazing what a little paint and some TLC can do to a place . #baystreetbungalows #houseflip #remodel #beforeandafter


Property investing can be an exciting way to earn extra income, but it takes lots of planning ahead of time, and having extra financial resources is also vital to a successful outcome. If you have considered the possibility of property investment, be sure to refer back to the tips, articles, and websites I have shared  here today which will help you make informed decisions and get you started on your way to profitable property investing.

Have you ever “flipped” a home? Or did you ever have a “flip” that was a “flop?” I love talking all about real estate and I love hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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