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Most of us have felt overwhlemed at one time or another by a messy house or the accumulation of clutter, but with a little planning, cleaning won’t be as daunting of a task. Adopting a weekly cleaning schedule can do more than make things seem less stressful, but rather keeping things clean also means keeping your home environment safe.  According to PRNewswire, 20% of Americans deep clean their dwellings every six months, leading to dirt accumulation and mold formation. Fortunately, there is a better way to do this with maximum results. Read on for some general weekly cleaning tips. 



Clean your toilets, showers & sinks weekly

The bathroom gets pretty messed up quicker than you can imagine, making it imperative to clean it regularly. The trick to maintaining your bathroom is cleaning it weekly to avoid dirt and mold accumulation. As expected, the main elements that make your bathroom gross are soap scum, dust, hair, and toothpaste stains. When you allow these elements to build up, you will have a messy bathroom that progresses to the suitable ground for bacteria and fungi accumulation, which can lead to unsafe mold and mildew. Regular cleaning could even prevent having to remodel your whole bathroom!

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Additionally, you may clean the bathroom floors and bath mats while ensuring that they are dry. This will prevent unpleasant odors and microorganisms from developing. The logic behind cleaning the bathroom weekly is to avoid exerting too much energy on cleaning every two weeks or monthly. What you can also do is to have a hydrogen peroxide solution on hand to spray your sinks, bathtubs, and toilet seats to kill off bacteria immediately.


Take care of your glass surfaces

Glass surfaces like mirrors and windows tend to smudge easier and quicker than other materials in the home. When excess moisture on the glass surface begins to dry, already-settled dust becomes more pronounced. Fortunately, you can eliminate these stains and restore your glass surfaces quickly. To get the best of results, always use a microfiber towel to clean your windows and mirrors. These materials clean without leaving marks on glass surfaces. For better results, you may use multi-purpose spray cleaners for this job. Vinegar is a great natural glass cleaner!

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Change and clean your bedding weekly

Unless you bathe every night before bed, your bedding should be changed weekly. There are tons of icky things on your bedding that you can’t see such as, dead skin cells and dust mites. Yuck! According to, your bedding can contain even more harmful bacteria if you have a habit of sleeping naked regularly. Do not be deceived if your bedding looks clean to the eye after you have used it for several days. Wash that bedding!


Clean high-traffic areas of the home

These are your entryways, corridors, kitchen, and any part of the home which endures a great deal of movement. Handling these areas reduces dirt and grime accumulation, as they are tough to manage when they build up. Don’t forget your door handles, as these also harbor germs you may not have imagined. Vinegar and essential oils are wonderful for cleaning and disinfecting all kitchen surfaces.



It makes much sense to split your household chores into weekly routines to make them more tolerable to carry out. For the sake of convenience, more households are investing in antibacterial and antiviral cleaning agents to make cleaning easier. The thing with these agents is their ability to dissolve dirt and grime while killing off pathogens. You may therefore follow these routines for a cleaner home.


Swimming pool

If you have a pool at home, you cannot ignore the immense benefits that come with cleaning it weekly. Water and moist areas tend to be excellent breeding grounds for bacteria and different kinds of pathogens. Where there’s water, without the opportunity to dry up just a bit, the area becomes slimy. However, there is a scientific explanation for this occurrence. Natural slime occurs due to tiny living organisms called iron bacteria. Ideally, these organisms live in soil, surface waters, etc. 


They are harmless as individual cells, but when they combine their irons with oxygen, that problematic slime issue occurs. Therefore, you cannot afford to have this happen to your swimming pool or the areas around it. What you must do, therefore, is tackle weekly cleaning while reserving a thorough monthly cleaning to credible pool service companies. By doing this, you’ll rid your pool of hazardous microorganisms. 


Cleaning Checklists

Using a cleaning planner or weekly cleaning checklist is one of the best ways to stay on top of chores and household tasks. You can even create a binder to help you remember other crucial household maintenence chores such as changing the batteries on smoke alarms. I am in the process of creating my own home organization and cleaning checklist. I have also found many great printables online to get me started.


I can’t wait to get this disorderly house back under control! I have started with the garage, and now I am working on my basement. Simply getting rid of junk  (yes, even vintage junk!) by selling on consignment or donating has made the biggest dent in keeping those areas clean! For more tips on how I am working toward effecient deep cleaning, read here.

Use Copy paper boxes for sorting junk

What are your top tips for staying on top of weekly cleaning and sanitizing around your home? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


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