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Home Ownership 101: Ways to Make Cleaning More Effecient

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Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Home Ownership 101 series! Lately I have been on a summer deep cleaning kick, but I haven’t made as much progress as I would like. I finally realized I am just sort of going round and round in circles from one job to the next, so  I need to come up with some ways to make cleaning more effecient and organized. *This post contains affiliate links.

Summer Deep Cleaning

At least this week we did finally give our porch and patio a  deep clean in time for the Fourth of July! The siding and yellow brick still really needs a good pressure washing. This definitely put me in high gear cleaning mode as we get ready for a yard sale this weekend and vacation next week! I really need to get a lot accomplished, so I am going back through some tips I have learned to clean more effeciently.  Here are some top tips I have picked up on from bloggers, professional cleaners, and my grandmother and mother too!


Clean the Whole House at Once 

The idea of cleaning the entire house is enough to force anyone back to bed and hope that the problem fixes itself. But, there is no better way to make your cleaning process more efficient than just doing it. Too many homeowners will clean a little here and there throughout the week. The problem is that once you’re finished with the last room, you need to start all over again. So, cleaning the entire house over a morning or afternoon will free up your week and allow you to get over the hump much more quickly. 




Of course once you get the house deep cleaned, then you can start a weekly routine where you do a little each day so you don’t get overwhelmed, and everything stays in order.  A cleaning check list has really helped me in the past.


Keep Everything In One Place 

Designing a specific station for your cleaning supplies make your cleaning routine feel much easier. Using a a cleaning caddy that I can take easily from indoors to porch, to patio and garage has been so helpful and keeps me from wearing myself out running back and forth trying to gather supplies. Rather than rifle through half-empty bottles, I have everything in one place. I also love using baskets and totes to help organize items as I am cleaning and to keep everything in it’s place. 

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Don’t Be Scared of the Deep Clean

The deep clean is one of the most intimidating parts of homeownership because there is just so much to do! The good news is that a deep clean is not required that often, but we should all deep clean with some regularity. There are conflicting opinions about how often you should deep clean, with some saying twice and month and others just the once.  I honestly deep clean about every 6 weeks, with deep purges twice a year during summer and late winter.

For inspiration, here is a fantastic Whole House Deep Clean Checklist from Bless’er House.


Bring In the Professionals

To be honest, I have considered hiring extra cleaning help since going back to teaching full time and blogging “full time” as well. Even just  a one time service could be beneficial.  If you are short on time or have health issues like I do, or if you don’t have the tools to carry out an effective clean, bringing in the professionals can really be beneficial, with services ranging from professional organizers to carpet cleaning.  Many people use these services when moving out to prepare the house for the next owner or tenant, but you can also use a professional service if you don’t have the time (or energy) to clean your home yourself.

5 Tips To Make Moving Less Stressful

Clean Living 

It’s no secret that you just feel better in a clean home, but it’s the process of cleaning that makes many people dread it. However, with the right approach (and the right attitude), you can make cleaning more efficient, so you can enjoy your home the right way. I like to open up the blinds to let the sunshine in, listen to some upbeat music and just make the best of it! I am actually looking forward to getting this whole house deep cleaned and under control again! I will keep you posted on how it is going!


Are you doing a summer “home detox” deep clean? What are your top cleaning tips? I love hearing from you, dear readers! 

Thanks for visiting today!


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