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Three Ways To Keep Your Old Home Looking Like New

Three Ways To Keep Your Old Home Looking Like New Old Home Upgrades


There’s no denying the charm of an old home. Old world architectural features like arches, decorative pilasters, steeply pitched roofs and stained-glass windows offer elegance and ambience unmatched by the modern homes of today. Hand-carved character isn’t the only thing these houses have to offer, however. Many were expertly constructed with a commitment to quality. Nevertheless, over time, there will still be several  home maintenance tasks that will have to be undertaken periodically to preserve the beauty and safety of these historical structures.


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For decades or even centuries, these homes have stood tall against torrential rains, gusty winds and heavy snowfalls. The storms have passed, but chances are Mother Nature and Father Time have taken a toll on these stately estates. If you’re the owner of an older home that’s looking weathered and worn, the first thing you will wan to do is have a professional  inspections, to see what major issues need to be addressed. For example, Homes built before 1978 may have asbestos and lead-based paints. Because you cannot see the lead, have an expert analyze the house.


 If you’re  thinking “I just want to Sell My House Fast!” or if you are looking to move up the property ladder by making  a large profit on the sale of your home then giving your home some TLC is in order. Perhaps you just want to update your home by doing some kitchen remodeling,  or boost it’s curb appeal,  read on fir some tips to make your home look years younger.


Red brick to French country - paint, new entry & window with copper roof



Keep Up Appearances

The first thing people notice about a home is its exterior, so make sure yours looks warm and welcoming.  A clear indicator that your home needs remodeling or renovation is when the exterior or interior paint starts to look dirty and worn down or if it starts to chip. A worn-out paint job shows that the weather and other external factors, including dirt and chemicals, may be negatively affecting your home. Pressure washing keeps the walls clean and removes unsightly stains like mildew and bird droppings. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home’s presentation while protecting it against moisture and damaging UV rays. A Roof Replacement can make a dramatic change to your home’s appearance as well.

Don’t Delay Roof repairs

Don’t rely on the seller’s inspection reports but hire an independent expert who can provide the roof diagram and other details to analyze the house’s condition. If your roof has suffered some damage in recent months, you could feel the full effect by the time winter comes around. Instead of waiting for leaks and other damage, it’s important that you take action quickly. Using an emergency roof repair service can be a great way of tackling problems quickly, before you need the entire roof replaced! Take some time to inspect your roof so that you can spot any necessary repairs at an earlier stage, it could save you a lot of money and stress.  Contact a one of the many certified roofing companies local to you to inspect the integrity of your roof if notice a slipped tile, hail damage or some cracked slate.


20 Home Exterior Makeover Before and After Ideas - Home Stories A to Z

Home Stories A-Z

Roof problems can persist with older homes, so make sure it’s inspected annually, as well as after severe storms so that missing or damaged shingles are quickly replaced. Additionally, keep gutters clear of debris to reduce risks of water damage, pest problems and mold growth. If you do discover issues, hire an hire the services of an emergency water and flood clean-up company to correct your water damage and mold remediation.





You can use  the power washer to clean any dirt and algae off the gutters. Many people are uneasy on ladders, so seek the help of a professional by searching for handyman services matthews nc or in your area.


It’s All About the Entrance

Upgrading your home’s entry not only makes it look updated, but also adds a “wow” factor. Imagine the anticipation as guests approach the house on a decorative concrete walkway lined with ornate flowers and well-manicured topiaries. 


Entrance to Joe Ruggiero's Pool Garden.


If you are one of those homeowners who use garages for storage, you might want to build an attractive carport for your vehicles as well.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Garage Doors For Your Home - Plank and Pillow

Plank and Pillow


There are many new garage door designs and styles available on the market today. Some of them have insulation features, automatic doors, and even modern manual roll-up designs. Not only will a new set of doors provide you with protection especially if yours are damaged, but it will also reduce your energy consumption and showcase your home’s style. There are many companies out there that provide you with excellent garage door services, so it would be best to conduct some research to find the ones closest to you. 


Carport Haven - pillars by homerebuilders, via Flickr


Don’t forget to spruce up any fencing around your property. Timber sheds, fences and gates can all benefit from a protective coating of a colorful paint to keep them looking great for longer.




Of course you want your front porch to look absolutely gorgeous to make a good impression. The front door is probably one of the first thing that people notice about your home. Painting it a new color can add a visual punch and, if it’s painted charcoal, smoky or jet black, it can increase home value by more than $6,000. Complete the grand entrance with polished brass doorknobs and knocker. Remember that a coat a paint might not be enough ton updated your porch if it is truly in disrepair. You will need to make sure you don’t have any porch violations  before completing any repairs or porch renovations.






Check All Windows and Doors

The next thing that anyone looks at is your windows. New windows and frames can also make an impression, but if you can’t afford them then simply clean your windows to make a big improvement in the curb appeal. If your windows are cracked or damaged, or your frames are old and worn, replacements can make a big difference.

Nobody wants their home to be cold during the fall and winter months. Snuggling up with a nice mug of hot chocolate is a great way to spend your evenings, but you will lose heat easily if your doors and windows are damaged. Carry out a thorough inspection of all of your doors and windows for gaps and drafts. You can make simple window draft repairs yourself, or you might need to consider making some replacements if there is severe damage.


These budget friendly ideas for fixing drafty windows are great if you don't have the time or money to reglaze or replace your windows. Learn more today.

This Old House

 In addition, new windows and doors can really refresh your facade and make your property look like a brand new home.


Kitchen Changes

Your home’s probably seen its share of history, and it’s likely that your kitchen may need updated. If it seems cramped or outdated you could make changes to both the functional space and the layout.  If a huge renovation is out of the question, simply start by replacing worn-out appliances and fresh paint in the kitchen and update the flooring. If your old floors are in bad shape, there are also plenty of beautiful hardwood laminate or tile floors to choose from these days that will give your old home a new look without compromising character.



If you have original hardwood floors, you can strip the old finish and apply a fresh coat of sealant for flooring that will look like it was laid just yesterday. If you are looking for more inspiration for trending floors or other home updates, take a look at different show homes, to see what new styles are desirable to potential buyers or what you would want to live with on a day to day basis.


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Home is where the heart is, so put your heart into home maintenance. These tips will help you enjoy your older home for many more years to come.

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