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10 Rules in Achieving the Look of Timeless Design for your Home

timeless home decor tips


Home decorating trends tend to come and go. However, this does not necessarily mean that you can no longer achieve your goal of having a timeless design for your home. Keep in mind that there are several home design elements that will never go out of style. If you want your home to have a classic and timeless look capable of standing the test of time then here are 10 important rules to consider:

1. Create a focal point

Ensure that your chosen focal point is strong enough that it can immediately attract attention. Without a focal point, you may have a hard time making your home or a specific room look timeless.

If I was forced to choose between comfort or style, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit I would probably choose style. haha. What about you? Do you value the look




When you have a bay window in your home, it isn't always easy to decide what to do with this space. While they are definitely a feature or focal point, making the most of a bay window can be tricky.


Focal points are among the most vital aspects of home decoration as these can attract the eyes and capture attention. In some cases, you can see these points occurring naturally within a room, like huge picture windows or mantle pieces already built in. You can create a focal point by replacing your old, inefficient windows with stylish vinyl windows. Home Pro America is fantastic option, if you’re considering replacing your windows.


Every room needs a focal point, but what if your room lacks one? Here are 7 simple ways to create a focal point in any room. | | #createafocalpoint #focalpoint


However, not having a built-in focal point in a room should not be a reason for you to fret. It is because you can create your preferred focal point. It could be through a piece of art or an architectural element. It could also be from a timeless piece of furniture, such as some of the most attractive Amish furniture pieces with classic designs.


Quality Amish crafted furniture for your dining room.


Let your eyes wander around your home so you will have an idea about the specific spot where your eye wants to go naturally. You should then build your focal point based on that. After deciding on the specific spot where you intend the focal point to be, arrange all your furniture in such a way that the pieces surround it. Make sure that you only choose one focal point. Avoid having more than one as it might cause them to compete with each other and create chaos and confusion.

2. Pick traditional colors

If you want to have a traditional and classic theme for your home then you may want to go for neutrals known to have a strong presence for such a theme. What’s good about neutrals is that they are capable of accentuating a specific room or space without the risk of overpowering it. In classic homes, off-white, gray, and beige shades also have a strong presence. You can usually accent them with the bright and crisp whites integrated into the architectural moldings of your arches, doorways, and ceilings.



These shades are usually chosen to create the ideal backdrop for colorful artwork, statues, and formal furnishing, too. However, not all homes with a timeless or classic design have neutral paints. It is also a good idea to choose classic shades, like dark greens, navy blue, and black. You can also complement these colors with the neutrals. Furthermore, you may want to add hints of trendy colors. Just exercise caution when adding these trendy shades to ensure that they won’t end up setting the tone for your home.

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3. Integrate natural elements

You can also make your home look timeless by integrating natural and manmade elements. These natural elements have longer staying power in the home decoration industry. In that case, you may want to add some items made of wood in your home. One example is an Amish dining table, which is often constructed out of solid and timeless wood. Aside from wood, other examples of natural elements you can incorporate into your home are natural fibers and stone.


Butternut open wood shelves, on subway tile wall in kitchen | Whole Home Neutral Paint Palette With Color! #kitcheninspo


The good news is that modernizing based on your preferred style is possible when following this rule. For instance, instead of hand-scraped wide plank flooring made of wood, you may want to pick marble subway tiles. This specific style can provide a contemporary look while still making use of timeless and classic materials known for their excellent staying power. Of course wooden floors are timeless and look great with any home decor style.

4. Focus on symmetry

Note that a strong foundation for having a home with timeless design is a decorating style that puts a lot of emphasis on balance and harmony. One effective tip that can help you promote symmetry at home is to balance statement pieces or focal points with pairs. However, it does not necessarily mean you have to duplicate most of the things inside your home. Another option is to match halves to complement the whole.


Mark D. Sikes mantel: a study in casual elegance. Asymmetry and symmetry combine to create the perfect mantel.


One example is to balance an attractive mirror with a side table that also seats matching lamps and vases, among other items. Another example is if you choose a sofa to serve as the focal point in your living room then you can add symmetry by pairing it up with matching chairs. When integrating symmetry, remember that the most attractive ones do not have to be perfect entirely. 


4 Easy Steps and Ideas : How to Decorate and Accessorize a Mantel - Kylie M Interiors. Decorating and accessorizing ideas for a mantle, bookcase or bookshelf using balance, symmetry, decorative triangles and more



5. Use artwork strategically

This rule is simple but it seems to have a strong impact when it comes to making any home bring out its timeless appeal. You may use photographs, prints, or any other pieces and forms of art designed to make a statement. Be sure that your chosen pieces also reflect your home’s existing fabrics, accessories, and furniture and your personal interests. 


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As much as possible, choose a piece which complements and balances the remaining decorative or design elements in a room. If you already have some pieces of artwork then you may also want to look for original and creative ways to reuse them. 


6. Add variety

One thing that you should never forget when trying to decorate a timeless home is to integrate variety to keep things interesting. To keep variety in your home’s timeless design, use a combination of different textures, wood tones, colors, materials, and metallic finishes. 

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Having this variety prevents the entire room from getting out of style in case one of its pieces no longer becomes a trend. Try adding a few vintage and antique pieces together with new and modern furnishing, too. This can help your space look even more collected. The use of variety is also the key to creating an inviting and warm space that has plenty of visual interest and attractive classic elements.

7. Integrate clean lines

Clean lines only have subtle effects when it comes to home decorations. However, it is still important to integrate them into your final design if you want the output to look timeless. Clean lines define the physical space, ensuring that all the things you put in there are symmetrically oriented.

Episode 10 - The Copp House - Magnolia Market


To integrate clean lines, spend time looking and examining the room you are planning to decorate in its entirety. Take note of anything that stands out. You should also observe which ones do not fit with the remaining room decors and which ones feel cluttered


8. Avoid displaying the technology

A room will look even more timeless if it just comes with minimal hints of technology. However, this rule does not necessarily mean investing in costly integrated pieces. What you should do, instead, is to avoid putting technology and media pieces at the center or front part of a room. This means they should never be your focal point. Keep in mind that technology is rapidly changing.


Technology has become more streamlined and although some items, like speakers, TVs, game consoles, and stereos did not disappear completely, they are surely getting obsolete or smaller. Hiding the TV can make a huge difference in making your home look timeless. 


9. Apply classic patterns

Ensuring that your home continues to showcase a timeless design requires the application of classic patterns. Among your choices, in this case, are stripes, plaids, damasks, and botanicals. 

Pillows are the easiest way to change your decor for the season.


Pottery Barn

There should be variations in the scale of the three patterns you have chosen. For example, you can integrate one each of small, medium, and large patterns and an even distribution of patterns throughout the space. Avoid the mistake of putting most of the patterns on just one side as this might only cause it to look out of balance. 


10. Choose high-quality home decor, furniture, and accessories

Undeniably, the quality of all the items you decide to integrate into your home contributes to showcase its timeless design. Spend time checking out the quality of fabrics, furniture, and any other home decor and accessories before investing in them. Aim for the highest quality that fits your budget.


The beauty of our Kinsey sectional sofa is the focal point of @lindseybadenhop 's living room.

The good thing about investing in quality items is that you have an assurance that they will last for several years. They can also provide your home with a strong sense of purpose and character. Quality should also be prioritized, especially if you have plans of including up-cycled and vintage pieces in your home decorations.


timeless home decor tips


The trends in interior design continue to change with time. However, you can prevent your home from losing its classic and timeless appeal by designing it with items that have the longest staying power. Among those that have timeless elements are quality furniture, pleasing symmetry, neutral colors, and classic fabrics. You can always still add hints of your preferred trendy elements to keep things looking refreshed. 


Best of luck in creating a home filled with timeless style! Thanks for visiting today!


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