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Vintage French and German Porcelain Figural Couple Lamps

Vintage French Porcelain Figural Lamp Vintage German Porcelain couple figural lamp

Happy Valentine’s Day dear friends! This weekend I treated myself to a little antiquing and I lucked into this beautiful vintage German porcelain lamp!


I have been looking for a small lamp for my piano, and I think this lamp is just the one! I need to find a pretty vintage lamp shade, but for now I am just using this little candle lamp shade from my decor stash.


I was also excited to find the lamp just in time for Valentine’s Day! I love that the figures are “making beautiful music” together.


Vintage Porcelain couple French porcelain figurines vintage classical porcelain figures

Vintage French Couple Figurines and a Valentine’s Day Tale

You might remember this French vintage couple I shared last Valentine’s Day and the humorous little story I wrote about them. It is one of my favorite all-time blog posts!


If you have followed my blog for a while then you know that I can never pass up this little porcelain or ceramic figures! I usually find them for less than a few dollars each.


These pretty French couple figurines  inspired a whole French themed Spring  (Petite) Tablescape.






My friend Debra also loves these figures. She just shared a lovely post all about her collection of Romantic French Couple Figurines in her holiday cupboard.


I scored my beautiful lamp for only $12.00! Upon research I found that it is actually a German porcelain lamp from around the 1940’s.


Vintage French and German Porcelain Figural Couple Lamps

You can find many of these types of vintage figural couple lamps online or in antiques stores/thrift shops. There are also many single female or male figure lamps available. Below are some of my favorite French and German Porcelain Figural couple lamps from my online search.


vintage made in Japan figural china boudoir or vanity lamps, french couple

Laurel Leaf Farm

Many of the lamps are from the 1940’s but you can find older and newer ones as well. The prices vary, but some can be quite expensive! 


Vintage Colonial Couple Lamp Mid-Century on Etsy

When searching for these types of lamps online, you might want to use  any combination of the following search terms:

  • Vintage French Couple Lamp
  • Vintage German Couple Lamp
  • Vintage German Porcelain Figural Lamp
  • Vintage French Porcelain Figural Couple Lamp
  • Antique French Figural Lamp 
  • Antique German Figural Couple Lamp
  • Vintage Colonial Couple Lamp
  • Vintage Baroque Couple Lamp
  • Vintage Classical Couple Lamp
  • Vintage German Figural Lamp
  • Vintage French Boudoir Couple Lamp




Lot Of 2 Vintage Porcelain Victorian Style Lamp Bases, Marked Japan



Antique Porcelain Figural Lamp Japan Etsy

This ivory and gold lamp is so elegant!






“Serving Tea” Vintage Capodimonte Style Victorian Porcelain and Brass Table-Mantel Lamp

I love the details on the base of this lamp!




Figural Lamp Vintage Ceramic French Man & Lady Small Table image 1

Figural Lamp Vintage Ceramic French Man & Lady Small Table Lamp Etsy





Vintage German Porcelain Figural Lamp Base with Pink White image 1

Etsy Vintage German Porcelain Figural Lamp

Vintage German Porcelain Figural Lamp Base with Pink, White and Blue Georgian/Colonial Couple


Antique German Dresden Porcelain Romance Couple Lamp with lace image 1

Antique German Dresden Porcelain Romance Couple Lamp 

This antique figural couple lamp is stunning! I love the base and lampshade! 


Image 61 - Vintage Porcelain Colonial Couple Lamp Made in Japan

After working on this post I am going to have to resist the urge to start collecting these lamp!!!! I have so many collectibles and I am trying to cut back on the clutter! Nevertheless, green IS my favorite color, and this beautiful couple lamp is only $25.00 on EBAY! Wouldn’t it be perfect as part of a St. Patrick’s Day vignette?  




Which of the beautiful lamps shared today is your favorite? Do you have any of these lamps or similar figurines? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!



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