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Transform Your Basement Into a Living Space With the Help of These 10 Remodeling Ideas

Transform Your Basement into a Living Space. Basement makeover ideas

Are you looking to add extra living space or storage in your home? Unfinished basements are cold, dark places full of clutter, so it can sometimes be hard for homeowners to imagine using them as functional living spaces. With a little work, any basement can be turned into a guest room, den, game room, or just about any additional living space, though. Basements often go unused but they don’t have to. A basement contractor can waterproof the walls and turn the otherwise dark and musty space into a beautiful room that will add value to any home.  Read on to find 10 basement remodeling ideas that will offer inspiration for converting your basement to useable space.*This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.

Know When to Hire a Professional

If the basement still has bare concrete walls and an exposed sump pump, homeowners won’t be able to do much of anything with it. Hire a basement finishing company in Atlanta to waterproof the space, add walls, and get the transformation process started. If there are any water issues around the outside of your home, you might also want to consider installing an  outdoor trench drain system.

Add Recessed Lighting

Basements often don’t have the same ceiling clearance as above-grade rooms. Adding some recessed lighting can solve this problem by giving the illusion of more space. That extra light will really brighten up the room, too, which is important since basements don’t typically get much natural light.

16 Decorating Ideas To Makeover Your Basement 16


Choose a Theme

Want to turn the basement into a home cinema? Incorporate cinema-themed elements like red carpeting, movie posters, light-up signs, or even a small snack bar. The perfect entertainment armoire or tv stand can make storage and organization in your basement more effecient.  You can find affordable options at TV Stands Outlet or at a thrift store. We chose to refinish our basement into a Teen Bonus Room (music room) hangout space after finding the perfect tv armoire at a consignment shop. Check out my post below to see the before and after transformation.


Teen Bonus Room Makeover Reveal


You can have fun decorating bookshelves in your basement to reflect a decorating them. Use battery-operated LED brighteners in the form of letters or shapes such an arrow or hashtag sign to add some trendy flair to the space. If you want to install a sound system, consider systems like the klipsch rp-160m which are designed to offer a convenient alternative to the traditional floor-standing option. They also look outstanding and so can pass as decoration for your bookshelf.


Install a Comfy Guest Bedroom

Finished basements are a perfect spot for adding a bedroom to an otherwise cramped home. Just make sure to take the room’s dimensions and shape into account. Add mirrors and use light colors in small basements or install a faux fireplace in a larger basement to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

How to "finish" your unfinished basement into a useable guest bedroom space.


Create a Game Room

Basements are also a great spot for game rooms. Install a pool table, a ping-pong table, or a poker table as the centerpiece and match the decor to the room’s theme. Those who prefer video games can go in a different direction and install projectors and add extra couches or comfortable chairs to create a gaming haven. To make it the ultimate entertainment centre, why not install a TV down there, too? You could also spring for Freesat installation to make sure you never run out of programmes or movies to watch!  


Give your unfinished basement a new lease on life. With the help of designers, these homeowners turned their drab basements into stylish entertainment and relaxation destinations. Forget TV rooms, dens, and guest suites. These inspired hideaways are the new look for finished basements. #basementremodel

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Transform Small Spaces

Make use of all available space by transforming awkward corners or the areas under stairs into stylish storage areas. All it takes is some shelving, a new floor, a coat of paint, and some storage containers.


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Install a Craft Room

Basements are great spaces for kids since children and young adults won’t mind the lower ceilings. Take advantage of that by turning it into a craft room and get bold with the interior decorating. Parents can showcase their children’s art or experiment with interesting patterns that might not be a good fit for the upper levels of the home. Fill shelves and bookcases with jars, containers and baskets or arts and crafts supplies to keep things organized. 


A basement storage area gets a budget makeover. Tons of DIY's in this one!!


Add a Half-Bath

If there’s enough space beneath the stairs, consider adding a half-bath with a toilet and a sink. Whether the basement is used as a craft room or a home theater, residents and guests will appreciate the convenience of having a bathroom on the same floor. Having multiple bathrooms will also increase your home’s property value.


1920’s Powder Room Revival Hex Tile Flooring

Hide the Laundry

Many homeowners have washing machines and dryers in their basements. Build in a wall to create a small laundry room without devoting the entire basement to washing and folding clothes.


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Break Up Space

Homeowners with large basements can install walls or even hanging barn doors to break up space. This lets them dedicate part of the basement to storage while using the rest of it as extra living space.

Bookcase wall with pocket door. Call us for all your custom room partition inquiries. (646) 837-7300



Know When to Hire a Professional

Are you ready to convert your basement to a beautiful new room or storage area? Before getting started it’s important to have your basement inspected by a contractor. You should also have it tested for mold. If the basement still has bare concrete walls and an exposed sump pump, you might not be able to do much of anything with it without professional remediation. Hire a basement finishing company in Atlanta to waterproof the space, add walls, and get the transformation process started. In addition, if there are a lot of exposed pipes, wires, and cables, installing a  cable management system can really tidy up a basement.



I hope this post has inspired you to tackle that dark, dingy basement and to begin transforming it into a useable space! If you are looking for more ideas you might want to check out the post above.



Have you ever converted your basement into a family room, craft space or neat and tidy laundry area? I love hearing from you, dear readers!


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