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Home Ownership 101: Three Important Things To Do When Moving to a New Home

Moving Tips

Moving into a new home is super exciting! It can also be a little stressful (some say it’s almost as stressful as getting a divorce!)with so many things on the to-do list. One of the best things you can do is to lessen the physical and mental stress is to call a moving company  Aside from movers actually physically moving all of your belongings from one place to another, there are some other important things you can do to make moving less stressful. Though the costs associated with home-ownership can be overwhelming, there’s nearly always a way to make things more manageable.

Before you get into painting, home improvements and unpacking, here are three important things to do when moving into a new home. *This post contains affiliate links and/or collaborative content.


1. Safety First!


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The very first thing you want to do when you move into a new home is change all the locks. Of course you can even update the knobs all together to refresh the curb appeal of your new home. Even if you trust the previous homeowners, you just don’t know who may have had a copy of the key in the past. If you’re a first-time homeowner you may not initially think about installing an alarm system in the home either, but it would definitely be a wise investment. You can even install a CCTV camera and motion sensing lights on the front of your home for extra safety. Also you will want to be sure to go about introducing yourself to your neighbors so that they can keep an eye on your home during vacations and give you some information on how to get involved with your neighborhood watch.


Cast Iron Security Safe Deposit Still Bank.

Vintage Safe

Don’t forget to go ahead an lock away important items in a safe. Thieves are notorious for trying to scope out new homes! You can buy a professional safe from Costco and it will keep your most valuable items under lock and key.



2. Change Your Address


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Vintage Safe

It is important to change your address several weeks before moving if at all possible.  The first step of simply changing your addresses at the post office can ensure that your main mail is initially forwarded to your new home, but you will also need to contact doctors, insurance companies, schools, etc. to be sure they also have your new, correct address. Mail redirects and changing providers is a simple task that can reduce your moving stress.


Moving Change of Address Checklist



3. Switch Utilities


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Before moving you will need to have all of the utilities (electric, water, gas, phone, cable internet) taken out of the previous owner’s name and new service set up in your name. You will also need to cancel service at your previous address. If you can work with the seller to coordinate when their services will end and yours will begin, you can avoid having to pay disconnect and reconnect fees. Before you move you can even research which companies have the best deals to see if you might be able to save money by switching to a new utility company. For example you can find some really cheap broadband only deals especially if you aren’t much of a television watcher.

In addition, if you’re going to enjoy your new home, then you can’t forever be battling with the temperature. Don’t forget to check your HVAC in your new home as well. You might want to take measures to insulate any cracks with spray foam Spray foam is a great way to keep the warmth inside your home, and can also help to reduce your energy bills. Maintaining airflow throughout the home and adding an air conditioning unit will also help to keep things cool in the warmer months, too.



5 Tips To make moving less stresful

I have moved several times, and this last time was the easiest because I used all three of these important tips I shared today. Though the costs associated with home-ownership can be overwhelming, there’s nearly always a way to make things more manageable.

Of course there are many other tips for moving that can save you time, money… and sanity! For more ideas, check out my Smooth Move: Five Tips To Make Moving Less Stressful.

Best of luck on your new adventure!

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