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The Modern Bathroom: What Are the Top 5 Types of Showers to Choose From?

beautiful modern french bathroom gold bathroom fixtures

Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Home Improvement and DIY Series. Today I am sharing a quick post about showers and tubs. A large scale bathroom renovation is one of my hopeful home goals for 2020 so I have been trying to gather some information about showers and tubs to see what will be the best fit for the style and design of our bathroom. First, here’s a little bit of interesting history:

No our shower is cooler than your shower ????????‍♀️???? I'm hoping to have a blog post ready for tomorrow sharing our little bathroom renovation…


It may not be a surprise, but the first showers were known to be waterfalls and eventually were mimicked in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia with the use of jugs. Thousands of years later, in the mid-1700’s, an American man by the name of William Feetham invented the world’s first modern shower. He took a mechanical pump and attached it to a trough. It was then pumped to a vault above the head and a chain was pulled to dispel the water.



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The showers many have come to know and love today to come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and more to match any sense of style and decor. A Bath Remodel can be one of the most important updates one can make to a home. If you hope to give your bathroom a vintage look, shop your favorite antiques shops, flea markets and salvage shops for the best antique and vintage buys.



Working With A Walk-In Shower

This type of shower is generally the first choice among the masses as it serves well to save space while also being an excellent addition to the bathroom. It eliminates the need for a bathtub and is versatile and trendy. Additionally, it includes other features such as a bench for seating and support. This type of shower is designed to maximize relaxation. It is cost-effective and rust-proof.


Subway Tiles - Encaustic Floor - On the Ball Bathrooms - Walk In Shower - Wet Room


If you would like a more modern look for your bathroom but sparse minimalist design is not really your overall style, you can keep the bathroom from looking stagnant by adding a variety of textures  through plants, towels, and woven baskets for storage.



The Bathtub Shower Combo Is A Steal

Walk-in showers are a great addition to small bathrooms, but the lack of a bathtub can be a downside. This is where the combo becomes one of the common utilities found in households. These save space, are compact while also providing a rich bath experience. The combo is one of the most common types of showers/tubs one finds in the home.


Bath shower combo ideas window 31 ideas #bath





Mix It Up With A Mixer Shower

A mixer shower takes water from both the hot and cold-water tank to deliver increased water flow rates. It mixes water, controlling the flow through the showerhead which could either be fixed or adjustable. As a result, these are suitable for homes that have a fixed hot water supply. Some of them even feature temperature controls to enable you to set the right temperature. Some mixer showers have the provision of having pumps in case of decreased pressure.







Electrify The Experience With An Electric Shower

An electric shower is one of the most efficient and popular showers that work great for households. This is quick and easy to install. It draws water from the main cold-water supply, which heats the water and provides hot water in an instant. If the main heater is broken, there is always a supply of hot water on demand; and since this type of shower does not store the hot water, it is economical saving energy.




Signature Hardware 925470-10 Exira Thermostatic Shower System with 10" Rainfall Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet Shower System Triple handle


The Power of A Power Shower

A power shower increases water pressure in homes. It’s working depends on a gravity-centric, tank-fed water system that boosts water flow with some of them even equipped with pumps to further increase pressure. This type of suitable for homes with low pressure.



beautiful modern french bathroom gold bathroom fixtures


As you can see, there are many types of showers and shower designs. It is pertinent to understand how each type will fit into a specific bathroom. It is also important to remember that an updated bath with a shower increase a home’s resale value. You might also want to consider installing a small de-humidifier or air purifier if you have a small bathroom.You can find options under the hyperlink to give you an idea of what’s available.




As of right now I am still leaning toward a vintage reproduction claw foot bathtub with a vintage style shower attachment as I think that will be the best fit for our 1921 home and my design style.

Which type of shower or shower combo do you like? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


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